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TIER friends were made aware of a pony that needed a soft landing. 3 yr. old Appaloosa mix stud pony with heavy fly damage to his eyes. He was brought to their ranch where his teeth were floated, tear ducts flushed and ointment prescribed for his eyes. Farrier was able to do his front feet, but as he was not halter broke and hadn't really been handled much, he opted to do his hind feet at a later date.

Our friends reached out to help him as much as they were able, but they felt they did not have the experience to deal with an unhandled stallion who was a bit feisty. They asked if we could take him in and we agreed that we would, but we would not bring a stallion on to the ranch property.

Our friends then once more did the right thing for this boy and he was gelded on 3/16/2019. He arrived at TIER the next day. We are grateful to these friends for helping this boy. We will be working with him on leading (he's not too familiar with this concept), etc. while he is exercised to help reduce swelling from his gelding procedure. He currently lives nextdoor to Melvin who is not impressed with his pony stallion behavior.

Grady, welcome to TIER! This should be an adventure!


3/20/2019 - My Eyes!

We apply ointment prescribed by the veterinarian twice a day to his eyes.  Hopefully the awful swelling will go down and we will evaluate how bad the scar tissue is later on.  Fortunately the flies aren’t out in force right now and we will be shopping for a cob sized fly mask to give his eyes protection.

He is a very smart little guy!  Grady is starting to understand about giving to pressure and learning to lead.  Fortunately, he is easy to catch to apply his eye ointment and is good about that.  He's still a bit full of himself of course.  It will just take time, patience and for me to quit just laughing at his antics as he flies around.



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