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Haven (Haven)
Haven is an appx. 9 months old PMU filly rescued by United Pegasus Foundation from the auctions in Canada.



Haven has been adopted! He arrived at his new home today (4/5/02) and is settling in nicely! His new mom, Judy, is thrilled to have him as a family member. Haven did not make the journey alone...he was accompanied by his two little buddies  Shyster & Loonie and will be making the acquaintance of his new buddies (goats, a pony, dogs & kids). We will be looking forward to the updates on this lovely boy!


Haven is now almost 2 yrs. old! He is gelded and one of the sweetest boys to walk this planet! He is approximately 16 hands, Grulla in color, has zebra stripes on his legs and a dorsal stripe!!! Haven also has a slight sway to his back. We do not know whether or not his back will come up as he matures. As drafts mature much slower than non-draft horses, Haven has a couple more years to go before he is started under saddle. Our vet assures us this will not affect his rideablity if the sway remains. He will just need a custom saddle!


Haven has been gelded and is the sweetest, most docile horse on the place (even before he was gelded!). Must be that Draft in him. Just a BIG puppy dog!


Big brother Haven with his younger brothers
Haven at UPF
Haven at UPF

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