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Pellinore (Henry)
#198. Dappled Gray Arabian Gelding. Appx. 15.1 hands. Appx. 5-6 yrs. This is a very high strung boy. From watching him tear around the pens, it seems as if he has not been around other horses enough to know horse behavior. He will lead on a halter, but does not seem to have been handled a lot. He has a bone chip under his jaw which has protruded and there is calcium buildup. A nice mover, but he would definitely require a person with a lot of experience.


Pellinore was afraid of everything when he arrived at my place a year ago. So we started from scratch. Late last year he was ready for a rider, and while I may be a little crazy, I am NOT stupid. So I called a young man from my area that I'd seen ride at a Mark Rashid clinic the summer before. He was the first one to get on Pellinore and school him. Shortly after that he moved away. My attempts on riding him were ok, with two exceptions---I came off. I went through a period of thinking maybe he was more than I could handle in my old age. But I started to look around and found a wonderful young lady (rider in the photos) to come to the house and school him four days a week. She had the ability and confidence to quietly ride him forward and stay out of his way while he learned to balance himself.

Just this past week I started riding him, and each day we gain more confidence in each other. He is smart, and incredibly soft and very very serious about his work. Maybe in spring we'll do some dressage schooling shows.

Henry has a new name! He deserved something a tad more dignified...his new name is Pellinore. Named after another character from the Arthurian Legend. King Pellinore was a befuddled old coot, but he was the other (Merlin the first) best friend to King Arthur.

Pellinore (the horse formerly known as Henry) also has a new home....with me.


Here's a bit more on Pellinore...

I find that I am really really liking this boy's head...he's very kind and willing. But I don't think he's had alot of 'good' kind one-on-one with humans. He isn't afraid, just not sure and is amazed at things like carrots and cookies. Cindy had told me that when he got to her place he didn't know what a carrot was. (Arthur used to think that meant it wasn't a REAL horse.) He stood quietly tied while I groomed him, and worked on the lungeline nicely, while Merlin stood on the periphery of the circle--observing. But he was alert and listening.

He weaves a bit at feeding time---but I am going to start just leaving his stall door and Merlin's open since they get the same feed, and there's no competition. Their personalities are almost the same (except Merlin is a tad more vain)...neither would vy for top horse, and would walk away from a confrontation---but would protect themselves.

He's getting his teeth done Saturday and needs a hoof trim as well. I get the impression that once we establish our relationship, and he realizes this might just be his last stop, he's going to be as loyal as some golden retrievers I know.


Somewhere along the line Henry must have had an accident---as in, a riding accident where he fell. When he is being worked and loses his balance...he right now Katie is working with him from the ground up with the help of a friend in the neighborhood. Katie has ridden him, and he's fine...but if you look at the one body photo on your site, you will see a white spot on both front knees...he's taken a fall somewhere along the line.

But Katie is enjoying him---he has lotsa of personality.



This lovely horse has settled in nicely. He is approachable and curious. Still pretty shy, but he has a very kind eye.

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UPDATE - While it may not suit him, this boy's new name is Henry---named after Cindy Henry, the AHRN friend, volunteer, worker-bee and board member, who died suddenly one month ago. I check Gail's board regularly, and last week got this gut feeling that this handsome, elegant boy's days might just be running out. I thought of taking him for myself as I have been looking for a second horse, but he may need more than I can give. However, I knew an email to a handful of AHRN supporters would raise the money to get him out and safe and cared for. I do not miss all the work from when the AHRN was running full steam, but I can't say no when know we can jump in and help.

Henry will be picked up on Saturday (Oct 28) and he will go to one of the AHRN's main foster homes---Cindy and Katie B.-- in Banning. He will be given the time he needs to settle, have that jaw looked at and all else he may require. At some point when he's more relaxed and trusting, Katie will see if he is broke to ride and how much he knows. (Katie used to get on all the AHRN horses---she is a beautiful, kind and talented rider)---and then we will work on finding him his own person suitable for his abilities.

Thanks for letting us help when we can. This one's for you Cindy H.!!!!

Special thanks to Diane M. Barbara Z and Valerie H---who always jump in when needed.

Roseann -- Arabian Horse Rescue Network



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