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Her SecretRevealed (Secret)
HER SECRETREVEALED! Secret has arrived at TIER. This was a multi-rescue effort. Secret's owner has fallen on very difficult times (husband in the hospital with life threatening illness, father recently passed and was buried on Friday).

Secret will be with us for a bit until she moves on for training/placement. She is a 13 yr. old mare that was a pet. She had not been in a trailer since she was a weanling. She is a kind and affectionate mare that was wonderfully brave when we loaded her into the trailer this morning! LOVELY GIRL! Farrier and dental in the process of being scheduled.

Thank you to Belinda for loading her and bringing her to TIER this morning!


11/10/2015 - The Tooth Fairy came by...

Secret's teeth were done today.  Her mouth configuration is bad.  One tooth on each lower side was huge, angled to the outside.  Lots of hooks. She had never had her teeth done before and, as usual, she was a good girl...even though she was pretty nervous at first.

Tooth Fairy sure got a workout on those 2 lower teeth.  He didn't want to go too drastic her first time out and would like to see her again in 3 months.

She was leaving a lot of stem from the hay.  I'm continuing to feed her a good portion of pellets along with the hay.  We'll see in the morning if she has cleaned stuff up better. 

She had one wolf tooth which he removed.  Cost was a bit higher than usual due to malformation of mouth/teeth.

11/6/2015 - Ahh, Those Feet!

Our Farrier arrived bright and early to help Secret with her feet.  You can tell she wasn't impressed!  HA!  She is such a level headed lady! 

Her feet were in pretty bad shape.  Frogs were a mess.  Our farrier did a nice job of trimming her feet, but he was not inclined to a radical trim at this time.  He will continue to do touch ups on her feet when he comes out on his regularly scheduled visits for the TIER residents.

Right Rear Suspensory is stretched/thickened. Fetlock is dropped. Probably due to lack of sufficient room to move and develop properly. There is a chance that it will rectify itself a bit over time now that she has more room to move and more solid footing. We sure hope so!

That foot has had chronic abcess issues. You can see the distortion on the inside edge where it has been blowing out. Abcess is not active...right now.

11/2/2015 - OOPS!

Secret's really long left front hoof isn't long anymore. At her previous home the footing was really soft. We put her in our round pen that has firmer footing than her stall had. The toe broke off yesterday. Farrier coming today. Hopefully the Tooth Fairy will come today also.

Her feet are pretty bad. Frogs rolled under, splayed, etc. She doesn't have the REALLY pancaked feet that I've seen on others though. Look at the pic of the underside of the toe that broke off. URGH!

11/1/2015 - Secret Arrives



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