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TIER was contacted by an owner & her husband who are both in ill health. They are trying to place their horses and 1 donkey because their health (husband is just starting dialysis and wife will be having a lumpectomy then radiation this week). We offered to take the pony named HotRod. TIER is now at capacity space wise, but we are networking to help find the horses suitable homes.


10/24/2012 - HotRod Moves On...

HotRod left TIER to go to Red Bucket Equine Rescue on 10/20/2012.  It was felt that he would have a better chance of finding a forever home via Red Bucket's clientele and adoption policies.  Finding a good home for adoptable TIER horses is a priority. 

10/23/2012 Update from Red Bucket: 

Red Bucket Equine Rescue #124- Hot Rod
Stinkin' cute best describes our newest little addition to Red Bucket. What 37" tall Hot Rod lacks in stature, he makes up for in personality. He didn't just jump into the trailer.....he reared up on his little hind legs and leaped in, hauled like a little champ, and unloaded with both style and swagger. 

This darling 8 year old mini caught the attention of our horses, who watched him unload...and were clearly enchanted with him. Hot Rod also has captured the hearts of Red Bucket clients and ALREADY has a first and a second First Right  or Refusal. Certainly the matching process is important to our model and rightfully should take time, as a commitment for "forever" is a long time. Having said this, we are pretty sure that little Hot Rod wont be homeless for the holidays...we certainly will keep you posted, in the meantime Hot Rod and our baby donkey, Riot have buddied up, and in spite of Pixies pony theatrics, have become buddies!


HotRod is always on the lookout for Alfalfa.  He can gain weight in the blink of any eye and is fed Orchard hay.

The Alfalfa Theif has found the hay cart!

9/29/2012 - Hot Rod Update-New Pic!

Update on Roddy from his foster Mom: We took him to his second show at the end of August. Once again he was perfect for bathing and clipping. He loaded and trailered with 3 other ponies like a pro, and spent the day at the trailer covered with little girls. He took a second place in his class. I attached a photo of him with his ribbon from the first show (where he won his class) because a blue ribbon is prettier against his black coat! 

I swear he has been a show pony before - he knows just what's going on, and behaves for the entire process. He is starting his winter coat with a vengeance - already a fuzzy boy! His weight is good  -  he is no longer tubby, but is holding a good slick weight on 1/2 a flake of orchard blend and about 2 lbs of alf/berm pellets twice a day. 

He enjoys his tree-shaded pen  - in a stall he can't see out (darn those short legs!) and in the center pen he can only see one other horse. His current pen gives him a view of the whole barn, which he really likes. 

The shoer was out last Saturday and he made the comment that Roddy is MUCH better now than the first time we had him trimmed - much less nervous and standing easily for the process.  He comes up to me for haltering now, but still gives James a bit of trouble - not much, just walking away rather than coming up. 

We have really enjoyed having this little guy at our home. Thanks! Lisa.

5/25/2012 - HotRod Steals the Show!

(4/27/2012) TIER contacted friend/volunteer Lisa Reckon of Skyrock POAs in Norco, CA to see if they would be open to fostering Hot Rod.  We had been notified about Zeke , an injured TB that needed wound care.  TIER was at capacity, but if Skyrock was in a position to foster "Roddy", then we could help Zeke.

Lisa & husband James have many years experience with ponies and it was thought this would be the perfect foster situation for Roddy.  He would have the benefit of being handled by "Pony People", receive the best care around and also be exposed to a wider audience in hopes of finding a qualified adoptor.

2 days after HotRod went to Skyrock POAs, he was entered in a show!  Of course....he won a blue ribbon!

Link to Skyrock's website/news about HotRod:  Introducing Hot Rod

Update from Lisa:

Hi Gail-
Roddy is doing very well - he is shedding nicely and looking pretty sharp!
We have gotten down to: he sticks his head into the halter, gets led to his destination, and the halter is removed THEN he gets his treat. So he now comes right up - thinks about how much he wants his treat for about 30 seconds, then sticks his head into the halter. Progress!

I will get the photo for you with the ribbon!
Roddy now has company, as Penny and her colt Copper have come home. Copper is a bit taller than Roddy, but probably 50 pounds lighter (which, of course, won't stay that way for long - he will probably end up about 13.2 and 800 lbs).  Roddy and I are going to start taking walks around the neighborhood - him for his socialization, me for fitness - haha!

He is on our website - just a couple of arena photos at his show - not great shots as Kayla was still setting him up when James took the pictures, but still - you can see how pretty he looked - and he's even prettier now! I probably won't be able to take him into the next show as I may have to work that day. Drat! We will have him at the next show after that if he doesn't have a new home by then.

3/24/2012 - New Pic

Volunteer Bonnie spent time grooming HotRod on Saturday.  Once he has his halter on he is quite cooperative.  You just need to spend time catching him.  He is getting much better about this even though in the picture below he seems to be giving the photographer the "Stink Eye"!  HA!



1/29/2012 - Hello HotRod!

Huge THANKS to Kristy & Bonnie for making the long trip to bring HotRod to TIER. 

HotRod's diet has been alfalfa and his chubby little body shows it!  We will be transitioning him to Orchard hay.  He is FAT and I am surprised that he has not foundered yet.  Feet are long.  Back feet are are almost slipper foot, but the toes have not turned up yet.  Farrier is scheduled.

According to the owners he was ridden years ago by his previous owner's son and when the boy outgrew him, they needed to place him.  He was not handled a lot at his new owner's home as he was basically a pet and needs to be re-socialized.  Thankfully, so far, he does not demonstrate "demon pony" behavior.



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