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4/7/2018: One of our neighbors contacted us about a free horse ad in hopes it might be a good match for her son. There were no pictures with the ad.
The Craigslist Ad read:
Free Horse (would be excellent children's lesson horse)
We have a 16 year old Appendix gelding we need to find a home for. He's got a good head. Clips, ties, trailers, no buck, rear or bite.

We're moving and can't take him with us. We got him at auction a few months ago. He needs some TLC. He needs groceries and a light rider, would be a great lesson horse for children.
Need him gone this weekend.
I contacted the owner, asked questions and received photos of the horse (top photo).

4/8/2018: After viewing the photos, we called our wonderful friend Dana and asked if she could transport him for us...she could and did. After she picked him up, she called me and said "You are going to cry." She was right. (bottom photo)

Our neighbor's two sons named him JOEY after the character in WARHORSE. Hopefully the war is over for Joey and he will only have to endure a few skirmishes during his recovery.


7/20/2018 - Chiropractor AND Farrier visit

Our farrier was out and will be back on Sunday to trim hooves and replace shoes for the horses that wear them.

His front shoes were replaced with new ones and we had shoes put on his back feet also for support. 2nd picture above is his left front foot.  The picture is of what is left of his FULL SOLE abcess that has plauged him since his arrival in April.  It is hoped that we will be able to start reconditioning him fairly soon. The coming heat wave and past heat/humidity have deterred our efforts so far.

Joey was seen by Dr. Don Moore/chiropractor the other day and is doing very well!

6/1/2018 - Meet & Greet

Joey has been at TIER for 1 month & 25 days.  He is gaining weight slowly (which is what we want).

We let him out to roam around, meet and greet some of the TIER residents.  Kane (L) and Zeke (R) seem to think he is a nice guy.  There was no striking, screaming, grunting or posturing when they met face to face for the first time today.  Good Boys!

5/24/2018 - ACK! The Toothfairy came!

Joe Yasinosky and Martine helped Joey to be able to chew his food more efficiently and process it better.

He did have one large point on the upper right side and several hooks.  Thankfully no mouth ulcers.  Joey was a good boy (the light sedation made it easier for him and for the toothfairies).

5/2/2018 - Shoes & Pads and a little exercise

The active abcess(s) plural in Joey's front left hoof were draining, but it was obviously painful. 8 days after his first trim at TIER, our farrier returned to put on shoes/pads with some medication.

5 days later we turned him out with Deacon to get some blood flowing to those feet and to have a little fun!

4/20/2018 - Round 1, Removing the Grunge

Round 1, Removing the Grunge. Poor Joey had mud imbedded in his coat behind his elbows and at the front of his barrel. Also on his rump. We bathed him with Microtek shampoo on this first round of bathing. Lots of loose/dead/matted hair. He will get another bath in the next few days and we will be applying ample amounts of conditioner. I'm thinking this lovely boy will be losing a lot of hair!

Pics were taken 10 days after his arrival and I think he has put on some weight!  We had to wait so long to bathe him due to the cool weather/winds and his weakened condition upon arrival at TIER.

4/13/2018 - Bits & Pieces...More to the Story

(Picture above is of Joey at auction April 2017)

What’s the story?  TIER is a rescue/sanctuary for mistreated, abandoned, unwanted, neglected horses & donkeys in need of a safe place to land, room to breathe without unjust demands or the need for defense and to be able to heal.  A place to mend, be loved, cared for, and given a chance to be valued for who they are.  Bits & Pieces.  

I always wonder what their journey has been like prior to them coming to TIER.  Sometimes, I wish they could talk to tell me if they were ever loved by a person, some of the friends they’ve made and had to leave behind, what happened for them to end up in the situation(s) that brought them to us, etc.  On the other hand, I am glad some of them that arrive in deplorable shape physically, mentally, spiritually damaged and broken cannot tell me what they have experienced as I might find myself behind bars!  Sigh.  And yet, for most of our residents, they are again willing to trust?  

How does a small rescue help them to mend and do right by them?  Simple BASIC CARE: Feed, Vet, Farrier, Dental, Exercise, Socialization & Love.  None of which could happen without Donations, Supporters and Volunteers.  I have to believe there is more good in this world than there is bad.  Unfortunately, the bad seems to get more attention and drama.  But, it is because of Good People, Donations, Supporters and Volunteers that we CAN help a few horses.  

Bits & Pieces.  For 20 years, the majority of the horses that have arrived here have no back story.  Or, the story we do have in incomplete with huge blanks of time tarnished with deceit, deflection, excuses.  Most of them do not come to us with even a name!  If we are fortunate and the horse or donkey has a legible brand or tattoo,  we can sometimes at least find out where they started out (race records, ranch info, BLM area they came from, etc.).  In the case of Ranch or Race Horses, from time to time, we are able to glean information about a horse’s breeding and heritage…their identity.  Who they are!  

Someone, Somewhere knew/knows these horses!  There are times that someone recognizes them from the pictures we post and they contact us.  In that case, we can get a small part of their story.  Bits & Pieces 

Let’s look at the newest TIER resident.  His new name is Joey.  He was listed on Craigslist as a free horse needing a home because his owners were moving and he needed to be gone by that weekend.  A neighbor of ours was looking for a first horse for their son and had seen the ad with no pictures and asked if we thought it was a suitable horse for their son.  Since these nice folks were new to horses, TIER contacted the owner to gather more information.  Owner was pleasant, told us the horse needed groceries, was prone to abscesses, probably needed his teeth done and sent us pictures.  They said they had acquired the horse at auction a few months prior and then said maybe 8 months prior.  They indicated that he was thin when they bought him.  They told us he was gentle, their kids had ridden him but that when the man of the family mounted him the horse buckled.  They told us he needed probably needed chiropractic care and there might be something going on with his hip because of the way he walked.  Bits & Pieces  

The pictures arrived.  He was quite thin in the pictures.  We did not feel that this horse was in good condition for a first time horse owner, and we could not turn a blind eye to his need.  We again contacted the owner and arranged transport the next day.  Our transporter, the lovely and always there for the horses, Dana, picked him up, called me and said “You are going to cry”.  As expected, he was thinner than the original pictures.  

STILL READING?  Thanks to the help of another rescue, pictures were found of when Joey went through auction in April 2017.  He arrived at TIER with the same halter seen in these auction photos.  Almost a year ago this horse was in decent weight and was ridden through the auction.  Bits & Pieces


According to the tattoo on his upper lip, he is a 15 year old Thoroughbred named Smoke N Wagers.  We know he was born in 2003, last raced in 2008, earned a little over 25k. From 2008 until he was purchased at auction in 2017 we know nothing of his story.  We will know the rest of his story and are grateful that he is here at TIER.  He appears to be a very kind and gentle horse. 

The neighbor family that originally contacted us about his Craigslist ad are very interested in adopting him, have been over here twice a day since his arrival.  Of course, adoption will be some time down the road of recovery…once he has healed, gained weight, seen the dentist, chiropractor and continual care of his feet. They are learning about horses and will be involved in Pony Club to learn even more.  They plan to have a trainer for both the family and Joey…that is if he is sound for riding.   Please, keep your fingers crossed for Joey.

4/12/2018 - No Wonder I've been sore .....

Above is a picture of the bottom of Joey's RIGHT front hoof before the farrier started work on this one.  His LEFT front hoof had an oozing abscess that had, at some point, erupted at the coronary band.  The full sole abscesses in his LEFT hind foot and his RIGHT front foot had recently resolved.  The one in his LEFT hind foot was still tender and was a significant cause of his gait being off.

RIGHT Front hoof with damage from previous full sole abscess after the gunk was removed and before he was trimmed.

There was evidence of a previous abscess in his RIGHT hind hoof also, but it was the only one that had fully resolved.  This boy had abscesses in 3 hooves at once!  I cannot imagine how painful that must have been for him for so long. 

He was very appreciative of our farrier's care today.  As a treat, he was given Ivermectine wormer.  Hopefully the cool weather/winds will die down and he will get a good shampooing and conditioning tomorrow.  It was too cool to bathe him today as he has no meat on him to insulate his body if we had bathed him. 

4/10/2018 - Veterinarian Intake Evaluation

Surprise news at end of post!!  Woot! Woot!

Our veterinarian was out today to do an Intake Exam on Joey.  Body Condition Score=1.  Lots of sand (estimated 15-20 lbs by vet).  We will be giving him 8oz. Psyllium twice a day for awhile. 

Bruising, inflammation on left hip. Teeth need to be done, but nothing major/no mouth ulcers.   We will wait until he puts on a bit more weight before having his teeth done.  He is Sound.  His hooves are overgrown, but our farrier will be out Thursday morning.

Joey had quite the fan club here while the vet checked him out.  The neighbors who originally found the Craigslist ad were here, along with our neighbor from up the hill. 

He looks so much better already!  Not as sucked up and certainly not as lethargic!  He avoided being caught at first and trotted around his pen which was good because the vet could watch him move. 

We can increase his feed intake a tiny bit and I know he will certainly appreciate it.  This boy is HUNGRY!

Joey has a tattoo!!  We now know who he is!!!  He is a Thoroughbred whose last race was in 2008.

Horse Name :  Smoke N Wagers, Tattoo:  G00286,

Year of Birth:  2003

4/8/2018 - Joey -A Warhorse-Arrives

It was these pictures (among others) provided by the owner that prompted us to tell the owner that we would take this horse.  Fortunately for Joey and TIER, the owner agreed to let us have him.

War Horse, a tale of incredible loyalty, hope, and tenacity.   Joey’s extraordinary journey during  World War I as he changes and inspires the lives of everyone he meets  all the while experiencing the tragedies of the war happening around him.  War Horse is a story with a high moral purpose ( what is right and what is worthwhile).  "We will tend to your horse, patch him up best we can.... Treat him like the soldier he is"

Joey was pretty darn hungry when he arrived and pretty darn hungry this morning.  We've had a few emaciated horses over the years and know that they need to be fed small amounts of feed or hay for the first few days.

When we went out this morning, we were relieved he made it through the night and was covered in shavings.  At least he laid down to rest and roll!  Since he doesn't know the feeding routine yet, he appeared to be somewhat skeptical of me driving up in the golf cart and he just stood and watched.  I walked through the shedrow door to his stall, and when he saw the feed bucket he started nickering and quickly approached.  I had to lean into his neck to move it away from the tub so I could put the soaked pellets/senior in. 

He pulled his small hay ration out of the feeder in his rush to have at it.  Just heard from the veterinarian who is coming out to evaluate his condition and he will be out tomorrow, 4/10/2018 late in the day.  We have a call into the farrier.  Chiropractic can't be done until he puts on a bit of weight.



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