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Johara "Jewel" - EA Flamette
Auction Night....She was led to the auction wearing a halter that had been on for some time. Baling twine was her lead rope. She was keyed up/animated and her young handler had difficulty handling her. He brought her to the check-in station to be put through the monthly auction. She is dreadfully thin and there is a slight discharge from her nose. The auction personnel rejected her for the night's sale.


8/15/2013 - Jewel is now a Star in the Heavens

Our lovely Jewel has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She was the most elegant, well mannered and sweet mare!  Jewel was so very appreciative of kindness, grooming, attention.

"Jewel" EA FLAMETTE - AHR479979 5/22/1991 to 8/15/2013

She was only 22 yrs. old when she left us.  On the morning of August 15, 2013 I walked out to find that Jewel had crossed the Rainbow Bridge sometime during the night. It was heartbreaking.

Jewel came to TIER the night she was rejected from a local auction because she was very underweight, had marks on her face & nose from long time wear of a halter that was too tight, open wounds on her rear above her tail and mucous coming from her nose.

Our Veterinarian determined that Jewel had some form of cancer on top of all the neglect she had suffered.  Although she always remained on the thin side, she had a bright spirit, was always interested in things going on around her.  She loved her time spent with other horses and was such a graceful lady of a horse.

My dear Jewel, we will miss you terribly.  Thank you for enriching our lives with your presence.

7/8/2013 - New Photo-Update

We have had issues with keeping weight on Jewel.  When the vet was out to help Rocket on July 4th I asked him to take at look at her.  She is getting hay, Senior Pellets, U-Gard, Hay Pellets and vitamins.  Jewel eats all we give her, but continues to stay thin.  Vet thinks it is probably due to the tumors or cancer.  She is not in pain and seems happy as long as she is close to her buddy Mariah

Weight is a problem, but her attitude is bright.  She still get the on again/off again nasal discharge but does not seem to be in any discomfort. 

7/31/2012 - Health Setback

Just wanted everyone to know that there has been a setback with Jewel.  I noticed a small wound on her chin when I was feeding.  I thought she might have caught herself on something, pulled her out of the group she was in and put her into a pen so that I could better examine the wound.  At first, it looked like a summer sore or Habronema.  I took her flymask off and was shocked to see swelling between her jaws.  I immediately suspected strangles and thought that she might have been harboring the virus for some time because of her on again-off again runny nose.  (None of the horses she was with are exhibiting any symptoms).  There has never been any odor associated with the nose drainage.

I cleaned the open wound on her chin with Betadine Solution and applied Vetrycin.  Cleaned the lumps under her jaw and applied Ichthamol.  Vet came out, examined her and didn't think it was strangles/bastard strangles but we had CBC & SMA panels run.  150.00 later the panels came back normal!

Vet suspects tumors of some sort in her lymph nodes.  He would like to do a couple biopsies but they each run 175.00.  He doesn't feel that she is in any pain.  She is eating and drinking well.  No loss of appetite but she had dropped weight.  I had wondered what may have been going on as she was not gaining weight properly.  She remained lean/ribby.  I have increased the amount of hay that she is getting and have also added about 12 lbs. of pelleted feed with a bit of Senior feed.  She is gaining a bit of weight.

Hay prices continue to be high and we have exhausted our reserve funds.  Since the vet does not think that she is in any immediate danger from whatever is going on, we will wait until funds are a bit better to have the biopsies done.  I also want to have x-rays or ultra sound done to see if perhaps there is a piece of wood or something in there.  We just don't know.  This came on after she had been here for months without any signs of anything amiss under her jaw or on her chin.

The wound on her chin is gone.  Originally there was a large area of hardness under the wound and that is now gone also.  The lumps under her jaw will increase in size and then recede.  Yesterday there was only one lump and it was large.  Previously there were 3 medium sized lumps, then 2.  Odd.  One of the lumps appeared to be trying to drain a bit and then it stopped.  The lumps are not soft like an abcess would be.  They are rather hard.  Vet was reluctant to lance as he thinks they may be tumors.

6/8/2012 - New Pics

Jewel has settled in with the girls.  Her muscle tone is getting better.  I would like to see her put on more weight.  She is gaining, but it is slow going.

5/21/2012 - Socializing with the Girls!

Jewel is progressing.  She still needs to gain weight and muscle.  Dr. Moore, the chiropractor, said that Jewel needed to move more.  Since she had gained some weight and seemed stronger, we put her in the "Older Gal Group".

As far as herd dynamics go, Jewel is somewhat in the middle of the pack.  She is not an Alpha mare and is not low man on the totem pole either.  She gets along well with the other girls.

She seems to be contented and there has not been any disagreements with her herd mates.  Sugar Bear can be a bit pushy at times, but Jewel just walks away and ignores her.  It is our hope that with a larger area to move around in and some new buddies, Jewel's issues with her stifles will improve and she will also gain more muscle.

4/28/2012 - Jewel Gets a Brushing

Jewel had her own personal groom today...VolunTIER Christine.  She is still quite tender on her hind end.  The antibiotics she was on for a week helped tremendously with her runny nose.  Vet will be out on Monday to help poor ZEKE who arrived at TIER yesterday. (WARNING - GRAPHIC PHOTOS of ZEKE's INJURIES).  Vet will be doing a follow-up on beautiful Jewel!

Christine talked to Jewel while she was grooming, was very patient and kind.  Jewel has wonderful manners.  BUT...if she is not haltered when you are working with her she will soon move off.

Finally.....she appears to be holding weight.  She still has a ways to go, but she is looking good compared to when she arrived!

4/11/2012 - Chiro Visit, Etc.

Dr. Moore was out for the Chiropractic follow-up adjustment.  Her stifles are still weak/stiff and he may need to come out again.  He attributes her stifle problem to her lack of nourishment and hard use.  Since we do not have any history on what the previous owners were doing with her, we can only go by what we see. 

The nasal discharge has returned.  Our vet, Dr. Hoyme, will be coming out today to see if he can determine the cause.  We will update once we have his opinion.

It was raining, so we were unable to get any new pictures.


Dr. Hoyme came out to evaluate Jewel/EA Flamette's continuing runny nose.

"Check - Snotty Norse, no odor, teeth look good (no abcesses, etc.), not coughing, lungs clear."

Of course, when Dr. Hoyme arrived, her nose was not runny!  Since there was no obvious discharge or congestion in her lungs or sinus cavity, the vet recommended that we put her on antibiotics for a week as it just may be a low-grade infection.  She will be getting 15 SMZ's twice a day for a week to see if that helps with her "on/off runny nose". 


3/3/2012 - New Pics!!

Jewel poses with TIER VolunTIERS.

Mel & Jewel - EA Flamette

She is a very nice mover!

2/29/2012 - Visit with Dr. Don Moore - Chiropractor

EA Flamette had her chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Don Moore. Poor Girl! Her stifles were bad. We gave her 1 Bute in the morning and 1 at night for 2 days afterward. Dr. Moore wants to come back out in 30 days to do a follow-up. This is fairly unusual as he doesn't always need to to a follow-up.

Her hips, pelvis, neck and hind ankles were out. Her front ankles need a bit of adjustment too as she was putting more weight on her front end to relieve the pressure from her stifles. Dr. Moore wants her out and moving before his next visit. Despite her stifle soreness, she is a lovely mover!

2/25/2012 - Update

She is gaining a bit and is eating well.  She still is slow to eat soaked pellets, but it is the only way I can give her vitamins, psyllium, MSM, Senior Feed & Ceytal-M.  She does eventually eat everything though.  Most of our older horses will dive into the pellets before eating their Hay.  "Jewel"/EA Flamette takes her time.

It will take awhile to get her back to decent weight. We are hoping her upcoming session with our chiropractor will make a difference and get her out of any discomfort she is currently having.

2/22/2012 - Tooth Fairy & Farrier Visits

Tooth Fairy was out on Monday.  Her teeth were in horrible condition.  She was a very good girl and seemed to know that we were trying to help her.  When the float was completed, she immediately walked over to her hay and began eating.  Now that her teeth have been taken care of she will be able to process her food more efficiently.  Her manure (prior to floating) showed unprocessed pieces of hay because she could not chew properly.  Fortunately, she did not have any broken or abcessed teeth.  Just a whole mouth full of sharp edges and hooks.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the farrier was out.  Again, this lovely mare was very good.  She is very well mannered, which is not always the case with horses that have been neglected and abused.  The only time she demonstrated any resistance to the farrier was when he was working on her right front hoof.  The ankle on that foot is enlarged and there was evidence of an old abcess.  The abcess was pretty well resolved.  Of course there was a bit of Thrush which we addressed.  She also has some puffiness on her right rear ankle.

Front Feet BEFORE Trim                                           Hind Feet BEFORE Trim  

Sigh....when she moves her head from left to right, there is a popping/cracking sound and she appears to be stiff in her right hip.  Dr. Don Moore, our chiropractor could not make it out this week.  He will be out next Wednesday, 2/29/2012 to give her an adjustment.  This will give us a bit of time to raise funds for the Chiro visit.  I explained to him about the halter marks, the indentation on her nose, the popping sound when she moves her neck.

I also called our vet, Dr. Hoyme, and went over everything with him about her current condition and the occasional clear nasal discharge and sometimes drool from her mouth.  After hearing that she had had her teeth done, he ruled that out as a cause and attributed it to the long time wearing of a halter that was too small and left marks on her lovely face.  He suggested that we feed her on a mat on the ground so any discharge will flow out.  He knows the chiropractor is coming out and said that the drooling may be caused from something like TMJ because of the halter issue.  Her temperature and breathing are normal.  Some of this could also be just from being emaciated and her body adjusting to getting food on a regular basis.  We've seen it before in other horses we have rescued (and many other things...edema, abcesses, etc.) as the body works to get back to a healthier state.

She is on the road to recovery, it will just take time, care, attention and food!

2/19/2012 - Johara/Jewel has been identified!!!

Thanks to our very own Carol Darnell sleuthing through the Arabian Registry Data Source (no easy task!) and the previous owner being willing to view our website photos, Johara/Jewel has her identity & heritage intact. Per Carol:

"I just heard back from Irma! Yes, our lady is EA Flamette #479979 foaled in 1991, by EA Country Flame out of Porshia by Port Bask. So - two lines to Bask, one to Gwalior, plus Real McCoy, Fadjur, El Gato, etc. Hopefully, Irma is comforted to know that, regardless of what happened to Flamette after selling her some time ago, she's safe now."

Extended Pedigree

2/12/2012 - Nose Injury, Indents from a halter...

Her halter had been left on for a very LONG time.

There is an injury to her left nostril.  This could have been the cause of the nasal discharge, along with having on a halter that was too tight.  Vet will be out early next week.

She is anxious at times, but settles quickly.  Poor girl needs her feet done, groceries, teeth attended to, and topical medications for her facial injures...rub sores from the halter.

2/11/2012 - Rejected by the Auction House!

She was rejected from the night's sale because she was dreadfully underweight and had a slight nasal discharge.  The young man was directed by auction personnel to talk to a local horse trader/kill buyer about taking her.

Two ladies, friends of TIER, were present at the auction.  They heard the exchange with the young man and approached him.  They knew that if the horse trader took this mare she would be put in a lot with others until the time when they would be shipped to parts unknown and uncertain fates.

Previously, TIER had told these friends that IF there was a horse in dire need a space would be available.  The ladies told the young man that they would take this poor mare and could pick her up in the morning.  The young man indicated that the mare had to go that night because his family was moving the next day.  The sramble for transport and a proper lead rope began.  A person at the auction offered to transport the mare until they saw her runny nose.  They didn&amprsquot want a possibly sick horse on their trailer and retracted the offer.  

The phone call to TIER relaying the mare's circumstances was made.  One of the ladies headed out to get her trailer while the other put a proper lead rope on the mare and began the wait in the dark parking lot of the auction house.  Waiting in the darkness, comings and goings of horses and people, listening to the comforting soft words of a stranger, the mare waited and calmed down.  She waited for another human decision in her life.

Waiting and wondering?  While she waited in the parking lot, not far away preparations were being made for her arrival.  Horses and donkeys moved, pen cleaned out, water bucket filled, hay pellets were soaking, etc.  The trailer arrived and she loaded right up.

She stepped off the trailer excited, unsure, with eyes shining in the moonlight like jewels.  Despite her uncertainty she listened to the lady with the soft voice and made the journey through a darkened pasture to a corral prepared for her.  She paced for a bit and then found the soaked pellets.  She began to eat and calm down.

Rejected at a low-end auction, yet not rejected by 2 ladies who stepped up to better her situation.  This lovely mare was not rejected by TIER and her shining jewel-like eyes prompted us to name her Johara which means Jewel in Arabic.

Welcome to TIER Johara &ndash Jewel!

2/11/2012 - Johara's Save-Auction Report

It's the local horse auction night, my sister and I hop in the truck and head over. Our plan was to observe the horses running through the lot as it's a reasonable guage of the bottom of the market in our area. I also like to take note of which brokers are active and see if I can compare any of the horses to my notes on craigslist free horse listings. People do not realize that it's common for certain people to search craiglist for free horses, tell the unsuspecting owner a nice story to get the horse, then turn around and try to sell the horse through auction. It's not that we can do much about it, but we can learn to identify these people.
We arrive and I get a bidders number- just in case- although I shouldn't because I don't have room and neither does the horse rescues! As we went through the lot it was the same old story, discarded old timers, racehorses with their plates still on, thin or lame quarterhorses, handful of ponies, pregnant mares, and of course the stallions that should be geldings. On this particular night was a mare with a foal that was obviously just born within the past month. Of all the horses I was prepared to bid on this one in case she was bid on by brokers.
I'm at the corner pen by the horse intake gate looking at one of the thoroughbreds. They had just finished unloading a trailer. A young kid walks up with a skinny mare in a halter too tight on her head and  bailing twine as a lead line. The auction handlers turns the boy and his horse away- too skinny they tell him. So the boy starts to lead his horse away. Partway into the trailer parking lot, one of the auction handlers approaches him. I move closer to listen in.
The auction handler tells the boy, there is a guy here who will take the horse but won't buy him. We know who this 'guy' is. It's our local horse trader who routinely ships out loads to kill buyer auctions for mexico and canada. He'll take anything the auction turns away. I've taken several horses off his deplorable lot in Ontario. This mare was at serious risk.
I usher up to the boy and start leading his horse and him away from the auction handler. I convince the boy that I can take the horse and ensure a good home but that I will not buy the horse. The mare is tense, thin, and very stressed. Of course the auction handler rushes to tell us to leave. I ask the boy if he can keep the horse while I get my trailer and he tells me he's got no place to bring the horse, they were kicked out of his house and he has no money.
At this point I tell him, I will take the horse now and not to worry about her she'll be fine. Although I am angered about the condition of the mare, I wonder how much of it is a young teenager's fault. After the boy left, I contacted Gail, and arrangements were made to bring her to TIER.
So here I am in the parking lot with a skinny stressed out arab mare.  We think she may be polish arab, she's got a nice eye, looks very sweet. Since it was dark I couldn't get a good read on her teeth but she is probably older. We clip on one of our leads from the truck and my sister and the mare wait while I get my trailer. She was a champ about loading, I think she knew this was a good thing! We brought her to TIER. Here she will get the care and food she deserves.
It's difficult to see so many horses in need- many of the horses that ran through last night did not go to family/private homes. But we don't often hear of the horses that were even turned away by the auction houses, they need a second chance too.


EA Flamette's SIRE: EA Country Flame

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