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Kate's Binge (Katie)
#269. Chestunt TB mare. Star, white on left rear. Appx. 13 yrs. old. Appx. 16.2 hands. This mare has been bred to warmbloods for the last 5 years. At one time, she was a jumper. It may be possible to get her papers. She would require someone who has the ability to get her back in working shape and the knowledge on how to do so as she has been unworked for some years.

. . . Sire: Dandy Binge
Kate's Binge
. . . Dam: Kaw City Kate by: Mr. Zip Zip Zip

Foaled 4/24/88

Registered as a Premium Mare in the International Sporthorse Registry. Also, she is listed in the main stud book.



The girls have been home since very late Tuesday night and I have had a ball. On Wednesday morning after my daughters swim lessons we went down to the barn at home to start the chores and get to know the new girls. Well, you wouldn't have known that they had just gotten there because they were are settled in and acting as if they had always been there. I was so pleased to see what terrific horses these are.

We started off with some hay and dove into bathing. C Foolish Formula who now goes by the name of Cassie (yes, that was supposed to be the name of the other grey but my daughter said no, it was this mare she wanted to be Cassie), who was the first to get bathed. She was wonderful. She is a bit high strung but being that she is a thoroughbred that's par for the course. She was so beaten up from being in the paddock with the other horses that it will take time for her to heal all the scrapes and scratched. Katie (kate's Binge) was next. I was really expecting some problems but none. She handled great, and listens so well. She has definitely had a lot of training at some point and will be starting back to getting in shape here very soon. Duchess has stolen my heart though. She reminds me of my most favorite horse of all time. I lost my best friend last year at the age of 38 or 39. I had rescued him 20 years ago in CA when he weighted only 600 lbs at 16.1 hands. He
had been ridden for 3 years by a very famous jockey then got injured in a barn fire and broke a leg. From there on it was down hill for him till I got him and be became fast friends. Well, Duchess is just like him. She has the kindest eyes and the gentlest mouth. She gives kisses and loves to snuggle. I know she knows where she was headed and is grateful she wasn't on that trailer. Duchess has some serious problems. He teeth are absolutely horrid. The have cut up the inside of her mouth so bad there are ulcers. Her weight is weigh down and probably due to her teeth and maybe worms, but the worst thing s that being a grey she has the melanomas that greys get. The under part of her tail is just a gnarly board of them. She also has a huge one that covers her rectum. The vet came out yesterday and said it is the worst he has ever seen. We are going to try some things that are available to see if we can shrink it at all. It doesn't seem to be bothering her disposal of road apples to badly but since I just got her I don't have a history to base this on. Wish us luck. She did have a bad leg injury to her hind cannon. I believe she must have slipped in the pasture in the night. She possibly was spooked by something. I cleaned it up and medicated and wrapped it after her bath.

They all are getting a small quantity of grain to start off with and some much need vitamins and treats and of course lots of hay and pasture grass. And most of all they are getting all the pets and hugs they will tolerate. They are making friends with Star and her buddy Beauty. I have a house full of wonderful Ladies. Duchess, Cassie and Katie have told me it is very important to get the little filly with the damaged pelvis out of there and bring her home so I will be sending the truck for her next week. She is missed but my girls and they want her here.

Well, it is time to do night rounds and give the girls their night treats,so we will be in touch again soon.

Do you remember Star from the TIER Success Stories?

Well, it looks like she is going to have some company!

#266 - Cassie
#269 - Kate's Binge, and
#272 - C Foolish Formula (Michelle will give her an appropriate call name later.)

Yes! Michelle, Star's mom, saw these girls and wanted to help them. (She also wanted to help the bay filly with the fractured pelvis). These lovely girls will be headed to their new home next week! Here is what they can expect when they do rrive.......after a suitable adjustment period.

I have an eight stall wood construction stable with eight foot concrete breeze way and hot/cold water washrack. I have 7 paddocks, 1 huge (over 100 x 100) 2 half that size and 2 30 X 70 and 2 25 X 25 for limited turn out. All have 3 sided wood sheds. They all have grass. During wonderful weather they are left in their paddocks 24 hours and during bad weather they come in at night and be blanketed and turned out during the day.

I primarily will just them for pleasure riding, and maybe for taking some dressage lessons on



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