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We received the following message from an owner:

We have a horse that needs a new home. She's in good health, we just can't afford to keep her. She's 16 yrs old, color greyish, 75 Andalusian. She's been trained and is rideable.

Kristy picked up Katrina on 4/14/2012. Her feet are in bad shape and she is in need of having her teeth done ASAP. We will have her overall health checked, evaluate her temperment, training, etc.


7/24/2018 - Katrina in the shade at Duchess Sanctuary

From The Duchess Sanctuary:  Katrina enjoys some dinner in the shade. Phew it was SO HOT today!!!

10/12/2016 - Katrina & Sugar Bear-Duchess Sanctuary breakfast

Katrina and Sugar Bear enjoy breakfast together at the awesome Duchess Sanctuary where they will live out the rest of their lives in luxury!

3/5/2014 - Update from Duchess

 Sent: Tuesday, March 04,
To: Duchess Sanctuary

Subject: Katrina & Sugar Bear

Hi Jen,  Hope all is well with you/Duchess?  Weather has been a bit intense hasn't it?

Any updates on Sugar Bear & Katrina?  I check the facebook page for Duchess regularly, but haven't seen any pictures of the girls.  Of course, with so many saved souls I know it is difficult to feature each one!

Subject: RE: Katrina & Sugar Bear
Date: Mar 5,
The horses are fine Gail, thanks.


10/30/2013 - Photo Update!

Picture at Duchess Sanctuary taken 10/13/2013. Katrina certainly looks as if she hasn't missed any meals!

7/20/2013 - Look At Me Now!

Update from Duchess Sanctuary Ranch Manager Jennifer Kunz:

Just to let you know I had the vet out on Friday to do dental work on both Katrina & Sugar Bear. Attached is a photo of Katrina with two of our volunteers. She was loving all of the attention. I've moved them out of the quarantine pen down into a paddock in the yard which they seem to be enjoying. The farrier will be here tomorrow to trim their feet.

5/22/2013 - A Lifetime Home!

It is TIER's hope for every horse that we help that they are safe for the remainder of their lives. That hope/dream came true for Katrina & Sugar Bear this year thanks to Celine Myers, Ark Watch Foundation, the Duchess Sanctuary, help from the ASPCA via a grant to help with costs of transport and our generous supporters.

On 5/22/2013 Katrina left TIER to live out her life at the awesome Duchess Sanctuary.

The Duchess Sanctuary, originally started by Celine Myers, now owned and operated by The Fund for Animals in partnership with The HSUS is an 1120 acre sanctuary outside of Oakland, Oregon, established in 2008 as an oasis for horses in need.

Sugar Bear will live the rest of her life with Katrina and other horses in grass filled pastures under the watchful eye of Ranch Manager Jennifer Kunz.

Celine Myers worked diligently for months with TIER to help these girls get to their lifetime home.

11/30/2012 - Photo by: Linda Lyons East

Thank you Linda Lyons East for taking this beautiful photo!

7/16/2012 - New Pics!

Katrina is a sweet mare and very well behaved under halter. She is an insecure lady and gets upset if her neighbor Zeke (front right) is separated from her. She is a bit high strung, but is a very pretty mover. We were told by her previous owner that she "dances". She can get a bit anxious when she feels that she is being pushed.

5/18/2012 - Katrina has her teeth floated

Katrina's teeth were in awful shape. Phillip Rue spent some time talking to her and then proceeded to file down all those hooks on her back teeth. She had sores on the inside of her mouth where the hooks were cutting the inside of her cheeks.

Once he was done filing down all the sharp edges, Phillip rinsed her mouth out.

There was quite a bit of tooth matter left on the tool after floating the upper left hand side of her teeth. The right hand side had almost the same amount of filings left on the dental tool.

Katrina will now be able to chew her food comfortably and process her food better.

4/17/2012 - Katrina Settling In

A very nice mover! She is out of condition and needs her feet done.

Katrina is a lovely mare and seems to be settling in nicely. She is getting along well with Dixie who is available for adoption.

4/14/2012 - Katrina Arrives

Katrina's owners could no longer afford to care for her. Although it was very difficult for them to give her up, they wanted to insure that she did not go to a home that was unsuitable. We were informed that she has been trained to "Dance".

Her owners were not in a position to keep Katrina any longer, but they put forth the effort to find her a safe haven BEFORE she was in dire straits. Katrina is in need of farrier care and dental care. This will be done as soon as possible.

Kristy & Bonnie will be giving her a few days to settle in and will then start working with her. Right now she is a bit nervous in her new surroundings. Thank you ladies for helping TIER to help Katrina!



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