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The Ad read: DEADLINE: 01/24/19
13 year old gelding. 15.2 hands. Very gentle and broke to ride.

One of our supporters notified us that he was in the "ship pen", meaning he was going to be shipped to slaughter. They asked if we could take him or find him a home. We agreed and he was purchased just hours before he was to be loaded on the truck to slaughter.


3/3/2019 - New Friends and No Threads in My Head

Notes from Debbie, Kauffey's Mom:

Awwww.  My trusting boy.   Love this Kauffey man!   Walked out in pasture and removed halter, no worries.  Just took it all in stride!!!!!

He is loving and trusting.  Follows me everywhere!  Thank you for this magnificent boy!

They all do well together.  He and Chuck share feed and hay piles.  He seems really okay with kids, people, goats, donkeys and all the other horses. 

2/27/2019 - I have new FRIENDS!

Kauffey is settling in well in his new forever home.  The area above his eye that was treated by the vet is healing well.  Debbie is slowly introducing him to members of her "herd".  His first hookup was with Shasta, a lovely Clydesdale mare.  Next to her, Kauffey looks like a pony!

Shasta does a good job of taking care of him and showing him around his new home.

Yesterday, 2/26/2019, he got to meet another new friend named Chuck.  Introductions seem to have gone well and the boys roam the pasture together.

2/15/2019 - Kauffey Finds his Forever Home!

Whew!  Talk about at the last hour!  Literally!  Kauffey boarded transport to come to California on Valentine's Day morning.  Right after he loaded, he bumped his wounded eye.  The transporter cleaned and medicated it when they laid over that night, but he appears to have rubbed it.

While Kauffey was spending the night in Arizona an idea came to me.  Arizona?  Dear friend Debbie lives in Arizona.  Over the years, beginning in 1999-2000, Debbie has taken in 6 rescues via TIER.  Dynasty, Chablis, Luna, McKayla, Munchee, Jesse .  Would she be willing to give Kauffey a home?  Afterall, he would be lucky #7 and he was already in Arizona!

Messages and phone calls in the middle of the night.  EARLY morning Frenzied communication with Debbie and the tranporter (who was only an hour away from Debbie, but headed to California and would have to reroute...not far though).  Debbie's response?  "Sure.  I just need to set up a stall for him,"  Love Ya Debbie!

So, Kauffey arrived at Debbie's this morning, has a bin full of grass hay and, after he has a bit of time to settle in, she will treat the boo boo on his eye and determine whether or not she needs to get a vet out.  Pictures of Kauffey at his new HOME to come soon!

From Debbie:  He is safe and will be loved as part of our family for the rest of his life Thank you

2/15/2019 - Update-I have a headache

Debbie had ad the vet out for his eye because she was concerned at the amount of swelling and it was leaking blood/serum down his face.  He must have bumped it a bunch during the haul.

He was sedated, and was very good for the vet.  His eye got cleaned and stitched.  Lots of clotting and it was trying to make scar tissue I guess underneath that mess.  He got a tetanus shot. 

Vet checked his teeth and thinks he is late teens to 20.  He needs a float, but no ulcers in his mouth.  Weight taped him at 1050 lbs. but he's still ribby.  Probably the stress of transport, etc.  She will probably put him on some ulcer meds later on just in case.  He got 1 shot of Excede antibiotics and vet didn't think he'd need another (unless he continues to injure that area).

2/12/2019 - Watch where you are going Kauffey!


Kauffey had been doing very well in quarantine.  His sniffles/snotty nose resolved before he was finished with his 1 week doses of Uniprim.  Yay!  But, as you all know, horses will be horses.

Kauffey managed to bang his head just over the top of his left eye.  Created a skin flap and when the QT Facility found the wound the next morning, it was too late to get stitches.  They have been cleaning and medicating the area.  Swelling has reduced and it has begun to scab over.

1/30/2019 - Kauffey made it out!

We were able to find transport for Kauffey from the feedlot to a wonderful QT facility where he will remain for 2 weeks at least for Quarantine.  He did arrive with a bit of a snotty nose, so we authorized the QT facility to use Uniprim (antibiotic) to combat what might be the beginning of an upper respiratory infection.  Does not present as strangles.

Once transport is arranged, the vet will come out to examine him and issue a Health Certificate.  This will be done just before he leaves and to make sure that he is healthy.



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