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#280 Bay Arabin Gelding w/black mane/tail/legs. Appx. 8-9 yrs. old. Appx. 15 hands. Small star. This is a very sweet gelding. It is thought that he may have been used in the Charro rodeos recently. He has an injury to his left front foot above that appears to have been caused by a rope? It has been left untreated. This boy is in need of a person to care for his injury and treat him with patience and kindness. Very personable.



I rescued two lovely arabs about 2 1/2 years ago from the feedlots through your listings. A friend of mine in PA has one of the arabs, the older grey, Caspar. I have the bay with the adorable star. I'm including a picture of him. His name is Khalil, which means "friend" in arabic.
What a lovely boy he is. We haven't done much training . . . not int he riding sense anyway. He has lovely ground manners, and has been building trust the entire time. He's a smart, affectionate, and attentive boy.
Anyway, just wanted to check in and give you a follow-up!
Thanks for coordinating this awesome placement!

This is Fortune, my 19 year old TB.

The chestnut is Ranger, my 24 y.o. TB, and then of course, there's Khalil. We guestimate he'll be 10. I've made his birthday the day he came home, November 3rd.

That's Ranger again, with Khalil getting personal!

And this gorgeous creature is Valentine, 8 year old Saddlebred. This horse was actually on the killer truck, as a stallion at the age of 2. Anja and the Carpe Diem crew tracked down the truck and rescued him. He's been gelded and trained. What a lovely fellow he is!!!


Caspar (flea-bitten grey), and Khalil (bay) are AWESOME!!!!!!! I chose the name Khalil (pronounced Kaleel), as it is Arabic, and means "friend". They are both getting fat, and are still at my friend Lynn's farm in western, PA. I am converting my barn into a garage and hopefully all the horsies will be "coming home" permanently in the beginning of November!



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