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Lacey-Belle's Baby
9/28/2016 IT'S A GIRL! Our lovely Belle, a "wild" burro from Oatman, AZ had her baby sometime in the night of 9/28/2016.

Welcome to the world LACEY! Belle is quite pleased with she should be. Baby Lacey is sweet, but unsure of people for now of course. She is mostly gray, but has distinctive white markings on her head and neck area Mom & Babe are eating, pooping and doing well.


4/1/2017 - Walkabout!

HUGE thanks going out to Dana & Kelly Stark for their help feeding, watering, and putting flymasks on most of the TIER residents! Kelly managed to get in a grooming session on Lacey's Fuzzy Wuzzy long coat and took her for a little Walkabout. Needless to say, Lacey was a good girl and all the TIER kids oggled her as she strutted past.

2/4/2017 - T'was a GOOD Farrier Day!

Today was Lacey's FIRST TIME having her feet trimmed by our wonderful Farrier, Val Dean Call! Such a good girl she was...until that last foot. I guess she just got tired of standing and wanted us to know that she'd had enough. Thanks to Aunt Andie for stepping in so I could get video. The Fuzzy Princess voiced her protest, Val Dean talked to her for a little bit and she allowed him to finish. Let the dancing begin now that we have our dancin feet!

10/16/2016 - Visitor, Visiting, ETC.

What's up?

I had a special visitor (Kelly S.) today.  Mom just kinda stood by me until I was okay with meeting her up close.  I then sauntered over to introduce myself to my Aunt  Jackie  (My Mom's little sister) and her friend Paco.  Once I had done all that, I just relaxed after all my hard work!

10/14/2016 - I Gradiated!

2 weeks 3 days old and Lacey has graduated to the BIG pen.  Thanks to Stephanie McGregor and Carol Cederborg, the move went smoother than when we only moved Belle to the foaling stall.

Moma Belle has not tried to introduce Lacey to the horses or to Jackie & Paco.  Jackie & Paco were moved into the adjoining corral.  Lacey is keeping close to Belle.  Belle is keeping close to the Hay!!!

9/30/2016 - A girl has gotta have pink!

Adventures with Lacey today...Pink Bows, Zoomies around the pen and a rest stop for Belle & Lacey! Thank you for the bow Diane P.

Thanks to Diane for all the snuggles!

Rest Stop

9/29/2016 - Belle's Babe arrives! Hello LACEY!

Milk Bar must be open.  Lacey is hitting it quite often. 

It didn't take her long to be okay with me being in the pen with her.  Belle doesn't mind at all if I touch her soft, soft, soft baby!



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