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The listing on the website for Riverside County Department of Animal Services (RCDAS) read:
My name is 098842. I am a male, red Horse. My age is unknown. I have been at the shelter since Apr 10, 2014.

On 6/18/2014 TIER agreed to take in this cute Snowflake Appaloosa Gelding. CM, an officer for RCDAS said: He has put on weight really well and is shiney like a copper penny. I say name him "Lincoln"

Welcome to TIER LINCOLN!


11/20/2014 - Having some fun!

Lincoln is spending some time at Henderson Ranch.  He is getting quite a bit of attention there and is hamming it up for the camera!

From Cindy:  He's showing off his teefers. I was sitting on a boulder taking this pic and he tried to climb up the rock. I think he wanted to sit in my lap and cuddle up.

From his friend Linda:  He is such a sweet guy! Went to tuck in my babies tonight and spent some time watching him eat his dinner. He came right up and let me pet his face and give him kisses. Lovey!

9/10/2014 - Dr. Don Moore visits

Lincoln finally got to meet Dr. Don Moore (Equine Chiropractor).  Lincoln's tail was a bit offset and we wanted to make sure that it wasn't anything that indicated a problem.

Lincoln was adjusted from head to tail.  He was a very good boy for Dr. Don.

It appeared that Lincoln had some issues at the base of his tail which were rectified by Dr. Don. 

His session with Dr. Don ended well!  What a cute pony butt!

6/20/2014 - A little maintenance, Feet & Teeth

Lincoln had his hooves trimmed and his teeth floated today.  Considering he appears to be somewhat unenlightened about things, he did pretty well.  He tends to pull back when pressure is applied to the lead rope. Using pressure/release methods worked well when he was getting his feet trimmed.

He did not try to stike or kick when the farrier picked up his feet.  Instead he would pull his leg away after a few minutes.  Our farrier continued to talk to him to give him reassurance and got the job done.  Lincoln's frogs were overgrown to the point that they had rolled back on themselves and caused bruising.  This was pared down and his soles were cleaned up.

Lincoln's teeth were examined and it was determined that he is in his early teens.  Appx. 14-15 yrs. old.  His teeth were in pretty bad shape. One molar had grown long enough that it ground down the lower opposing tooth.  The long molar had to be cut and then ground down.  It is hoped that the lower opposing tooth will grow into the space.  For now, Lincoln has a gap in his toothline at that part of his jaw.  Sharp edges and hooks were filed down.

6/19/2014 - After an hour delay, Lincoln arrives at TIER

Ingrid L. once again hooked up her truck and trailer to help a horse come to TIER.  She did not hesitate when the call was made asking if she could transport.  Little did she know that it would take about an hour for Lincoln to get in the trailer!

It was not because Lincoln was frightened, it was because he just doesn't know anything.  BUT...thank goodness he has a big interest in food because that was eventually how he was enticed into the trailer.  He's not too good at leading........

He kinda tends to wander off.......

Once he and Ingrid zig zagged their way to the roundpen, all was well.  Especially after he found the Hay!

Such a cute guy and just as sweet as can be!  Not a mean bone in his body.  He just doesn't seem to know much .............yet.



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