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TIER assisted a local horseowner who lost his job some time ago and can't afford to care for his 2 horses Livie & Shooter. This gentleman helped us countless times when we had a starved horse that kept going down. He would drop everything to come out with straps, etc. to help get her back on her feet. Sadly, she is the one horse that was so damaged by starvation that our final gift to her was to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge. Her registered name was Victoria VF: TORI

TIER purchased hay & feed for the horses while networking to get the older mare and a gelding placed as time was running out. We are fortunate that a safe place for them has been found


12/10/2013 - Update: SAFE!

In preparation for Livie's trip to a safe haven, farrier costs, vaccinations, Coggins tests, transportation costs and layover costs (2 weeks!) were taken care of thanks to the generosity of our Wonderful Donors!  Donors stepped in to help Livie & Shooter and TIER's meager reserves/emergency fund was not totally depleted.  THANK YOU!

While we were arranging for vet, farrier, transport etc. we also reached out to see if we could find more information on Livie.  She did race, but wasn't very good at it.  Turns out this lovely racing Quarterhorse mare has some well known names on her pedigree. Easy Jet, Beduino, and Moon Lark to name a few!  Her registered name is Live With It.

Because of the networking efforts of Celine Myers of the Ark Watch Foundation (trust me, no small task) and transportation/layover by Marlene Dodge, Livie and Shooter are safe at the sanctuary Humanity for Horses!  It can be extremely difficult to find a reputable, well run horse sanctuary that is able to take in a horse, much less two at once!  TIER contacted Celine asking for help as we did not have room  to take them in at this time.  Celine immediately started networking to find them a safe place.  Lane Michels of Humanity for Horses welcomed them with open arms.

After a few days of waiting for Shooter to adjust to the change in his bite and rescheduling of transport dates, Shooter and Livie arrived at Humanity for Horses!



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