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Lovely (Lovely)
A good friend of mine and a wonderful friend to the horses of TIER needs our help! A few months ago she became aware of an older (25) Arabian mare in trouble. She was not being fed properly (starving) for a long period of time, her feet were a mess (hooves were almost a foot long!) and her teeth had not been tended to in quite a long time. There was also another horse that was in such bad shape that she did not make it.

My friend took her in, had her teeth done, feet done (they were horrible and she needed front shoes for support because her feet were in such terrible shape). She has been feeding her Senior Feed, Hay Pellets, Alfalfa Hay and the mare has slowly been gaining weight. This mare is named Lovely.

Recently (coinciding with the arrival of the Arabian Mare) there has been a tragic illness in our friend's family that requires her to be at the hospital every day for the majority of the day/night. Because of this, she is unable to oversee the recovery of this lovely mare and has asked if TIER can take her in and help her to mend.

Lovely is welcome to come to TIER, but she will need your help.


9/21/2017 - Too Soon...she has gone

Sadly, Forever Lovely has left us way too soon.  I realize that she was an aged mare that had suffered neglect for way too long.  But I really hoped she would be with us for at least a few years.

9/21/2017 I found Lovely laying in her corral and realized she had passed.  Mariah was at the feeder eating hay and didn't appear to be concerned.  Sometime in the night Lovely laid down for a final sleep.

We were shocked and deeply saddened that this lovely girl left us so soon.  Run free Forever Lovely.  We miss your beautiful presence.

7/17/2017 - The old Gray Mares

The old Gray Mares ain't as good as they once were,
My how the years have flown,
But there was a time,
Back in their prime,
When they could really hold their own,
May not be good as they once were,
But they're as good once, as they ever were,
Mariah (Darts Dawneeka) 30 yrs. old
Lovely (Forever Lovely) 30 yrs. old (She's in the foreground)

6/15/2017 - 11 Days! New Friend, New Halter

Lovely is slowly gaining weight.  Yay...just how we want her to!  Her feet and teeth have been done.  She's eating her hay, Senior Pellets with probiotics and hay pellets.  At first, we were worried that she might be colicking or had a lot of gas because her tail is somewhat raised most of the time.  Upon further inspection, we found that she has a couple of melanomas on her tail which seem to be right at the area where her tail raises.  We have NOT found melonomas in any other areas of her body.

Lovely's has a new friend who brought her some apple treats and a beautiful purple halter with matching lead rope!  Thank you to Lovely's new Auntie!

6/8/2017 - Ouch!

Lovely had her teeth floated in the afternoon.  As you can see from the pictures, she had some serious OUCH going on that made it difficult to chew her pellets/hay properly.  Heartfelt thanks to our donors and to Laura S. for coming to visit and donating for Lovely Cindy H., Diana P., Joyce B. for donating Senior Feed (the kind that Lovely likes!) and the wonderful Mountain Sunrise pellets (small pellets..thanks Cindy) so that this girl gets plenty of nutrition.

(Right Side)

(Left Side)

She is a girl with a bit of age on her.  She does have Wave Mouth which is difficult to correct fully and some of her lower teeth are worn down to the gum line.  She will now be able to chew better and when we can we will have an Equine Dentist come out to remove some of the tartar on her back teeth and help her along. 

6/8/2017 - Feet are improving!

Lovely had a very busy day yesterday!  In the morning, our wonderful farrier Val Dean trimmed her hooves and replaced the shoes on her front feet.

When she was initially found in need of help, her feet were skids that I was told were almost 2 ft. long!  You can see from the pictures the parts that had abcesses (no active abcesses at this time).  The left front hoof has quite a few ridges that will most likely resolve in time.  She IS sound!

(Right Front)

(Left Front)

6/4/2017 - Lovely has arrived!

Lovely arrived this morning and looks better than I was expecting. She is still in the process of settling in, a bit nervous and stall walking for right now.

6/6/2017 We are finding out that she is a bit picky about what she likes to eat though.  HA!  Via trial/error we will figure out what she likes so that we make sure that she is eating well.  So far, she doesn't like the Purina Equine Senior, but she does like the Kruse Senior (which is good because it is cheaper!).

She is scheduled to have her teeth done on Thursday and also to have her feet done/new shoes.  It will be a busy day for this girl!



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