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They sometimes think they want to disappear, but all they really want is to be found!

Approximately 17yr old palomino mare 15h, purchased by a TIER supporter from a feedlot out of state. TIER agreed to take her in.

We will be fundraising to cover remaining costs for transport to Quarantine, partial Quarantine costs, Health Certificate by a vet and arranging transport to bring her to TIER.

Poor girl has been at the lot for awhile and came in quite thin. Seems to be very sweet and willing. She will need her teeth done, worming and feet done as soon as possible. She looks as if she has had a rough go of it for awhile.


9/2/2019 - Chiropractic RELIEF

Chiropractor Dawn Fletcher came out to see if Lucille was in need of any adjusting.  We don't have any history on this lovely mare other than she needed and deserved a soft place to land.  We were able to help her because of our wonderful donors/supporters

Dawn, along with her awesome husband Thad who hold the horses, loves on them and talks to them while his wife works on helping these horses, found several areas of OLD injury.  She has broken ribs on both sides, a "dent" in her bottom, an indentation where the noseband of a halter goes, muscle atrophy on her forehead.  Perhaps she was in a trailer wreck and pulled back?  Who knows?

She had a tender area on her back just before her croup that needed adjustment.  Also an area on her back behind the the withers a bit.

Dawn gave her some electro-laser/infrared therapy which she thoroughly enjoyed.  She snoozed while Thad talked to her and stroked her lovely face.  Lucille was very appreciative of the attention and all the good feelings Dawn & Thad brought to her body and mind.  Thank you both for taking such good care of her and spending 2 hours or more helping her!!

7/31/2019 - Looking Better!

Finally! Lucille is finally looking better and feeling better.  She had gotten caught between the feeder and the fence and went down some time ago.  Plus, after a couple of visits from our farrier, her feet are not sore.  

She has a chiropractic appointment scheduled for 8/7/2019 just in case she needs adjusting.  Dental will be done as soon as we are able.

4/17/2019 - Short Update

Our farrier was out yesterday and said that the Texas farrier did a mighty fine job on Lucille's shoes.  They do get packed up though because she stands in the wet spots and we will need to be diligent about picking out her hooves.  He did 10 horses here yesterday and did the ones in more need of work than the girls. He will be back out on Saturday and will see if he thinks the girls need trimming/clean up as he felt they were good for now.

4/2/2019 - Lucille has arrived at TIER

Woot!  Woot!  Lucille & EmmyLou have arrived!

Lucille and EmmyLou arrived safely last night around 8:30 PM.  It was dark, so we weren't able to get pictures at that time.

The girls went right to their hay when they arrived last evening.  They are eating and drinking well.  I guess they met all their neighbors last night and everyone seems to be getting along well.  This morning, EmmyLou had her head over the rail talking to Baby and they were snuffling each other for a bit.

Jackie, The Oatman Burro,  has given her stamp of approval, so I guess all is well.  We are so glad that they are finally HOME!  I told them both that they weren't going to have worry about long trailer rides for a very long time!

3/30/2019 - Texas Twosome on their way to TIER!!


EmmyLou & Lucille are on their way to TIER.  The girls should arrive on Tuesday, 4/2/2019.  

Due to the problems with Lucille's eye since her arrival in Quarentine, (very well could be allergies), we ordered an ESV MAXX from Equine Sun Visor for her.  The mask came highly recommended for its supportive therapy for horses with light sensitivity issues including those with trigeminal neuralgia, head shaker syndrome, bilateral uveitis, and medicinal pupil dilation.  Equine Sun Visor was awesome and rush shipped it to the quarentine facility so that Lucille would have it for her trip!  YAY!

Looking forward to finally meeting the girls in person!!  We will schedule Equine Dentist Jacob Johnson as soon as possible for EmmyLou and have him double check Lucille.  Because of Lucille's "possible" laminitic episode, we had taken her off senior feed, pelleted feeds and fed her only grass hay for awhile.  She had gained weight well in the first week at quarantine, but then the hoof issues arose.  After she arrives and settles in for a bit, we will have her seen by our farrier/vet and figure out a proper diet to help her get weight on without compromising her health.


3/13/2019 - 3-12-2019 Lucille Vet Visit Update

Both girls (Lucille & EmmyLou) were seen by the vet today.  Unfortunately, the Lameness Expert had a family emergency and was not there.  

LUCILLE:  The ulcer in her eye was examined again and it is healing nicely.  YAY!  She did get some more eye ointment to make sure the healing progresses.  Some cloudiness was noted in her eyes that could be juvenile cataracts, but nothing major at this time.  Just something we need to be aware of and watch.

Kathy took her Ezboot Rx’s off the night before and also did not administer her nightly or morning dose of Bute so that the vet would be better able to see if she has improved since her visit of 3/5/2019.  It was at that visit that it was thought Lucille was foundering or having a laminitic episode.  She trotted out nicely without limping.  We had x-rays taken of each front hoof and slight rotation was noted.  It is not thought that this is recent.


Her previous lameness may have been due to having her feet trimmed and the fact that her soles are really thin.  In any event, she will continue wearing the boots during the day. Bute will be reduced to once a day dosage.  Also, vet thinks that having her shod with the shoe put on backwards will help support her hooves.  Farrier is being scheduled.  Kathy will also be putting something on the bottoms of her hooves to help thicken them up.  Turpentine has been suggested, but we will leave that to Kathy’s discretion.  

Vet wants to monitor her for another week to see how she does.  It is hoped that she will continue to progress and we can arrange transport.  She is still on grass hay only, so she is not putting on as much weight as we would like to see.  We don’t want to jump start her system into making her founder by feeding alfalfa, senior feed, etc. like she was getting prior to the episode with her feet.  We just don’t know for sure what the culprit is that cause the issue with her founder/lameness.


3/8/2019 - Update

(Lucille 3/7/2019)

We made the decision to let Lucille stay at the Quarantine facility with EmmyLou so that they could be transported to TIER later this month (March) together.  Although that meant that we would have to pay extra QT Boarding fees, transporting 2 horses gave us a bit of discount which made up the difference.  It also gives these girls a chance to bond, have a known traveling companion (less stressful), and a familiar face/comfortable relationship when they arrive at TIER.  Of course, this all hinged on whether the Vet cleared them both for transport when he saw them on 3/5/2019.

LUCILLE:  Kathy (QT Manager) had scheduled the appointment for 3/5/2019, but the vet office had her appointment listed as 3/12/2019.  They did work her in, but were not able to do a full evaluation on EmmyLou that day.  Kathy will take them both back to the vet this coming Tuesday, 3/12/2019.

Lucille’s eye was still weepy and the resulting tears were causing some scald by her eye and down her face.  Vet put some dye in her eye and found a small ulcer that was in the process of healing.  He gave Kathy some more eye ointment and also Animax ointment for the scald.  Kathy had already been treating her after Lucille’s previous visit where her tear ducts were flushed and the ointment had started healing the previously undetected ulcer. 

Lucille had been reluctant to move about her pen prior to this recent vet visit and when she did, she appeared to be a bit sore on her feet.  Both of the girls had their feet done right after Lucille had originally seen the vet, so she was not sore at the time. 

After examining her, hoof testing, etc. the vet said she had foundered in the past and may be in the process of foundering again.  Since she was on a weight gain diet of hay, soaked alfalfa cubes and equine senior, her feed has been changed to grass hay only.  She also will receive 2 scoops of bute morning/night for a few days and then, if she improves, reduce to 1 scoop twice a day.  Vet felt she should NOT be transported such a long distance any time soon (3/20) unless there was considerable improvement.  There is no way TIER would have her transported if she is in pain.

I sent 2 links to Kathy for Easy Boots so she could check with the vet as to which ones would be the best in this situation.  One was for the Easy Boot Cloud and the other was for the Easy Boot Rx.  Vet said the Rx would be best.  I contacted Stateline Tack (we order joint supplements, etc. from them because their prices are good and their customer service is excellent) to see if they offered discounts to Non Profit Organizations.  A penny saved is a penny earned!!  I spoke to Jaime Nuckles, the Account Manger for helping rescues.  I didn’t even know they had such a thing!  She gave TIER a significant discount on the boots and we had them shipped “next day delivery” because Lucille needed the boots and we had saved quite a bit on the purchase price!!  Woo Hoo!  Thank you State Line Tack! Jaime Nuckles- B2B Account Manager, P:570-384-7655 P: 800-346-0749 X 7130, Email:

The boots arrived yesterday late afternoon.  The Bute had helped Lucille quite a bit (Tues –Thurs) and she was moving better.  Kathy put the boots on last night and this morning, after adjusting to these clunky things on her feet, Lucille was feeling quite a bit better, has a light in her eyes and even trotted off for the first time since arrival!  Woot!  Woot!

(3/9/2019 Lucille in her boots!  Stylin!)

Both girls (EmmyLou and Lucille) will see the lameness expert on Tuesday.  We hope to have x-rays done, etc.  We have opted to have this and EmmyLou’s teeth done while they are at Kathy’s because costs are less than in our area and Kathy is an excellent caretaker.  I do not know of very many Quarantine facilities that would go to the lengths she has for these horses.  Kathy has made sure their feed is correct for their situation, dispensed antibiotics and Bute, hauled them to and from the vet, administered eye ointment, scheduled her farrier, introduced the mares to each other after their runny noses cleared up, put therapeutic boots on/off and today, she put the mares together so they could bond further.  Looks like Lucille is the Alpha and big gal EmmyLou just wants to get along with everybody!  HA!  Thank you Kathy Lakes (and Charles)!!!

(3/8/2019 Lucille and EmmyLou with their Aussie friend)

Thank you to those who have helped these girls from the beginning.  We are so grateful for your support, kindness and caring.  We could not help them if it wasn’t for you!  Doing this long distance is a bit different for us, but the girls are getting the same care they would get when they arrive at TIER (for a bit less!).

2/24/2019 - It's only been 7 days/1 week!

Lucille was in rough shape when she arrived at the 2nd Quaratine Facility.  BUT...because of Kathy Lakes/Starburst Ranch diligence, attention to detail, exceptional care & love, look how much this lovely mare has improved in only 1 week!

Kathy took her to the vet to have her teeth floated last week and a very basic health exam. Heart, lungs, and gut all sounded excellent. Had some hooks that were better than 1/4” long taken down. Still some dental to be done at a later date.  We had her tear ducts flushed because her eye was very weepy and there was a lot of residue flushed out.  

The farrier will be out on Friday to trim her feet so that she is more comfortable.  Transport date has been pushed up a bit so that we have her immediate medical needs addressed to ensure she is healthy and comfortable to travel.

2/19/2019 - Teeth Done & Tear Ducts Flushed!

Thanks to donors, we no longer need to raise immediate funds for Lucille!  YOU DID IT!  Thanks to Pam E. for donating the full 470.00 needed to meet our original goal.  Just in time, because dental costs were a bit more than expected and the farrier should be out soon.

She was a very good girl for the dentist.  3 MAJOR hooks, one small ulcer.  Vet worked for quite a bit to help her as she most likely had not had her teeth done in a very long while.

Temperature was good as well as lung, heart and gut sounds.  Woot!  Woot!  Since her eyes were a bit weepy we has asked to have her tear ducts flushed if the vet thought she needed it.  He did flush the tear ducts and there was quite a bit of goop flushed out!!  Hopefully she won't have to contend with goopy eyes anymore.

Vet recommended we wait on antibiotics as she appears ok.

QT manager says that she finishes her soked alfalfa cubes and picks at grass hay all day.  Loves her senior. Also, she doesn't have the nasal drip since her tear ducts were flushed. 

2/17/2019 - My, My, My!

The lovely palomino known as Grady arrived at QT2 (2nd Quarantine Facility) mid afternoon.  Unloaded fine, calm and walked easily to the freshly prepared stall/run.  The QT manager double checked the Coggins to make sure it was the right one and noticed that the age listed was 21 and under "sex" was an F.  What???? Isn't  "F" for Female?

The facility manager, Kathy, decided to investigate the irregularity.  She walked around the horse, bent down to look and My, My, My.........sure enough, IT'S A GIRL!  What??? Once TIER was notified, a scramble ensued to pick out an appropriate name and we came up with LUCILLE!

Although she gained a bit of weight at QT1, she is still quite thin.  Her feed will now include fresh hay and Equine Senior along with some ProBios. 

She is scheduled to see the Veterinarian tomorrow to check her teeth and see if she needs any antibiotic treatment for her runny nose.  Her eyes are a bit weepy which could be from congestion/cold, blocked tearduct, etc.  We will know more after her vet visit. 

She is cute as a button and she has a light in her eyes!

Origin of the name Lucille: Derived from the Latin Lucilla, which is a pet form of Lucia (light).

2/9/2019 - Mother Nature frustrates our efforts!

It started with an email and then escalated to telephone calls.  ‘I can provide funds to pay bail on 2 horses in the “ship pen” at a feedlot in Texas.  Pics/videos attached. Can TIER take the older one if I pay transport to Quarantine and part of the Quarantine fees?”
You know how it goes from here.  Once you see it you can't unsee it.  Once you’ve felt it deep inside, where it aches for those poor horses, your compassion rises and you say…SURE We Can! 


Our plans to announce Lucille's arrival and tell her story got derailed. While the details were being worked out, of course, the unexpected happens.  A weeks worth of rain that causes quite a bit of damage to the hay we just purchased (THANK YOU TO OUR DONORS!!), runoff damage at the perimeter fencing, runoff damage to the culvert under the road to the main gate, trees falling down because of the saturation, plus runoff damage to the road to the gate by the hay area.  Rain has started again today and it expected to continue through tomorrow and maybe further into the coming week.  The rain damage will not be a cheap fix (we do have some AWESOME neighbors who are jumping in to help!!) and it is definitely something that needs to be addressed fully when the rains stop.  Mother Nature will be tapping our reserves just when Lucille needed those reserves. 

In the meantime, 2/8/2019 Lucille was picked up and transported to a very reliable temporary quarantine facility where she will stay for approximately a week.  (It’s great to have friends/contacts across the country!)   

(Look at that SWEET face!)
In about a week, when space opens up, Lucille will then be transported to another exceptionally trustworthy facility where she will remain for 1-2 weeks depending on transport schedule to TIER and her health.  Right now, at the temporary facility, she is receiving Uniprim (broad spectrum antibiotic ) for a slightly snotty nose, which TIER authorized purchase of from the local veterinarian.  The costs for the 1st QT facility and transport there and to the 2nd facility, plus the antibiotics are covered.  
QT at the second facility (approximately 250), Farrier care really needs to be done (40), transport to TIER (985), Health Certificate (36.00 ranch call) and possibly a dental float (to be determined by the vet) are not covered yet.  Well, they pretty much were until the rains decided to reorganize the ground around here and soaked some of the hay.  We need to raise at least 1300.00 for Lucille.  Can you help? 
Every donation helps. Even the smallest amount will make a difference.
Please be sure to indicate that your contribution is for Lucille.  Thank YOU!

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