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The Ad said: 11 year old palomino quarter gelding. 14.3 Great all around horse. Has been a pony horse at Pomona Race Track, and Hollywood Park. He is back at the ranch now. This gelding is very experienced and has been a WP show horse, ranch horse, and trail horse. Neck reins, side passes. Ties, trailers, good with other horses. Teeth just floated. Needs to gain some weight. Delivery available. Price dropped for quick sale.


6/17/2017 - Yellow Boys

Lukas did a morning wander about the property.  He ended up spending most of his time visiting with another yellow boy, Kat. 

After gossiping, etc.  he took time out of his busy day to avoid being haltered and returned to his pen.  Sigh.  Eventually he returned to his space to dunk his hay in the water barrell (a daily occurrence).

12/24/2015 - Happy Trails!

Lukas was a very HAPPY Boy on Christmas Eve.  He and Stephanie McGregor went for a trail ride after his workout.  Lukie Lou was dressed in his winter coat even though it was a sunny morning.

I haven't seen him this happy for some time!  He was mouthing the bit, licking and chewing and just having a grand old time.  He's out of shape, but was glad to be out and about.  He wasn't in a hurry to get home either! 

6/11/2014 - A few words about Lukas...

Hi Gail,

A little write up for Lukie-Lou from Cindy.

I have been boarding horses for 13 years now and a lot of horses have come into my life as a result.  It is awesome to get to see and learn all the different horse personalities and temperaments.

 Mr. Lukas is one of the smartest horses I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Along with his intelligence he is a clown and a very sweet, loveable boy.
I started my journey with horses about 16-17 years ago with an Arabian horse named Canada that was much, much smarter than I was.  Canada was very difficult to say the least but he was that one special horse of a life time that will never come close to being replaced by another horse.  I loved him enough that I had to rise to the challenge of trying to catch up to him and eventually I did. 

Canada was the best thing that could have happened to me.  It was a sink or swim situation and I had to dive in and get myself educated in horsemanship asap.  The reason I am telling this story is because Lukas is that kind of horse.  He will be a challenge to a beginner but if you have the will and the desire he will teach you more than most horse people will ever learn about horses and he will be that special, special horse. 

He has had a hard life and now it is his time to be loved and appreciated for the wonderful horse that he is.  If you are a more advanced or intermediate horse person you will really appreciate this guy.  He is so push button and absolutely loves to be ridden and spend time with people.  He gets so excited when he sees you coming toward his stall with a halter, lead-rope in hand. 

As a horse that has not been treated well in the past, he really appreciates the people that love him and treat him right.  He knows who is good and will give you so much back because of it.

Cindy Henderson

6/1/2014 - Gaining & Recovering

Many thanks to Linda Lyons East for taking such wonderful pictures!  Dear Friend & Supporter Cindy Henderson is taking GREAT care of Lukas.  He's looking more like a Quarter Horse instead of a Stick Horse!  Wherever he had been and whatever he had been doing prior coming to TIER, he had been used up.  All four of his legs showed the strain of being used hard.  It will take time for his tendons, ligaments, muscle to recover.

He is slowly being conditioned and is gaining weight/muscle.  He has been getting Abprazole Omeprazole Granules treatment for ulcers...just in case because he was so terribly stressed physically & mentally.

His amber colored eyes (or as Cindy says:  Whiskey colored) have softened as he has acclimated to being fed & cared for properly.  He is a bit of a "Dennis The Menance" though!  He let himself out of his turnout the other day and went visiting with the other horses.  He likes to dunk his hay in the automatic waterer and loves to see just how much he can get away with!  He's a very smart boy and we are so pleased with his progress.

3/21/2014 - Finally...a full belly

Lukas has been with us for almost a month now.  When he first arrived he was physically exhausted, HUNGRY and mentally somewhat shutdown.  For the first 2-3 days he ate, slept, ate.  He wasn't interested in anything but food!

Now that he understands that there will be plenty of hay, hay pellets, a little senior feed, flax seed, rice bran and a touch of MSM, he has relaxed a bit.  He was so tired and sore.  Our chiropractor, Dr. Don Moore, helped him with some of the soreness and the farrier helped him with his old abcess, long feet with a rough trim.  The tooth fairy, Tim, helped him by floating his teeth so that he could chew properly.

Feed, Farrier, Dental, Chiropractic - All of these are things that are done in the normal course of owning a horse, but sadly, Lukas was seriously lacking these things for some time.

He has gained weight and the simple act of eating is now a pleasure rather than a desperate undertaking for survival.  Lukas' personality is starting to emerge and it seems that he is a bit of character.  He has been known to snuffle your hat when picking out his feet, test you to see if you are serious about wanting him to pay attention and focus when in the roundpen for a little exercise and...he can REALLY display his enjoyment of the simple act of having enough food that he will play with it!!!

2/24/2014 - Lukas Arrival



When we first saw the ad in October of 2013 (pictures below), we thought the horse looked a bit thin.  The original ad had a sale price of 3800.  The ad was removed and we assumed that he had been sold. 

2/23/2014 the ad appeared again with the same pictures as the October 2013 ad.  Since it had been almost 4 months that the original ad was placed and he had been thin at that time, plus the price was now drastically reduced, we felt that this horse was in a downward spiral and could end up in a not so good situation.


As you can see from the pictures of his arrival, this boy did need help.




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