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Luna - Chestunt Mare, Warmblood/TB cross (not branded), 16.2 hands, appx. 14 yrs. old. Strip. It was said that she had been shown at one time, and also used as a broodmare. Her mane is lighter than her coat hair. Rides.

She's got a new home and a new name!! Her name is Luna. Luna will be going to Oregon to live with a wonderful lady named Kristi who is very excited about Luna coming home next Tuesday! Perhaps, if Luna is willing and able, we will have updates about her in some dressage shows! Either way, she has a home for life! Thanks Kristi and a safe journey to both you and Luna!



Luna and I have been working really hard on her ground manners and trust! After our accident last year, she had not been ridden since!

However, success is just a heartbeat away and we have stepped up to the challenge!

After having a long session in the round pen and with the advice of a trainer, we managed to figure out the "cause" of her problem! She is now a Western (want-a-be) trail horse and is doing GREAT in a hackamore! Her snaffle bit seems to be the "trigger" to what was ailing her!

AND we went for our first ride, in a year, yesterday! You would have never known that she has been pastured for the last year! But never without human contact and love. She still always has her stall at night and lots of attention and praise........but was not asked to ride! Hand walks around the neighborhood and some round pen work within the last couple of months was all that she was required to do! Trust has been a BIG issue for her, especially since she always thought that people just wanted to saddle her up and perform! I guess giving her that chance to "become" a real horse and not just a device for a person to compete with has allowed
her to blossom!

She is still the character and will try her antics, but that is all a part of being "Luna". She is never malicious! She just likes to play!

I feel that our accomplishment with riding yesterday, was a turning point for her and I both! We can now learn more with that trust and bond that we keep building stronger and stronger!

Thanks again Gail for all of the hard work that you do!
I realize that Luna went to Kristi first, but I still feel that she was a "special chosen one" to be allowed to live out her life thanks to you!
Keep up your efforts! The horses ALL thank you for that!

Jesse, Dynasty, and McKayla all wanted to say "Hi!", too!


Jesse, Dynasty & Luna - all feedlot rescues!

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