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MAVERIK had been running loose along the Santa Ana River bottom, dodging animal control officers who tried to catch him for several months. He was skittish, avoided many attempts at capturing him, acting wild and defensive.

Link to news article about his capture:


1/10/2020 - Progress Notes


Big change in just 10 days as Maverik is no longer running to the other side of the pen when I enter to feed, water and cleanup. I sat with him today for 45 minutes, reading a magazine and sipping coffee. Maverik walked over to his feed bin which was 15-20 feet away from me. He was cautious but comfortable. He made that trip 6-8 times while I was there. I did have a lady with her young children approach the pen so that I could see his reaction. Maverik had no desire to deal with them as displayed when he immediately retreated to the other side of the pen.


I sat in the round pen with Maverik while he was eating. My presence didn’t bother him as much as previously noted. I was careful not to push him at all or be invasive.


We picked up the 8x24 cover and installed it over the new corral, hooked up the water tank.


Three of us moved Maverik to his new home. He was not anxious to get into the trailer, but with slow, methodical movement, and two light weight panels, we created a short alley way and were able to guide him easily. Unloading was a breeze. The entire process took maybe 10 minutes. After introducing him to the corral, I noticed that his anxiety level dropped significantly. He wasn’t as edgy as he was in the round pen. He no longer runs away from me when I feed. He stands quietly and waits for me to throw the feed. He is acceptive of his new neighbor but they’re not buddies…just neighbors. He isn’t as anxious to get away from me when I enter his corral but then I pay him no attention. I take care of business. He moves quietly.

12/18/2019 - Today His Journey Begins

2 days of HARD work by 1 man with a huge heart in preparation for a special boy's arrival.  Organizing material & tools needed, Leveling ground, setting up 6 rail 24 ft. long Heavy Duty panels and gate (those things weigh a bunch!), making sure connections are tight, level and the pen is sturdy, placing heavy railroad ties around the perimeter, and adding a lot of pine fines.  Those of you who have set up a corral before know this isn't a quick/easy task for one person.  Especially when you have other Life things going on.  Visiting the special boy to get a "feel" for him, arranging time for pickup, hook up the trailer hoping all goes well with loading and bring the new boy to his carefully constructed new home.  

Today, when Mike steps toward the pen where Maverik is now staying he will begin establishing mutual respect; work with Maverik's instincts, not against them; respect a horse’s right to be a horse.  Listening to him getting an idea of what's going on inside him. Comforting the mind and soul, establishing unity, helping him USE his mind to figure things out, making the right thing easy, recognizing his right to protect himself, seeing from his point of view.  Helping and supporting him. 

The healing starts today.  And so, the Journey begins. 

12/16/2019 - He'll be in GOOD hands!

Maverik is going to be in Mike's good hands sometime Wednesday!  Yay!  Mike just called after his visit with him and said he is very, very scared.  Maybe around 6-7 years old (just a guess) and little.  Around 14 - 14.1 hands.  

Mike said that Maverik was so frightened that he had to walk away as emotions overwhelmed him.  People did that to him.  Not the shelter folks, but somewhere/sometime before he ended up in the riverbed. Mike spent some time with him and Maverik did turn and face him.  A good sign.

Some scarring on his legs that is probably from all the brush and he has quite a few burrs in his mane/tail/coat.  He is in good weight/condition, his feet look good. Won't know more until Mike gets him home and can spend time with him.

Maverik, you will be cared for, loved and safe!

12/15/2019 - Searching for that Buckskin

11/15/2019 TIER was contacted by a gentleman who was walking his dog at the Santa Ana riverbed.  He had seen a loose horse that was thin and lying down and asked if we could help.  

(Picture is a bit grainy)  TIER contacted a good friend in the area known for his horse handling skills.  Mike had worked with some abused mustangs at TIER several years ago, is involved with Back Country Horsemen-Santa Ana River Unit, Mounted Posse, etc.  He is a trusted and talented horseman who agreed to go into the Santa Ana Riverbed and see if he might be able to help the horse.

Mike headed down with another horseman on foot, found his bed down spot, figured out his general habits, found his feed spot, tracked him for a few miles.  As soon as they got close to the horse he took off running.  Ended up running across a golf course and then was out of sight.  The horse did not appear to be lame or starving.  The terrain is rather rough and it would have most likely taken several horse savvy people on horseback many hours and miles to TRY to catch the horse.  Due to terrain, it would be difficult for horses and riders.

A month later, the horse was lured into a temporary corral set up behind an irrigation/lighting company.  The workers saw the horse go into the corral and promptly shut the gate.  Animal Control was notified and they picked him up (ran him into the trailer because nobody was going to try to get a halter on him!) and transported to Riverside County Department of Animal Services facility in Jurupa Valley.  

There had been many postings about this horse on social media.  He survived the fire that swept through that area not long ago. People were leaving feed for him as was Riverside Animal Services.  TIER was notified of his capture on 12/14/2019 via a news article and contacted Mike.  Mike agreed to take on the handling of this horse whom we have named MAVERIK if Animal Services agreed to  place him with TIER.  

(12/16/2019 Maverik at shelter)

12/16/2019:  Mike will be visiting this boy at the shelter today to see just how wild and crazy he may be.  It is our hope that he's not too untamed and can be handled so that Mike can get him out of the shelter in a few days, once a pen has been set up, and start working with him after he settles down. 

IF we are able to get Maverik from the shelter to Mike's, he will eventually need to see the vet, farrier and perhaps the dentist once he has been evaluated and can be handled safely.  Who knows? He may just be a big puppy dog of a horse that was enjoying his freedom along the river.  Wouldn't that be nice?



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