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Magi (Magi)
Chocolate Palomino gelding about 17 yrs. old. This horse is gaited and has been the constant companion of the Rowdy. They are inseparable. The Choc Palomino ( now named Magi) might be a Fox Trotter. He can still be ridden and he likes to go fast. Well he can go fast all around the pasture with his new buddies and his old friend once he gets home to Texas.



Also, Midas. Midas, formerly Magi, continues to gain. The vet floated his teeth, and even though she said they weren't bad, the difference has been tremendous. I am a firm believer in equine dental work anyway. Before, he was dropping 20-30 quids per meal--now, maybe 3 or so! With some slight changes to his diet as well, I am expecting to see his weight continue to improve. Sadly, Midas has what the vet called "neurological defects"--he has nerve damage in his spine. Probably caused by nothing more sinister than old age--vet estimates him to be at least 20, probably older. We can't do anything for nerve damage, but my goal is to continue to get his weight back up, and keep him as healthy and happy as I can in his retirement years.


Exactly one month ago today, on 3/18/00, we lost our dear friend Rowdy. Tomorrow, Rowdy's constant companion for the last 10-15 years, Magi, will go to his new home!  

Regina, a lovely lady who is a staunch supporter of TIER, had planned on adopting both Magi & Rowdy so that they could spend the rest of their days roaming her acreage and just being horses. Unfortunately, Rowdy had to be put down last month due to a raging bladder infection. Although Regina was heartbroken over Rowdy's passing, she still wanted to open her home and heart to Magi.

We will miss this friendly old gentleman tremendously! He is a dear boy who deserves his retirement. It will be difficult to look out back and not see his beautiful face, but we are overjoyed that Magi will live out his days walking through the pasture with other horses, grazing and breathing in and out.

Magi has dropped some weight since Rowdy's passing which we attribute to his grief for his longtime pal. But he will have new friends, freedom, love and caring. He deserves nothing less.  

Thank you Regina & Richard for reaching out to this magnificent horse to provide him a well deserved home for life. No more auctions. No more feedlots. No more neglect.

Magi is going HOME!

Thank you to Sandy for allowing us the opportunity to have both Magi & Rowdy in our lives. Thank you to Magi & Rowdy for what you gave to us...unconditionally!


Magi & Rowdy

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