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#295 Lightly Fleabitten Gray Arabian Mare. Appx. 15 hands. Appx. 13 years. Underweight, but is gaining. Information is that the mare does ride, but has not been ridden in several years. It appears as if she wore a halter for a long period of time as there are "halter indentations". She is polite, not fearful, but appears to have not been handled regularly anytime in the recent past. A really nice girl in need of care and handling. Appears to be sound. Registration papers MAY become available. No further information known at this time.



Her registered name was Ishtar EA. I named her Malamalama O KE Mahina which means "Light of the Moon" in Hawaiian. She was in love with my husband and I but unfortunately, was fearful of almost anyone else. She was with at my trainer's ranch for over a year but as far as we got with her was to be able to groom her and pick out her feet. For everything else, we had to tranquilize her for farriers and vets safety.

We moved her to another ranch closer to our house so I could see her everyday. I loved her so much but she obviously had been mistreated to the point that she was too fearful to ever think of getting her under saddle. I was OK with that because she was so loving with me. But she kept running thru steel fencing and injuring herself. I was praying she would hang on for a little while longer. We had bought our ranch but weren't moving for another year. The last time she ran thru a steel panel, she broke her left front leg and wouldn't allow my Vet to treat her. We felt it best to send her over the rainbow bridge. It makes me so sad to think of her cause I feel I let her down. She was spoiled her last 2 years though.



Yesterday we had scheduled for my farrier to come and trim Mahina. She was a real sweetheart when I drove up, waited for me at the gate, and stood while being haltered, groomed and feet picked.
Then... arrival of the farrier...
Have you ever seen a horse shake like a bowl full of jello? As soon as he drove up she was a wreck! He approached her with a loud voice and I informed him he needed to have a quiet demeanor as she was a rescue and obviously had been abused at some time. He said she just needed to be worked, (as he said about my Marissa when I 1st got HER and is now a puppy dog of a horse, I have had her since september), and she had been sitting around in some pasture with nothing to do but spit out babies!! Then proceeded to tell me he wasn't going to get hurt trimming her. I told him that was fine and I could find some one else. He said to have my trainer work with her for a couple weeks and he would come back. So, I called over one of my friends, who happens to be a trainer, and asked her to work with Mahina and calm her down. We went into the round pen and did a bonder on her and she was fine. Sue then picked up all 4 feet and held them with no problem. The farrier came back over and said he would try again, (being loud and rude), she actually picked up her foot for him but he tried to run his hand down the top of her leg and she freaked! She did not like him at all. After yesterday he is not too popular with anyone around here.
Sue and I took her back to her corral and we worked on picking up her feet and Sue even put her foot between her own legs like she was doing the trim. The farrier was watching and asked if we wanted to try trimming her. So, Sue actually nipped off all those rough edges and long toe while I held her and she was fine!! Thank You Sue!!
It is very obvious someone of the male persuasion traumatized her at some point. But she loves my Michael so go figure! Of course, so do I so that may play a big part in her feelings toward him. Plus the fact he is kind, loving and gentle. So the search for a patient farrier goes on.
Other than that, she is still my sweet girl and no one can change that ! I remenber what everyone told me about Marissa when I got her and I didn't believe them either!
I now have a loving, sweet and trusting soul that is turning into a wonderful saddle horse.
Attached are some of the photos I took of Sue with Mahina, Also threw in a couple of Marissa for good measure!!


Maybe a little eccentric but her coat looked so much like the face of the moon we couldn't resist the reference. Also, our new girl and I share Hawaiian ancestry (well her lineage has horses with Hawaiian names in it anyway).

So...drum roll please...

Here is her new name

Registered (or soon to be): Malamalama O Ka Mahina
Which is Hawaiian for Light of the Moon (Moonlight).
Her short name: Mahina
all pronounced as: Ma-lama-lama (all short a's)- O (long O)-Ka (short a)- Mahina (short a long E sound for i and short a)

Thank you so much for introducing us to this sweet (well papered) girl.

Her registered name is: Ishtar EA by Nassar x Kualeanna EA


Finding our little girl a name is really becoming a problem. I thought I would leave it to Michael but, I have started calling her Bella Luna and she does come. Of course she comes to me no matter what I call her! She is the sweetest girl.

Today my trainer Darcy came to see her and got a look at her papers. Darcy's jaw dropped to her knees when she saw her heritage, she just couldn't believe such a wonderful girl could end up as she did. She is getting over her shyness and 4 of us were petting her and fussing over her today and she loved it. She loves to be brushed and kissed on. She is still fussy about her feet, but we are getting there. Her sister, Marissa is very jealous of all the attention she is getting so we took Marrissa out on a short trail ride today (her 1st) and she did exceptionally well. She spooked a couple times but did so in place. We also put her under a dressage saddle today and she loved it! So Marissa will be going western and english! What a horse!!

Bella watches every move I make around the ranch even when working Marissa her eyes follow me. She has put so much trust in me so quickly it brings tears of joy to my eyes. And when she excepted my friends as her herd right away, it was so touching. She gently touched her nose to each of my friends out stretched hands and seemed to except them after that. She is frequently touching me with her nose it seems for reassurance that everything is all right. So I tell her she will be just fine now that she is home. She is a dream come true when compared to my Marissa who was a witch in the beginning.
I was expecting at least that from her but that is not the case. She is so excepting and a gentle soul. She is indeed a gift from God and, Gail, I can't find the words to Thank You for allowing her to come into my life. It never ceases to amaze me of how trusting and child-like these horses can be after all they have been through. We could all take a lesson from this horse in forgiveness and humility. She is so wonderful. Of course I may be quite prejudiced in my judgements!!


She arrived at her new home with her new mom and new friends today!! Jeanette & Michael told us that she loaded well (Michael didn't!! Seemed he felt the need to bump his head!) and settled right in at her new home. She immediately began to flirt with her neighbors! As soon as Jeanette & Michael have chosen a name for this lovely girl, we will let you know.

Here is her first update and pictures of her at her new home! Thank you Jeanette & Michael for being there for this wonderful girl.

We picked her up with no problems. She is a sweetheart. Here are pictures of her in her new home.



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