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Majestic Spirit
#65 Black Mare. Appx. 12-15 yrs. 15.2-3 hands. Star, Snip, small sock on right rear. Sound. This is a very nice mare. She moves well and rides a little "hot". She would need an advanced intermediate rider or above. Quite the looker!



It is with a very sad heart that I send this message - I was hoping I would never have to do this. On Friday June 2nd, 2006 my Magic passed over the rainbow bridge. I had Magic for almost 7 years and she had gone through a few problems over the years but always pulled through. She was showing some discomfort Thursday but not bad - by Friday morning I called the vet to come oil her as I though she was colicky - the got there at 10 am and cleaned out her stomach and oiled her - 2 times, as the oil did not want to stay in her stomach. She said to call her back if she did not improve - by 2:30 Magic was still having issues and I called the vet back - the main vet arrived and I told him she was still in a lot of pain and the oil did not seem to be helping - he went back to his truck and then Magic started with tremors - I yelled for him to come back and he checked her out and said she was in Cardiac Arrest - I asked if he could save her, he sad no, so I told him to take the pain away for her. The vet said I did the right thing calling him as Magic would have been in a lot of pain if he had not gotten there when he did.

I had she baby Shadow - who is 5 years old now - come say good bye. He licked his mom and wanted her to get up. Shadow and the other horses are very lonesome without her. Magic was the lead horse and my best friend - she will be missed terribly, but I know she is free of pain and stress.

I love you Magic!

PS: - here are a couple Pictures of Magic (black) and KitKat (bay Arabian)- her buddy, taken about 1 1/2 years ago.
And Shadow (Magic's baby - Appaloosa) and Jypsi - (Jypsy Treasure - that I got from you 4 years ago) This was taken yesterday in their new pasture.

Magic & KitKat

Shadow & Jypsi

Shadow & Jypsi


Magic is a mom! Sorry it took so long to send this e-mail but I have not slept at home since Thursday night. Friday when I got to the stables Magic was leaking and pacing and all the signs together so I stayed the night. But 12:30 she was still restless so I got my sleeping bag out and laid it in the back of the truck to go to sleep. About 4:10am I woke up to Magic grunting - when I got to her stall door the sack was about 8 - 10 inches out of her. I went to the phone to call a friend of mine that my Granddaughter was staying with for the night and told her that the baby was coming. When I got back to Magic the head and shoulders were out. I went and pulled the sack back from his face and moved him some (with sterile gloves on of course) and he resisted - and I thought well he is alive at least. I stopped and let Magic finish and but 4:25 Shadow was here - my grand daughter arrived at 4:30.

Everything went well except for his nursing. Magic passed her after birth in 45 minutes. Shadow stood in less time than that. He pooped but did not drink for about 4 hours - I had to milk Magic to get him started. The vet came out and took a couple blood tests and then came back today to make sure he was ok. He passed the colostrum test but has a bacteria infection and is on antibiotics. He has had 3 enemas, yogurt, daily temp taking along with the antibiotics but he is doing well. I am so pleased and relieved.

His legs are tweaked but should straighten out - low in the pasterns and Magic was very anxious when he was born. She would not let him rest - she knew he needed the milk and keep him up until he drank enough to pee and pee and pee - then she let him seep. Magic had to be sedated when the vets looked at Shadow the first time - she was so upset and the vet was concerned that Magic would injure Shadow. She has stepped on him three time and once do scared enough by the tractor that she kicked him in the stomach to make him get up. All day Sunday I had to stand between Magic and Shadow when he was sleeping as he was shivering so much that he was exhausted and needed the rest. By Monday she settled down enough to let the vets look at him - with me pressing my back against her chest. The vet was pleased as to how Magic had settled down from the previous visit and gave me all the credit - I told her that Magic was doing what she needed to to insure Shadows survival, Magic knew something was wrong with him and was determined to fix it. Now that he is better she is calmer.

Sorry but I am exhausted - will write more later am sending a picture - if you cannot view it I will let you know when it is posted on my Web Site - he is gorgeous.


I love my job and I am a much happier person with Magic in my life. She is such a doll - she gets carrots every time I come to feed. So now she has a habit of sniffing me up one side and down the other until she gets or finds her carrots. They are usually in my back pocket and she will gently get the carrot with her mouth and pull it out of my pocket and eat it. What a babe.

 She has also taken to grazing on the grass in front of her stall - last year I could not even get her to look at the grass - now she expects to get out of her stall ever night and get some grass. We even walk over to her Senior feed barrel and I can throw the lead rope around her neck and let go of her - then I scoop up some senior in a container - make sure she knows I have it and walk back to her stall door. She is right beside and in front of me - wants to make sure I do not get away and that no one else gets her food. She is so cute - she goes right in her stall over to her feed bucket and waits for me to pour it in. If I am to slow she snorts at me to hurry up - hummm - sounds a little spoiled to me - What do you think?


She is doing super on her trailering lessons - my friend is being very patient with her. We went down to Rancho Penn... for and ride and she did great.

She and I have also started English lessons - the English teacher says she does not know her queues or has forgotten them - Magic wants to please but does not know what to do. She has a small mouth 4 3/4" and it is very delicate. The day after the teacher worked with her I was able to get Magic into a canter that was so smooth and easy going and no head throwing. Before in the past Magic would go from Trot to fast gallop and I did not feel like I had any control.

And now - this past week - I rode her bareback in the arena and going to her stall with only a halter on her. No saddle and no bit. She did great - was not over anxious and just walked the whole time. I had only the halter and lung line connected to it.

She is coming around so good and really starting to trust me.

I LOVE MY GIRL!!!!!!!!


I am sending you a picture of Magic in November - she is doing real good. We are going to Lake Hodges next Sunday - I have a friend that is working with Magic on trailering - she does not like it - she is not sure what is to come of it. We have been doing the practicing Monday 4 hours and yesterday 1 1/2 hour - she did pretty good - only broke one bunggie cord - did not fall over - hit her head a couple of times - I thing she is mad at me but also worried she is going away. I keep trying to reassure her but not sure how much she is understanding. She was quiet when I got to her this morning but not indifferent - She is getting a rest tonight but tomorrow she goes back to practice. My friend is real good with horses - he does not push or get mad. He has learned the John Lyons way - it seems to be working - Magic goes in and out, ties and rides somewhat nervous but not crazy. She got away from us once and ran around the arena - then back to her stall. I glad to know she will go home when she gets away.

magic-nov2.jpg (12821 bytes)


Just thought I would send you an update on Magic.

Magic has been doing real good. She had acquired a hay belly but since has  lost it - she is so spoiled, she gets rolled oats and barley in the morning  that has been soaking over night - along with a cut up apple and usually 3 or 4 carrots - and 3 Kava Kava herbs to help calm her. The she gets 1/2  flake or oats or 3 way and 1/2 flake of Bermuda. While she is eating I  clean her stall and put on her fly mask, fly sheet and fly leggings. She loves her soaked oats and barley and it goes the fastest, when she is done  with them she comes back to me and asks for more. She is getting or letting   her personality come out, she cocks her head to the side and reaches out to me - some times I hold onto the carrots to give them to her one at a time -  then when I give her one she gently takes it and is careful not to get my  fingers.

Her Fly sheet is new - I got it for her on Sunday as a reward of Saturday.   Saturday we went on a 2 - 2 1/2 hour trail ride with two Arabians (and  their owners), our 1st long ride. She did so good, she sweated up a little the first hour but dried - then on the way home she sweated up again - this  time all over, she was a little tired when we got back but did so good, we  went into an area with 6 - 8 dogs that were loose and they did not bother her at all. They were around her legs but she was focused on the trail and  did not let them bother her. She is so bomb proof - she does not mind  water, dogs, flying plastic bags or tarps and white or otherwise. She does not throw her head as much - that is because her back is better and I have  the saddle back further on her back and she likes it better that way. She  still is a little barn sour but I can get her to go with circles - we have even been out on trail rides by ourselves - for about 1 hour and she does  good, she has been on the trail before and is willing to go where I ask her  to. I even let her run on the straightaways for a short time and she loves it.

During the week I work her some in the arena - she runs like a playful kid  - kicking out her front legs. I can even get her to walk and trot with me,  off the lead line, she even stops when I say halt - when she gets tired of  the game she keeps going back to the arena gate instead of stopping when I  ask. She is beginning to trust me more each day.

At night when I feed her she gets a scoop of 50/50 pellets of alfalfa and  oats or Bermuda soaked in water with some FastTrack and Super Gain mixed  in. Usually 3 more carrots and 1/2 Flake of Oats or 3 way and 1/2 flake of Rye. Up till Saturday she used to eat it all - now she is leaving some on  the ground so I'll start cutting back on her food until I find the right  balance. She also gets a blanket at night - my granddaughter Mandi says she looks like a Knights horse with the blanket on. The first time I put the  blanket on she looked at me like I was nuts now she loves it and waits for  me to put it on at night. She is still a little head shy but the blanket is helping getting her calmed down when I up it over her head.

Magic is a wonderful horse - no one can believe that she was headed for  the slaughterhouse. I could not have done better in picking a horse for  myself even if I had had professional help to do so. She was shoed again on the 16th and the farrier said she had greatly improved in her temperament -  she was not bad before - but she was calm this time and had her head  relaxed and allowed him to do what he needed to, to get her new shoes on.

On the weekends when Mandi is at my home I let her sit un Magic and I walk  her around - she loves it and Magic does not mind. Magic's back still needs  to build up more - I know the high withers will never go away but she can still get more meat on her back bone - work in progress.

Magic is in Desi's old stall and is doing good with her 5 stable mates,  the same ones she was with when she first arrived at the stables. They get  along good - I'm glad she has company she likes during the day when I am gone. When I get more comfortable with knowing how she will ride I will  probably switch to an English saddle - she needs the TB saddle tree. Magic has been the best therapy for me since Desi has been gone - I am grateful to have her and hope to have many, many more years to come. I know  I say it every time - but thank you Gail for bring Magic to me. I'd be  lost without her.

Judi -)


Here's an update on the black mare that was recently rescued. Her new mom has named her Majestic Spirit, Magic for short. And, magic it is!

Magic and I are doing great - the vet is coming out on Saturday to look her  over, I'll let you know how it goes.

When I went to see her yesterday morning - she nickered at me - just a   little but it is a start. She also nickered at Joan yesterday afternoon.

This morning she was at the gate waiting for me - I gave her some alfalfa and her goodies, a hug and a kiss and went off to work. She left the goodies and started to follow me - I stopped and told her I would be back this evening and she looked at me then went back to her food.

She is so sweet - Thank you again soooo much!


This lovely mare went home to her new mom, Judi, today. I have enough e-mails from Judi to publish a book, enough phone calls to fill up my answering machine twice! HA! I guess Judi really wanted this lovely mare. I got home on Friday to a message that Jude was on her way to the address in my signature block, money order in hand! Little did she know that is a P.O. Box!!

You see, I had told Judi that Dawn, the QH mare rescued from the feedlot that has been in quarantine at our place, was going home today, Saturday, July 3, 1999. Dawn's mom doesn't live that far from Judi and I mentioned it was too bad that we weren't able to get the money to the feedlot in time for both horses to travel to their new homes on the same day. Judi figured she fix that by driving all the way to my house to pay for her wonderful black mare!

And, it worked! I was able to get to the feedlot this morning, pay for the black mare (Judi hasn't named this lady yet) and arrange with the hauler to pick her up and then come get the little Princess Dawn! And off they girls went on their newest and best adventure! They are home safely and happily as I type this. Just waiting for the updates from the moms!


August 1999

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