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Markim's Kandee
#254 Sorrell TB filly. Appx. 15.3 hands. Appx. 2 yrs. old. Untrained. No papers. This is a BIG pretty girl! She is loose in the behind although she walks out fine. It was noticed that she was loose in the rear when she was being loaded into the trailer.



Kandee will soon be 4 years & has made remarkable improvement on strengthening her hind quarters and developing her coordination. I've been riding her for the past 5 weeks. She's working out fine under saddle (using a bosel). I think because we've gotten to know each other quite well over the past year working on her rehabilitation (tons and tons of ground work) that it came to the point that is was not an issue to ride her and ask her to relax, listen and learn. She responds well to her cues and is fairly calm during her workouts. Chiropractor continues to see her every other month. Enclosing a picture (sorry it's so fuzzy) of me riding her last month. Please excuse my riding attire ... wasn't planning on riding that evening, but squeezed it in on the way home from the desert.


Yeah! It took 3 weeks, but on Sunday, Kandee decided it was OK to wear her halter w/lead rope. She actually follows me around her stall & is constantly looking over my shoulder. We have started to take short walks so she can get more familiar with her new surroundings (but so far she's only ready to get about 30 yards from her stall). She looks at me a lot for reassurance that everything is OK and listens when I tell her it's alright.

I'm playing phone tag with a vet/chiropractor that I hope can help Kandee soon. In addition, with my regular vets office's blessing, Kandee has started on a supplement called Purina Strategy. This is the supplement that a person in Tennessee was giving her horse with wobbles and she says that he is nearly 100 improved. From what I understand, this supplement helps balance calcium/phosphorus ratio and has added E and Selenium.

I'll keep you updated and send you pictures as soon as I have them.


This lovely filly will be going home this weekend to her new mom Marilyn! Way to go Marilyn. Marilyn's daughter rescued Abby from the feedlot not to long ago. Looks like this lucky filly will have another equine to discuss their experiences at the feedlot and subsequent new loving, caring homes for life! Her new name is Markim's Kandee.



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