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6/15/2013 Welcome Marshall!

Marshall's owner had gone to college leaving him with her parents who were not horse people. The parents were trying to find him a home. His fate was uncertain until TIER supporters Jeri & Bob stepped in to make sure that Marshall would be safe.

Marshall is a Tennessee Walker, 12-13 yrs. old, 16 hands tall, sound (and quite the character. He is very personable.

(Links to videos of Marshall's first ride at TIER below)


7/20/2016 - Hittin the Trail

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Dana Stark and Kelly Stark for taking Breezy & Marshall out on a stroll over some of the surrounding trails. Dana brought her big boy Cody along so that Marshall & Breezy would have a steady Eddy trail buddy to help them through this adventure. Your time and effort helps them mentally, physically and spiritually! They love the time you spend with them and Marshall even demonstrated what a goober he is!

7/17/2014 - Update from Adopter Wayne

July 5th West Nile shot.

July 12th &13th first judging assignment.  A little high strung the first morning, but settled down in about an hour.  Trotted him back to camp with my judging partner.  About a mile.  Got him into a fairly decent gait.

Although I conditioned him to the blank pistol, he was jumpy at the shots in the bird field. (Of course those were shotguns).  He was pretty mellow by the end of the day.  This was just a hunt test, not a full blown field trial.  I'm breaking him in slowly. 

5/31/2014 - Update from Marshall's Adopter

Just finished the power pac on the worming for Marshall.  Had the farrier come out yesterday. She did T-Bone and trimmed Marshall to let him get use to the situation.  He seemed to take it pretty well, so she put a set on the front feet. She'll finish up next Friday on the rears.  Sabrina is from Norco and started training horses when she was in her teens. Wayne
Picture below is of T-Bone, Wayne's other TWH and Marshall's new Buddy!

5/20/2014 - Marshal has been ADOPTED!

Today Marshall left for his new home with adopter Wayne H.  Wayne does field trials with his dogs (Springer Spaniels) and has another gaited horse he uses during the trials.  During the trials, Wayne's other horse will sometimes travel 30 miles in a day.  He wanted another gaited horse so that his first horse has a break and doesn't have to work so hard.  So........Marshall will have a new owner, a new buddy and new career!

Thanks to TIER supporters/volunteers Erin B., Jeri & Bob H. who worked tirelessly to find Marshall a home and also spent many hours conditioning him in late 2013.  Their hard work paid off when Wayne contacted TIER about wanting to meet and possibly adopt Marshall.

(Marshall with Jeri, Wayne & Erin just before he loaded on the trailer to his new home)

Wayne spent time with Marshall grooming, doing ground work and riding him to see if he would be suitable for his intended use.

Of course, Marshall met all expectations and then some! 

Happy Trails Marshall!  We will miss you so very much and wish you the best life ever!

1/20/2014 - Chiropractor Visit

Dr. Don Moore worked his magic on Marshall!

8/10/2013 - Workin It Out

At the end of July 2013, Marshall's left hock was puffy and he was a bit off in his gait.  Bob & Jeri Hardcastle transported him to our vet for x-rays to make sure nothing serious was going on.

X-rays of his hocks & stifles did not show anything major.  Our vet said that Marshall was out of condition (he had been stalled for quite some time prior to coming to TIER).  His instructions were to adminster Bute for a week and then bring him back into shape slowly.

Jeri & Bob Hardcastle, along with Erin Cyr are coming out to TIER several times a week to help the Big Boy get back in shape.  Marshall really looks forward to these sessions and absolutely loves his handlers.  We just cannot thank these folks enough for all their help!

Bob & Marshall having a Discussion about the benefits of Fly Spray.

Marshall, Bob & VolunTIER DJ. 

Working hard on conditioning!  HA!

Marshall & Bob spending time with the volunTIERS on the importance of picking out hooves.

7/11/2013 - Chiropractic & Sensory Training

7/10/2013-Wednesday:  Our chiropractor, Dr. Don Moore, adjusted Marshall today.  His neck, right shoulder, left hind and back were WAY out.  Marshall breathed a sigh of relief when Dr. Don was done.  Marshall is okay to work and needs to get into condition as he has not been in work for some time prior to coming to TIER.

7-11-2013-Thursday:  Today Jeri worked with Marshall again. They played with a tarp, a ball, yellow caution tape, a flag and a bag of empty cans. Jeri says:  "I can not take any credit for how AWESOME this horse is!!! All I did was introduce these items to him and he had no reaction at all. The worst thing he did was flinch one shoulder with the ball one time.  He has a wonderfully quiet mind! Below is the link to the video we took:

Marshall Tennessee Walking HorseSensory is the title

7/7/2013 - Test Drive

6/21/2013 - Video Links for Marshall's first ride at TIER

Click on Link to view video

Video # 1:

Video #2:

Video #3:

6/20/2013 - Playing with the Hose

Looks like Marshall isn't afraid of water!

6/16/2013 - Marshall arrives

Marshall had been listed on Craigslist for a very low purchase price that might have possibly put him in danger of falling into the wrong hands.  Thanks to TIER supporters & dear friends Jeri & Bob, Marshall is now at TIER.

Jeri & Bob are very familiar with Tennessee Walkers as their personal horses are TWH geldings.  They will be helping us to find Marshall a home with someone who is familiar with the breed.

Marshall needs a tune-up in the manners department, but other than that he is absolutley wonderful! 

Thank You Jeri & Bob for helping him!



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