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5/20/2002 - Maybelline 5/20/2002

Maybelline was seen at an auction on 5/18/02.  It was obvious that she was in distress and had some sort of injury to her neck/shoulders.  She walked with her head far to the right and her feet were in terrible shape.  The handler at the auction kept trying to make her walk with her head straight, but she could not.  TIER was outbid by a horse trader.  After the acution, we contacted trader and purchased Maybelline 5/20/02. 


Our farrier came out to work on Maybelline's feet.  They were very long, misshapen and extremely hard.  The farrier broke his nippers trying to trim her feet.  The farrier instructed us to let her stand in a wet spot.  We created a wet section in the roundpen where we placed her feed.  The farrier returned after 4 days with an electric grinder and Maybelline's feet were trimmed which allowed her to walk without tripping.

Farrier noted that she had Ringbone in her Left Fore. 


Maybelline was seen by a chiropractor.  Chiropractor felt that she had possibly had an accident in which she flipped over backward?  She will be adjusted every week for the next month.


Dr. Nick Sopha, Chiropractor came out at TIER's request as Maybelline was not making much progress.  She was still waking with her head to the right, her neck shoulders were tight and she could not raise her head above her withers.  Dr. Sopha adjust her in the front and really worked on her hind end.  MIRACLE!  Maybelline walked off with her head almost in a normal position and a bit higher than usual.  We have scheduled adjustments with Dr. Sopha for the future.



Front Feet 5/20/2002

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