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#234 Bay Arabian Stallion. White on left hind. Appx. 14.2 hands. Unbroke has been a backyard horse with #235 below. This guy is adorable. Friendly boy.

# 0502761 Foaled: 4/29/91

McElf has a new mom named Jodie!! This lovely boy will be leaving the feedlot shortly to journey to his new forever home with his new mom! He will have some other adjusting to do as Jodie intends to have him gelded as soon as reasonably possible. Thanks Jodie for reaching out to help this lovely, lovely boy!



Wow! It's hard to believe we've had Mac for 2 years now. He's doing wonderful. He's put on loads of weight. :D Can't believe the vet said we'd never be able to get a lot of weight on him because he had been underfed for so many years! It's amazing how smart he is. Both of his trainers have told me how willing he is, and how quickly he learns. I've been riding him (all by myself YAY) and he is currently learning the spanish walk. We'll turn him into a dressage pony yet! I attached some pictures of him and my 21 year old quarter horse mare (Mac thinks she's his girlfriend, Jesse thinks otherwise).


Here's Mac's story...

How McElf came to us:

In May, 2001, Jodie rescued McElf from the feedlot in California, with the help of Gail. McElf had many issues, having been a stallion for 10 years and having had no handling. Jodie made good progress with Mac, taking him to a clinic and working with him. However, Jodie had a second baby and just didn't have the time to work with Mac as often as he needed to be worked with.

Emily and I had followed Mac's progress from the "Horses In Need" page on TIER's website. While reading the message board, I noticed several posts where Jodie was beside herself wondering what to do with Mac. He couldn't get his hooves trimmed without having to go to the vet and get tranquilized. Jodie was determined not to get rid of Mac, but she didn't think he was in the best situation for him.

After reading Jodie's posts, I emailed her and suggested perhaps Emily and I could take Mac. After all, Emily was just 13, and had all the time in the world to spend working with Mac. After emailing back and forth and talking on the phone many times, Jodie decided that it would be best for Mac to go to Emily. The search for a trainer was on! Wow, what a challenge. But, long story short, Jodie found the PERFECT trainer in Indiana. I just want to give credit here and now to Lee Follett of Sundance Stables in Auburn, Indiana. He is so wonderful. Words can't describe his kindness, patience and skill.

Things take time when dealing with horses, and horses don't have watches or calendars! Emily got impatient waiting to get Mac, so she and I packed up and drove from Maryland to Indiana to visit Mac, meet Jodie, and work with Mac and the trainer. Meeting Jodie was like seeing an old friend. We had a wonderful time! It's so funny how a connection like horse rescue can make strangers into life-long friends. That was in October.

Emily had off a whole week for Thanksgiving, so we went back to Indiana for another visit with Mac, more work with the trainer and another visit with Jodie. In the 5 weeks since we had seen Mac last, the difference was amazing. He recognized Emily right away and really seemed to bond with her.

Finally, through the efforts of Lee (the trainer) Jodie and everyone in Indiana, Mac arrived here in Maryland on December 18. We were so excited we couldn't stand it. He was hesitant to get off the trailer, as it was dark and he was in an unfamiliar place, but he heard Emily's voice, pricked up his ears, and walked right off the trailer to her. He was home!

I know Jodie was saddened to have him leave, but I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for doing what was best for the horse, not what was best or easiest for her. That takes real courage, compassion and love.

Mac has excellent bloodlines. Jodie had offers from some trainers to take him, but she knew they would train him and resell him and that there's always a chance he'd find himself back in a bad situation, so, for her, selling him was out of the question. Emily and I have taken Mac with the understanding that if anything ever happens and we can't keep him, or if we die, or whatever (you can never guess what odd circumstances might arise) he will go back to Jodie.

I have to say this has been one of the best experiences of my life. It is so uplifting to meet such wonderful people. From Gail, to Jodie, to Lee, even to the people that hauled Mac for us, everyone has done it all "for the horses."

Peace to your heart,


Whew! We just got back from a 4 day clinic with Bryan Neubert. What can I say but WOW!!!! I would not believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. He really liked Mac and thinks he is going to turn out to be a great horse. I have pictures I will have to get on the internet to show you all. Mac took to riding like a duck to water and his confidence level in people has grown unbelievably. He loads himself, does his feet like a pro, and will even step over obstacles with a rider. Now we will just have to keep up the work. I am so excited! I have to run--I'll get the pictures on soon!

There were a lot of people at the clinic that came up and told us how much they liked Mac. He had a whole cheering section. Even Bryan Neubert told everyone he was a nice little horse more than once. Pretty good for an older Ay-rab (ex)stallion from the feedlot. My husband and I were so proud. You all don't KNOW how bad I wanted to come back home and rub it in the face of those who thought I should just "get rid" of him. It still makes me angry just thinking anyone would say that to me.

McElf's Website


I will get them I promise! But we had a ROUGH day with the farrier yesterday. Seems he has not forgiven or forgotten about the dentist being here last week. Although he has been progressively doing better with the farrier, things went back to square one yesterday. Except worse because he has gained weight and strength since the beginning. My farrier is a saint! He never once has threatened not to work on him and he says everytime--he'll get better. He really likes McElf he wants to see him get over his fears and prove people wrong.

After yesterday I decided we need some help in getting past his fears and understanding what to do and what he is thinking. So we are going to a Bryan Neubert clinic. I guess he works with the wild mustangs a lot and I have heard a lot of good things about him. He has worked with Bill and Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt. I'm so excited and I'm praying he can help. I hate to see this much fear in a horse and not being able to do anything about it. I won't give up though! There is not a mean bone in this horse's body just a lot of fear because he wasn't brought up right.


Here is a body shot I took today. I was hoping for a clean shot, but you know how it goes, first thing you do outside is roll when you're a horse. Oh well, anyway you can see he's added a little weight. Slowly but surely he'll get there, he is being worked up on his amount of grain, but he gets all the hay he can eat (which is a lot! LOL) I can't wait for him to look all healthy like he should, the vet said she thinks he has been this thin for a long time by the way his body has adjusted to it. So with a little more time we'll have those "fat and sassy" photos. (Well not too fat...but most definitely sassy LOL)



He did great recovering from surgery, no problems whatsoever! Yahoo! Don't know if I told you but the Doctor says he has to have some
dental work done. The top teeth are much too long. So that will be next on the agenda....

I put he and Spirit out together for the first time today. Spirit of course had to do his "I'm all that" act and McElf just stood there and watched LOL. He is so good with Spirit, he lets Spirit be the boss but doesn't let Spirit push him around. They were happily chomping on grass together just a minute or two after I let them out. They didn't leave each others side the whole time. (They were probably talking about their lives and their rescues I imagine LOL) And when I brought Spirit in first McElf was not happy to be left alone. They are so cute together! I definitely will get a picture of the two of them together soon! I did tell you they are blood related didn't I? They really are--I think that is funny!

I have been working with McElf on lunging (since we had to do that after surgery anyway). He is doing great, tries hard to please. Really there is no way in the world I could have gotten luckier when it comes to getting a 10 year old stallion from across the country with no training and very little background information. He's fantastic! The lady helping me train Spirit is totally impressed with the bond we have formed already. I keep you posted! :)



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