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#231 Dapple Gray TB mare. Appx. 16.2 hands. 9 yrs. Old. Gorgeous & friendly. This mare rides English and can jump. She has never been raced. Her problem? She had a foal last year and during the birth, she tore or the foal put a hoof through. Therefore, she can no longer be bred (no recipient mare or PMU mare marketability) and she does make sound when she trots/runs...this CAN be corrected! A young, talented mare. Rides english - advanced intermediate rider.



Misty is doing great!!! We had a bit of a problem with seedy toe, but she has a whole new hoof now, thanks to my GREAT vet, and is in dressage training right now.... The trainer is absolutely in awe of her... LOL She just got her shoes put back on, but still insists that her feet be cleaned before going out.... (I guess it was all that one on one with Mariah, and keeping her feet clean while we worked on her hoof, that made her want to have clean "feet" before being turned out..." What a hoot..... Misty actually stops in the aisle and says "excuse me? but you haven't cleaned my feet yet!" LOL

All is well and Misty is doing awesome!!! She is just so breath taking strutting her stuff..... can't wait until the trainer is done... it'll be at least six months as we want to take it slow, but everyone is so encouraging and optimistic.... God bless you all....


Although you already know all of this, I thought I would send in an update on Misty for you to post....

First off, I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for Misty. She is so awesome and I can't get over how everything came together at the last minute, especially, the money from heaven. Every time I see her, I notice something new and special, and we can hardly wait to get her home, only 22 more days and she'll be home in her own stall - Yiippppeeee

The farrier was out yesterday and took one look at Misty's feet and said "not good". Her feet hadn't seen a farrier in months and months, and after standing in deep mud and yuck for who knows how long, they were in bad shape. She only had one shoe and that was on the left fore. It looked like someone went and found a shoe to fit her already too large, flattened feet and just nailed it on. Poor girl. So the "good farrier" went to work and cleaned up her feet the best he could. Her outer hoof walls on both front feet have substantial stretch to them and the wall on her right fore had started rotting and separating from the lamina in the toe area. She also had a fair amount of bruising on this foot. Her feet are very soft and moist due to all the rain and standing in mud. She now has two new Nike's on the front, and we're hoping we can keep them on, giving her feet the protection they so desperately need. The prognosis is good, and we believe that with good hoof care and regular shoeing, we should bring her feet back (as good as possible) over the next 4-6 months. I also spoke with my vet again today and we have tentatively scheduled her surgery for the April 9th. She is expected to stay in the hospital 5-7 days after surgery, then she'll be coming home to her new stall. We still have vaccinations to give her (probably next week) and a good thorough check up by my vet, which will include teeth floating. This will be AFTER the surgery as I don't want to do too much, too soon with her. Then, she gets a nice long recuperation period with nobody messing with her. Just lots of love, attention, brushing, turnout and hand walking.

Gail, you are a God send. Thanks so much for intrusting Misty into our hearts and our care. We'll send you pictures as soon as they are available.

Luv, hugs, smiles and tears of joy..... Liz & Mariah


This mare is no longer at the feedlot. She has a brand new family and lots of human friends! Liz contacted me (along with many other people) about this lovely mare and the need for surgery. Once I explained to Liz what the injury was, she promptly contacted two vets that explained what was needed and the costs involved to help this girl become whole again. Liz didn't bat an eye (and neither did K.!!!). Arrangements were made and Liz picked up this lovely mare today, 3/17/01. She will spend 30 days in quarantine, her problem will be evaluated by a veterinarian and the farrier will be out on Thursday to do those poor, poor feet!

Miss Can't Be Wrong is now known as Misty and will be spending the rest of her life with Liz, daughter Mariah (Misty will be Mariah's horse). We are looking forward to happy updates and pictures in the future!



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