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#114 Sorrell Belgian mare. Appx. 14 yrs. old. Appx. 17 hands. Appears sound. Tail docked. This is a lovely big mare. Somewhat underweight. She has a very cute face and is quiet. It is not known if she rides or drives at this time.

This lovely lady will be going to her new home with Betty in a very short time! One of her new buddies will be a draft-cross PMU foal! Isn't that wonderful???? Thanks Betty!



It is with sadness that I report that Molly, the Belgian, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday September 28. She killed over and was gone before her huge body hit the ground. She was eating her dinner, and still had her hay protruding from her mouth. Apparently no pain as there was absolutely no struggle. She is missed.



Just a note regarding Molly. She is fat and fine.


She is looking gorgeous! Has put on a good bit of weight and is shedding. You can already see a gleam to her coat. She is moving better. Such a nice mare. Haven't gotten a bridle to fit yet. Have been to every shop. Will order one from Minnesota this week. Everybody at the ranch is amazed at her disposition, as well as size. Some of the horses there have been sick, so the vet was asked by the owner of the ranch to estimate her weight just in case she came down with it so that I could just go by the office and get the medication without having to pay for a vet visit. He walked over to her and stood there staring. Then he said," Oh, she would go at least 2000 pounds."

11/1/1999 update on Molly, the Belgian. I drove up today (my first day off in over a week!). I was delighted to see that she has gotten sooo much better. She has gained weight already, and not only does she have a glimmer in her eye, but a good bit of piss and vinegar in her too. Two endurance Arabs have been added to the pasture, so now she isn't the "new kid" and has become part of the herd. She has a little Appy mare that follows her around and eats with her. She already looks a lot better with the weight she has gained. Today she had her first treats on her new diet. She is allowed all the alfalfa she wants, rice bran, vegetable oil, selenium, vitamin E, carrots, and calf manna. Since the vet clinic isn't until next month, I decided that the diet for EPSM can't hurt her. I want to have her tested for it when the vet comes. We'll rule out one thing at a time until we find out what the problem is in her rear end. Even that was better today. Being on 10 acres helps that, I'm sure. She got groomed, and stood munching her goodies while I climbed up on a big concrete slab her feeder was on and cut a bridle path on her. Then we went for a short walk. She spooked at everything she saw and snorted a lot. But the big surprise came when I turned her back out She took off across the pasture at a gallop! I sure was glad to see that! She was probably wormy, and was wormed when she got here. That probably has something to do with the weight gain AND the perkiness. More updates later. Getting anxious to try a ride, but have to order a B I G bridle from Meaders first.



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