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Momma Mavis
Red Dun QH mare with disgustingly overgrown feet/thin and her foal who is in good weight thanks to her Momma!

TIER was made aware of several horses in need located in Chino, CA from a posting on Craigslist. Abby was a concerned person that contacted the Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA who sent an officer out to investigate. TIER contacted the officer and indicated we could take in 1 or 2 if IVHS needed our help. The horses are thin, being fed corn husks (!!!!), feet are in awful shape and several are being horribly beat up by the stronger horses. It is bad. Thank you for stepping up to make the public and IVHS aware of the plight of these horses Abby.


6/26/2014 - Aunt Mavis - In Memory of Momma Mavis

Shortly after Momma Mavis arrived at TIER, Diane began sponsoring her in Memory of her very own Aunt Mavis.  She recently sent a note with a picture of the lovely Aunt Mavis and we thought it was quite fitting to include on Momma Mavis, page.  Thank You Diane for being there for our Mavis in memory of your Mavis!

Hi Gail,

I found a photo of Auntie Mavis in digital form.  I think this was taken in 2002, when she was 83 (she passed away at 91, in 2010).  She is standing outside her own home in Perth, Western Australia.  Lived alone (a widow), did all her own home cooking (great cook!), laundry, gardening, etc -- took care of herself.  Had a cleaning woman come in once a week, I think, to do the vacuuming and a few other things.  Also painted, mostly oils, and was quite good.  Her landscapes and florals won a few awards.  I still have a few of her paintings.  

Her kids (my cousins:  2 boys and 2 girls) would stop by to see her every day, and she still went shopping ("to the market") pretty much every day, per the old traditions.  She never drove a car in her life.  At the time she passed, she was still living as described above, except for the painting.  She was well loved and had many friends.  She spoke her mind plainly, was quick with a laugh and a witty remark.  She wasn't  "mushy",  but always made you feel loved.
Anyway, I hope you like the photo of this strong old gal with the big heart.  Much like her namesake.
Best,   Diane

4/9/2014 - Farewell Dear Girl..

It is with deep saddnes that we helped Moma Mavis cross the Rainbow Bridge today.

Mavis was having increasing difficulty with her hind end and right left knee.  Although she was a strong hearted mare, her physical issues were taking a toll.  Our vet said that the old slab fracture in her left front knee was breaking down.  There could come a time when Mavis could not get up, OR she could take a wrong step and the knee would shatter.  Either way she would have been in a lot of pain.

After all she had been through, her total dedication to keeping her baby Dixie Courage alive in horrendous conditions (eating dried cornhusks & corn cobs, fighting off 3 stallions and other horses while walking around with a nail 2 inches into her foot), we let her go.  This was a HARD decision.  Moma Mavis was one of the strongest hearted mares I have known.

7/8/2013 - New Photo

Momma Mavis will be seeing Dr. Don Moore (Chiropractor) & Janet Bailey "The Integrated Equine Body" this Wednesday.  The humidity we have been having doesn't help this girl.  As you can see, the old slab fracture of her left front knee causes some swelling.  She'll be the best she can be once Dr. Moore & Janet work on her.

6/15/2013 - Body Work!

Janet Bailey "The Integrated Equine Body" did body work on several TIER horses.

THANK you Janet! Mavis,  appreciates your loving touch!


4/1/2011 - Chiropractic Visit

Poor Mavis was also in need of Dr. Moore's skills.  Due to the old fracture on her left front knee, the 2 1/2 inch nail that had been stuck in her left front hoof, full sole abcess in her right front hoof (that had been there for months!), she had to put most of her weight on her hind end to relieve the pain from what was going on up front.  Add starvation/neglect, being bullied by agressive horses at the lot and providing milk for Dixie to the mix, Mavis' body was pretty sore and drained.

Dr. Moore adjusted her hocks, knees, ankles, stifles, pelvic area, back, neck, shoulders and at the end of it all she breathed a huge sigh of relief!

Mavis is putting on weight and shedding like mad!  She is slower to recover from the neglect/abuse because of her front hoof problems (she now wears pads/shoes) and supporting a baby.

3/19/2011 - 3/19/2011 Update

Momma Mavis is slowly filling out.  She was so horribly thin when she arrived.  Although she still has a long way to go (after all, she is still nursing Dixie), but she is doing so much better. 

We decided to put Mavis & Dixie in the pasture area so that Mavis could move more.  When she is in a pen her knee stiffens up because of the old slab fracture to her knee.  We figured she would move around a bit more to graze on the remaining winter rye grass.  Little Dixie had no idea what grass was and what to do with it.  She's figured it out though!

3/5/2011 - Bath Day!

Momma Mavis and Dixie got their first bath today thanks to Kristy & Bonnie!  We had waited until Mavis was more comfortable on her feet and had put on a bit of weight.  As you can see from the pictures, she is still very thin. 

The Lice were feasting on poor Mavis!  Bonnie applied a generous amount of Microtek shampoo (thank you Laura & Diana for donating this medicated shampoo), made sure she massaged it in well and let it set for awhile.

Mavis enjoyed a nice roll in the "sand box" while Dixie preferred a roll in the hay!

3/1/2011 - Mavis gets Shoes!

After the rains, Mavis' front feet seemed to be causing her discomfort.  She had been doing well (all things considered) but it was obvious that she was having a problem.

Our farrier was called and he came out right away.  The sole of Mavis' right front foot (not the one that had the nail in it) still had a soft spot in it from the full sole abcess she has suffered with for months.  It is obvious that this abcess had been left untreated for quite some time prior to her arrival at TIER.  You can see from the picture below where the abcess had blown out.  Originally, this was at the coronary band and by the amount of hoof growth above that breach in the hoof, the abcess has been there for a long time.

Our farrier felt that shoes and pads would be helpful  and would also offer stability for her left knee that has an old slab fracture.  The left foot was the one with the nail in it and did not appear to be giving her any problems.  The previous application of her "Duct Taped Booties" helped tremendously and she has had some hoof growth.  It is hoped that once the abcess has completely healed she will not need to wear the shoes/pads.  Farrier indicated there was no sign of previous founder and was amazed at Mavis' tenacity and drive to survive the lack of care/nutrition she went through.  He felt she probably had the abcess before her foal was born and it was never treated.


Momma Mavis & Dixie are slowly putting on weight.  Poor Mavis' udder is fuller and I'm sure that Dixie is pleased about that even though she is eating a substantial amount of hay.  Mavis lost her duct tape boot on her abcessed foot twice and the one on the foot with the nail in it (this is the leg with the old knee injury) is getting some wear and tear.  Per the farrier, her soles are being painted with iodine.  She's getting Rice Bran, Hay Pellets, Beet Pulp, Pawier Vitamins, Biotine and Cetyl-M joint supplement soaked in water for breakfast.  She starts talking as soon as she sees her red bucket!

And here (below) Dixie & Mavis meet Annabelle the Donkey.


2/14/2011 Vet came out and gave Mavis a tetanus shot.  He indicated it was fine to give a couple of Bute at her morning feeding.  She is already walking much better.  Of course, she will always be a bit off due to the old break in her knee.


Moma Mavis had her poor feet trimmed today.  Val Dean (Farrier) picked up her left front foot, started cleaning it out and Momma Mavis jumped/tried to pull her foot away.  He picked it up again, went a little slower and then I hear him say "Oh No.  This isn't good.  Oh No" I walked around and there was a nail stuck in her hoof next to the frog.  Val Dean cleaned around it and then pulled it out.  There was blood.  Poured Betadine in, packed with gauze for a bit and Val Dean went on to her Right hoof.

Right hoof has a 3/4 sole abcess.  Sigh.  Almost her whole sole is compromised.  Val Dean trimmed and cleaned up the hoof as much as he could without causing her more discomfort.  Applied Betadine, let that dry then applied Ichthamol, cotton padding, vet wrapped and then duct tape over that.  He then went back to her Left Front, more Betadine, cotton padding, vet wrap, duct tape.

I gave her a couple of Bute and will contact the vet tomorrow to see about a tetanus shot or antibiotics.  Since she is still nursing the baby (although udder is not full due to eating corn cobs and corn husks for so long) we want to be sure what we can give her.



Red Dun QH Mare, approximately 15-17 yrs. old picked up 2-11-2011. We have named the mare Momma Mavis. Vet was out 2-12-11. Her left front knee has an old break, right rear ankle is thickened, possible founder in the past. She has had a busy couple of days and with trying to protect her baby, broken knee, very overgrown feet and with all the changes and people she is tuckered out. A sweet mare that took care of her baby as best she could given her circumstances.


TIER was made aware of several horses in need located in Chino, CA from a posting on Craigslist. Abby was a concerned person that contacted the Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA who sent an officer out to investigate. TIER contacted the officer and indicated we could take in 1 or 2 if IVHS needed our help. The horses are thin, being fed corn husks (!!!!), feet are in awful shape and several are being horribly beat up by the stronger horses. It is bad. Thank you for stepping up to make the public and IVHS aware of the plight of these horses Abby.

After speaking to the officer in charge of the case, she indicated that would be issuing a Notice of Intent to Seize, giving the owner 48 hours to provide veterinarian care to the horses that appear to need care. If he is unable to provide that care then they will be seized and given care by IVHS. They are following the State of Californias Penal Code 597.1.

The officer called me back and said if she could get the owner to surrender the horses would I be willing to take a couple. I told YES and we would take the worst ones. She again called, told me the owner would be calling and that he was willing to surrender the horses. Owner called and I told him I would come pick up the horses as soon as I found transport.

I then called Kristy & Bonnie (horse friends extraordinaire) to see if they would be willing to transport in the next few days. They agreed and then I asked Kristy when they could to this she immediately responded Right Now. We were on the road shortly after I hung up.

Upon arrival in Chino, CA the owner had 3 horses separated from the herd. (This is an old Dairy Farm). I glanced at the 3 and asked him which horses the officer wanted him to surrender he pointed to the horses in the alley.

HUGE Thanks to Kristy & Bonnie for making two trips to that hellhole. BIG KUDOS to the officer who worked all day yesterday to help get these poor horses to a safe haven.


Slowly putting on Weight
Momma Mavis & baby

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