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Moonlight Sonata
Moonlight Sonata is a 14 yr. old TB mare. She was raced in her early years and then lived for many years with a young girl who rode her everywhere! She was moved to a Hunter/Jumper Barn by her owner. Moonie, as she is fondly known at TIER, supposedly developed navicular. She was deemed dangerous as she refused to jump anymore and would wheel away from the jumps. The girl who owned her got busy with life and didn't pay the board for Moonie. She was moved to a cheaper stall at the boarding facility. We were told of Moonie's plight by the lovely Cheri who rescued Reilly and was boarding at the same stable. Moonies owner and Cheri spoke and it was decided that the owner would send Moonie to TIER with the stipulation that her owner would sign a Transfer of Ownership over to TIER and a sum to cover hauling and short term feed costs. We never received the sum and have not heard from Moonies previous owner.



Well, I did not ride Moonie today, we just did some ground work to work on her being alone fears and the dentist came back out since she had to cancel her original appt. (I thought Debby said the dentist was done) Turns out Moonie's face is off kilter because her right teeth were far longer than her left teeth. Her molars were pretty snaggy too, so there were a few little ulcers in her cheeks. So, after sedation, grinding, a little more grinding, and a little more shaping, she is good to go. The dentist was pretty interesting to listen too and even had a different opinion from the trainer about the bit and how thick it should be for her mouth. (Off to the tack shop again!!) She even drilled Moonie's front first molars to round out the points so the bit would fit nicely. Moonie was so brave and
really did good. I wished that I had before and after shots. They would have been good for the info page. The dentist had a little head lamp which made it easy to see everything. She even had my hands in there to feel what she was trying to accomplish. I really like her.

4/27/2001 - Moonie has been adopted!!!

Janet S. is proud to be owned by Moonlight Sonata! She arrived at her new home with her usual calm demeanor. The barn manager was surprised to learn that Moonie is 17 yrs. old! She looks and acts alot younger! We are wishing many happy trails and learning experiences for both Moonie and Janet!

Of course, Jake, Moonie's best friend at TIER, was pining for her. But, we moved some horses around and Jake has a new female neighbor. He isn't overly thrilled at the new arrangement so we will watch everyone closely. We will be keeping a special eye on Jake because losing a friend/neighbor/pasture buddy like Moonie is hard.


Moonie is at TIER now.  We have had our Natural Horseshoer working on Moonie since her arrival. After her first trim, she was very ouchy for a few days, but subsequent trims and shoes on the front have had wonderful results! We have not seen her take a lame step since her first trim in December!! Her best buddy is Jake the big QH/Ranch horse who was a roper. Both of these "supposed" cripples now thunder through the pasture together. Jake does runs and sliding stops while Moonie dances across the pasture! She will be adoptable soon to the person who gurantees in writing that she will only be used on trails, no jumping and she will have to have shoes on her front feet at all times.



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