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Bay TB gelding, 16 hands, pin-fired in both forelegs, rescued Nov 98.

Moses has taken a lot of patience to get where he is today. He loves to work! He is quite intelligent and has an active mind that when he gets bored, he gets forceful. A stoic horse with the look of eagles and the personality of a viper at times! He deserves a chance as we all do.

During Moses' career on the race track he was pin fired twice. His ankles are enlarged and calcified. Moses has good days & bad days, and he will never be sound for riding. Although he would love to be working and has the heart to do it in spite of pain, physically, he cannot.


8/10/2017 - I'm Ok...You Ok?

Since the passing of Garrett, we have been keeping a close eye on Moses.  They were best buddies and roomates for YEARS, and I was not sure how Moses would handle Garrett being gone.

He was turned out to roam wherever he wanted to today and, after visiting with about 1/2 the TIER residents, he spent most of his time near Pilgrim & Rio (2 of his other long time buddies), or cruising the alley way.  Moses seems to be taking the loss of Garrett in stride so far. 

4/26/2016 - The Toothfairy came for me too!

Moses had not been holding his weight well recently.  Since Dr. Johnson & Crystal were coming, we scheduled Moses to have his teeth done.  When he was chewing his hay, you could hear a grinding sound at the back of his jaw.

Sure enough, the old boy needed some work done on those toofies.  He is 24 yrs. old now and "senior" horses should have their teeth evaluated more often than younger horses.  (SHHH, don't tell Mo-Mo I used the word Senior to describe him!)

Moses was his usual "full of himself" guy and wasn't too interested in being clam and cool.  It's probably been well over 15 years since he had a stud chain on, but as soon as sit was clipped in place he knew what it was and settled down without even having to apply pressure to the chain.  Whew!  Of course, sedation helped too!

He received sedatives twice because as the first shot began to wear off Crystal was having to use more pressure to hold his head in place.

And...I just had to post a Face Pic!

11/12/2015 - 17 years ago...

(Moses at the Feedlot)

Moses (Mr. Majesty Native). Thanks to folks who saw him in a feedlot 17 years, 4 days ago and stepped up to help him come to TIER. Moses was the very first TIER rescue.

(Moses in the trailer heading to TIER in 1998)

His ankles were fusing at the time and it took 2 years for them to fully fuse.

Although he has the heart to work, he is physically incapable of staying sound. Moses is most certainly a GIFT. He is the Guardian horse of TIER. Every horse/donkey at TIER always checks in with Moses and when he is turned out he checks in with every single horse here. He was 6 1/2 years old when he came to us and is now 23 years old.

12/19/2011 - Could it be?

Thanks to Julie K. who was able to decipher Moses' tattoo pictures, we may have finally identified him! Could it Be?

Horse Name Mr. Majesty Native Tattoo V26392 Birth: March 23, 1992

Dam Name: Betty Blueblood Sire Name: In The Woodpile

Color Dark Bay or Brown Sex Gelding

Left hind: heel white, higher on inside. Median cowlick at bottom of eye level.

Mr. Majesty Native (CA)
Dk B/, g, foaled March 23, 1992
(In the Woodpile - Betty Blueblood, by His Majesty)

Click on the pedigree below, it will open in a new window.  Click once more to Zoom in.

2/16/2011 - Kickin up the Dust!

Moses is feeling GOOD these days!  Thanks to Janet L., he was started on Cetyl-M, a joint supplement that has worked well for him.  Within 30 days of starting on this particular supplement Moses was able to be turned out for longer periods of time without his ankle becoming sore.  As you can see from his picture he is doing pretty darn good!  Woo Hoo Moses and thanks so much Janet!


Jockey Club is working closely with us to try to identify Moses.  We just need to try to get a decent picture of his tattoo.  We have already sent in pictures, approximate info and the tatto number we had, but they want a picture of the tattoo.



Moses telling his friend Gail M in "horse talk" more brushing.......pluheeeeese


Moses had his feet done recently and is having a good time dancing around. He has mellowed somewhat and doesn't try to scare me too often. HA! We put Moses and Chance in the pasture to see how they would do together. They played all afternoon the first time we put them out. Of course, that was after Moses took that young whippersnapper in hand and showed him some respect for his elders! They play every time we put them out together. It is wonderful to watch them! Everytime I run into the house to get the camera in order to take a picture of them rearing up together (two Big, dark, strong, handsome horses rearing are awesome!)by the time I get back out they are grazing. I'll try to remember to get the camera out and then turn the boys out together.



In 1998 I walked into a pen at a feedlot filled with sick, scared, angry, depressed slaughterbound horses. I was there to get descriptions, pictures, etc. about the horses in order to try to find them homes before they took that last ride.

Parting the sea of horses came a skinny, sick Thoroughbred gelding with strangles. He came to me and put his head on my chest. I cradled that massive head and swallowed hard. Hoping against hope that he would make it out of there.

I posted his information along with the others. I told how he put his head on my chest, how he moved other horses away to come to me each time I came to the lots.

It was people like you who rallied to his side. The very first challenge was issued. Funds came in. I took him out of the feedlot to a boarding facility (we lived in suburbia and had no property, no place to keep this magnificent horse other than boarding him). We called him Moses because he parted the sea of horses to come to me.

He began training. As he got healthier, his personality changed. He was a horse that would not take pushing...he would rather hurt himself or you if he were threatened or forced. He did not care for the trainer and reached through the bars to rip her shirt one day when she was giving him his hay. We were told to send him to the Charros or have him put down. We brought him home. God had been kind and we had just purchased
fixer-upper property. 1 donated pen and a couple slap together pens that we purchased panel by panels as we could afford it.

A strong, willful, masculine horse Moses was. He would tolerate a minimal amount of pressure. He charged, he would come at you full open mouth, he kicked. He bit and kicked Blair on several occasions. He came at me with his mouth open and ears pinned one day and I barely got out in time. I then found a well of fear within myself that I did not know existed and I was ashamed of because I could not seem to overcome it.

Blair began to work with him in the roundpen. Although he would charge, buck, kick, try to bite, Blair continued. Moses loves to work! He loves doing something. He is quite intelligent and therefore has an active mind that instead of being bored when he is not doing something, he gets forceful. A stoic horse with the look of eagles and the personality of a viper! Yet, he deserves to live and breathe as much as anyone of us.

Every single picture I took of this horse came out dark and him. One day, a few months ago, Blair approached his pen with halter in hand. Moses perked up his ears and whinnied!!! Blair stood there and cried. This was the first and biggest step that Moses had ever taken. He never whinnied, and yet, when Blair approached with the halter, he let him know he was happy to see him and go to work!

Ahhh, Moses! Because he is so overbearing and so big, we have been hesitant to put any other horses with him in the pasture. His personality wasn't really conducive to being a buddy...and yet, every horse at TIER, when turned out into the arena, immediately gravitate towards Moses' pen. Strange. His next door neighbor is my mare Libbey who spends a great deal of time yelling at him, trying to bite him (stud panel between Moses and Libbey keeps them both safe from each other) while he looked on with a puzzled look.

Two days ago we made a decision. Blair and I had talked about this on several occasions, yet hesitated to follow through with any action. We finally decided it was a needed action and did it despite heavy misgivings.

We turned Moses and Libbey out together in the pasture together...while we held our breath.

For the first time I saw Moses let go of his defenses. For the first time, the pictures I took showed Moses for who he is...not dark pictures that you could not see.

Please join me in watching Moses and Libbey as they romp and talk. As they breathe in and out. As they be the very best they can be....Living, breathing, Loving, Wonderful horses.

Moses has come home...heart and soul. All it took was giving him the time and attention he so richly deserved. Time. He deserves no less.

Thank you....for making my life richer with the gift of Moses! The gift of Life.

11/8/1998 - A Note from Moses! (translated by Gail)

Hello Neighhhhbors! My name is Moses. I am a 8-9 yr. old Dark Bay Thoroughbred Gelding that proudly stands at 16 hands high. It wasn't really that long ago that I was a racehorse. Ahh, the sport of kings! I would run like the wind with my stablemates to the finish line. There were cheers, applause and nice words. In order to run as fast as possible, my heels were cutdown, my toes left long and I wore special shoes to grab the ground and lengthen my stride. This strained the front tendons in my forelegs and made me sore. I couldn't run like the wind anymore. To help correct this, my owners had me pin-fired to strengthen those tendons. It didn't seem to work as well as hoped, and since I could not run fast anymore I was sold. You see, since I couldn't run like the wind, I was considered a liability to my owners. I ended up in a feedlot where I was to wait for a truck to take me to be slaughtered. While I was there, I got sick with something called strangles. Because I got strangles, I could not be shipped to slaughter until the strangles was over with.

While I was at the feedlot, seeing my new friends be loaded into the big trucks that came to take them to death, neighing their fear, slipping and sliding up the ramp, running into and over each other trying to escape, I became very afraid and depressed. My friends were gone! Soon after there would be new friends, but they too would be sent on the big trucks.

There was a lady who would come to the feedlot every weekend and sometimes even during the week to look at all of us. Most of the time she would come in the pens by herself and talk to us. She would make soft noises and pet us. She would always whisper in our ears that she loved us. And you know what? We know she does love us. All of us!

When the man would come she would pull out a pad and paper and ask the man all sorts of questions about each of us while she wrote down things the man said. Then she would leave. Whenever she came back she would look at the empty pens where my friends had been. You could hear the quiet. You could hear your very breath. She would stand looking at those empty pens and tears would run down her face. Then she would wipe them away (in case the man came she didn't want him to see she was crying) and come visit us all again. I saw she was sad, so I would come up to her when she made the smile face at me and made a motion for me to come to her. I would put my head on her chest and she would scratch my ears and tell me how special I was. Even when I was sick with strangles, had open abscesses draining from under my jaw, she would scratch my ears and hug me. Since she said I was special, I decided that the other horses weren't as special as me and I would pin my ears and bite at the other horses! I didn't want them near her! When she would come and I was at the other end of the pens, I would push through the other horses to get to her even when the man was there. She would shoo me away so she could take pictures of all of us, but I would keep coming back. She would laugh and laugh and tell me I was like Moses parting the red sea!

My friends were leaving again and I knew my turn was next. I didn't have the strangles anymore and had gained some weight back. I was looking pretty good! Good enough for the next truckload to slaughter.  For some reason my friends were sent and I was again left behind. Then, the lady came back with another lady this time. They put a halter on me and my lady friend said "Moses, you are going home. People loved you just enough to save your life and you are coming with me." I stood proud because my lady friend was with me but I was very nervous. Now I was leaving my friends! They were putting me in a trailer for 2 horses and I had never been in one that small in my whole life! I backed up fast and my lady friend looked like a yo-yo on a string while she hung on to the lead rope. Didn't anyone ever tell her not to hang on? HA! The other lady who is a trainer took over and spent about 30 minutes helping me to get over my nervousness about this 2 horse trailer and leaving my friends. I pawed the ground and neighed to my friends, knowing I was going to be hit or yelled at for not being a good Moses. Nobody yelled or hit. I got kind words and lots of "Good Guy" everytime I made progress over my fear. After awhile I decided what the heck, I'll go for a little spin in this trailer. After all, my lady friend was close by.

We loaded up and headed off. We stopped at a place with other horses that all neighed hello to me when I got there. None of these horses were sick. None of these horses were depressed. None of these horses were afraid. These horses were happy! I was very curious and excited. I was put in a pen next to a QH stallion on one side and a QH mare on the other. Little guys compared to me! Everyone was so friendly. I was fed nice fresh hay twice a day and even got some of that delicious Senior Feed! I had fresh water too! That was great.

A couple of days ago I had my first roundpen lesson. The trainer lady and my lady friend figured I had adjusted well enough and they wanted to see how I responded physically and mentally. I tell you &hellipI gave them a show! I strutted my stuff and ran like the wind again! Round and round I ran! Working up a sweat and snorting and blowing. Then the trainer lady made some motions for me to turn the other way. I turned as fast as I could to show her how talented I was and showed her what a real racehorse was made of! She asked me to turn again and again. I did all this without missing a step! I was great. I am a racehorse!! The trainer lady made a motion for me to stop and I stopped on a dime. I am quick I tell you! I learned her cues right off the bat. Then she asked me to walk!!! Walk! I am a Thoroughbred racehorse! She walked me until I was not breathing hard and then took me out of the roundpen and just stood with me until my sweaty coat had dried. We stood for a long, long time.

The next day I was very sore. My damaged front legs were aching and I limped. My lady friend came to see me and she hugged my neck. She cried tears on my neck and told me that I did not HAVE to be a racehorse. That I could just be a horse. She told me she would find a way to help me learn how. The trainer lady watched me for a few days to see if I limped a lot and if there was any swelling on my ankles. No swelling. I am just sore, not lame! Hooray!! With some exercise I will be stronger and will not get so sore.

Today, 11/21/98, I had my second round pen lesson. I trotted around and then just walked. Everyone was so happy! I still don't get it! I am a racehorse! Shouldn't I be running like the wind? Aren't I supposed to run fast?

I know this is long, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank some very special people in my LIFE. The keyword is Life. Because some humans thought I did not deserve to go to slaughter, I have a life today. I get to be a horse that is loved by so many people.   I was given a new life because my lady friend put my description out on a list that was seen by John Foster. John & Sue have a webpage called Foster Family Horse Farm, John decided to issue a challenge to the people who believe in rescuing and helping horses. He offered to send some help toward my purchase price and challenged others to do the same. He didn't even know me and wanted to help! Because John took the time and effort to do this, several people responded and I was saved! My lady friend received enough for my purchase price, my haul to my new home and a month's board. This could not have happened without the help of some dear, dear friends. The following is a list of people who felt I deserved a chance to live. Some of these fine people have also rescued some of my friends from the same feedlot, so I included my friends' names too! (If I

10/3/1998 - Moses at the feedlot in October 1998

MOSES Bay TB gelding, 16 ½ hands, pin-fired in both forelegs, rescued last year in November. Moses! Ah, what a guy! This horse was saved by loving, caring people who all pitched in for his ransom price (just like they did with Callie!). He was in training (he was a racehorse), but he and the trainer had a difference of opinion on who was boss! HA! We had Moses evaluated by another trainer on Sunday. She says he's just a bully who has gotten his way for too long. She is willing to come to our house 5 mornings a week to train him. Once I quit paying the ransom on some of these horses, we will be able to afford his training! HA! 


Moses & Garrett playing in the Sprinkler 7-2010
6/12/2001 - Moses & Kiwi
6/12/2001 - Moses & Skip
6/12/2001 - Moses & Kiwi
6/12/2001 - Moses & Royal
6/12/2001 - Moses & Friends
6/12/2001 - Moses & Friends
6/12/2001 - Moses & Friends
6/12/2001 - Tuff Guy
11/8/98 - Moses in the trailer leaving feedlot

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