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Mouse (Mouse)
Arab/QH Filly

Mouse is growing into a beautiful creature. Mouse is Mona Lisa's half-sister and one of those "Pocket Ponies". She loves people and likes to learn. Mouse has had a short introduction to the John Lyons method of training. View her webpage to see her teaching the trainer about horses!


10/18/2012 - This is my Thinkin Face!

From Shelly:  That's her thinkin face! She does have quite a bit of worry in there but she's giving me some good tries. She can get pretty stuck so I won't be riding her until her feet free up a little bit. She will be going to Arizona with me the middle of next month. There is lots of picture taking down there so ill send you lots.

Mouse is now comfortable loading in the trailer.  Previously, she wasn't very fond of trailers & loading.  Thank you Shelly for helping Mouse become the best she can be!

8/17/2012 - Progress!

Progress, Slow & Sure!  Mouse has settled in at the new place with her Foster Mom, Shelly.  She is being given time to get used to all things new in her life.  Different hay, different water, different type of terrain, meeting other horses that are alread established within their group, etc.  Here's the latest from Shelly:

"Had a few minutes to play with mouse today.. She is such a total love bug! So different from the horse I picked up.. She is in with the top gelding and 2 other mares now and holding her own quite well with the rest of the herd. I'm really looking forward to starting her next month."

I am so pleased that Mouse is being given the time to acclimate to such a big change in her life.  She will certainly blossom under Shelly's training and become the best she can be!

8/9/2003 - Holy Haystacks!!!

We had a visitor at TIER that I had never met before! Grace told me the lady used to come out to visit and help a long time ago. The lady's name is Stephanie and she adopted Grace's friend Amber. Sadly, Amber crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently and Stephanie came out here to visit us for a couple of days in remembrance of her lovely friend.

I guess Grace's friend Amber inspired Stephanie to start taking John Lyon's courses in horse training. So, I thought Ms. Stephanie was just going to visit, give us treats, talk sweetly to us, rub on us, coo over our beauty and intelligence, etc. HAAAAAA!! Next thing I know this lady has got me in the round pen and sticks some kind of metal thingy in my mouth!!!

Being the very intelligent, easy going kinda girl I am, I accepted this bit thing without any problems. She started asking me to 'give to the bit'. Whatever the heck that means. She would put pressure on one side of this contraption and, of course, I would turn the way she wanted me to. What........did she think I was gonna freak out or sumpthin??? I may be a petite gal in stature, but their isn't anything petite about my brain! I figured it out pretty darn quick and didn't even throw a hissy fit (like some horses I know!)

What was the big deal anyway? She had me going this way and that way, rubbing ropes all over me, under my belly, around my flanks, legs, etc. She must be easily entertained because none of this bothered me at all. (I already learned some of this from that nice guy Harry!!) It was 104 degrees out there that day and she spent a long time doin all this stuff. By the time she had satisfied herself that she could do rope tricks, I was bored. Sigh. Finally, that Gail lady came over, gave me some icky stuff she called wormer ('s that time again! They stick this gooey stuff in our mouths every couple of months and it tastes gross!) and I got to go back and finish my breakfast. Ahhhhh, Humans! They sure are funny creatures!

11/11/2002 - Here's our little Mousie learning to tie!

She did a wonderful job in school today. As a reward, she got herself a manicure. She wasn't overly delighted with the idea at first, but she settled down and was a very good girl for Mr. Farrier!

11/16/2001 - #638 - Arab/QH Filly

Bay, Black shadowing on legs, light shadowing on muzzle. We call her Mouse (field mouse coloring).



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