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12/6/2011 - Fancy has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

I am writing with bad news. The Arabian mare that I got from you 11 years ago, Muskbefancy, developed Colitis-X suddenly on Friday and we had to put her down yesterday. and could not recover. It was a sudden onset on Friday just past noon and was on the way to the horspital by 3pm, but all the best efforts could not save her.

No one knows if it was bacterial or viral or what happened. We are investigating feeds, hay etc, but the ranch grows its own so it is all very consistent, but who knows. She was the kindest horse in the world and I will miss her very much, but I wanted you to know and that she had a forever home with me....I am sad :(

She was the kindest horse in the world and will be greatly missed.  She was one of a kind.


Brenda, thank you for being there when Fancy was in the feedlot headed to slaughter and for being the best Horse Mom ever for the past 11 years.  Our deepest condolences to you. 


11/21/2010 - Update on Fancy!

Brenda also calls her FancyPants!

Hi Gail,

Here are photos from 2010 of Muskbefancy.  She is the dam of 2 National Champion Half Arabian cowhorses and reiners.  She is the kindest horse in the world and has had a chance to spend some time out in a 5 acre horse heaven pasture.  I just brought her in recently and her pic shows her a little on the hefty side.  Other than enjoying the good life, she is doing great!!!



This is Muskbefancy. She foaled out a lovely filly who is currently training with a national caliber trainer and will be competing in Scottsdale in February. Fancy has matured and become an absolute gem to work with and be around. People ask where I found such a lovely horse and I tell them all about TIER. Keep up the good work!!


Fancy is doing great! She has settled in and has become a lovey dovey. She is due to foal in just a couple of weeks. Poor thing looks like a tank. I got her home and went over her papers and now I know why she was to be mine.

...She is double Muscat, plus she is closely related to 4 of my 5 mares. She is family. Isn't that a hoot.



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