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7-5-2019: A TIER supporter who helps horses in Kill Pens in Texas reached out to us and was willing to pay purchase price and transport costs from the feedlot to Quarantine for a really nice mule if TIER would take him in.

The Ad read:
June 28 - 12 year old gelding mule. 14.3 hands. Very gentle and broke to ride and work.
He, like so many others, do not deserve this fate. He sat in the "Ship Pen" waiting to be loaded with others on a journey of unimaginable horror, fear, confusion and ultimately a cruel death. He was purchased this morning (7/6/2019) before he was to be shipped. This lovely Dun Mule with the high white socks has been named OTIS.


8/10/2019 - Training Evaluation

8-10-2019 OTIS Evaluation

Travis Johnson came by today to evaluate Otis & Badger. Attached is the LONG video of OTIS' session. Sorry it is kind of "jumpy" as it is several short videos put together. It covers the major points of the session. Thank you Travis for taking so much time with these boys.

TRAVIS' Assessment of OTIS: Catching-easy to catch with a slight shyness. Ground manners: can pick up all four feet with little coxing. does not attempt to kick. Has very good demeanor and when asked to do something has good attitude and effort. Lets you lead him without any resistance. Can put hand in mouth, on hears, and touch all over. Groundwork: leads well, does hind quarter disengagement well, round penning off line goes forward with medium pressure, hooks on well and comes in to be with trainer. Good with touch. Really good with scary object. Saddling: I dont think Otis has been saddled much but he did really well when he was saddle His weak points were being driven forward when on lead rope and wasnt quite sure on some ground exercises. Overall great demeanor, great effort, likes people and is a good mover and strong.

Here is a link to OTIS' evaluation session with Travis Johnson on 8/10/2019. CAUTION:  It is 27 minutes long!  HA!

8/3/2019 - OTIS has arrived!

Thanks to Ruby Lingo who transported Otis from Texas to TIER, he arrived around 7:20 PM in great shape.  Came off the trailer nicely (I was expecting him to leap down), stood with a dignified look while I smothered his face with kisses from his QT Mom Kathy and some from me, then walked calmly to his pen.  His neighbors on either side are Jethro & EmmyLou. 

The girl donkeys, Jackie & Belle, brayed at him as he walked by.  They were probably voicing their NEED for alfalfa and not really welcoming the big boy.  They don't get alfalfa and make sure to protest that whenever I go by.  Once he got to his pen he grabbed a small mouthful of Teff hay and walked around.  Shortly thereafter, he took a nice long drink of water.  YAY!

The TIER residents were excited to see him and EmmyLou was flirting with him when I left.  Can't wait to spend some time with him and get to know him after a few days of settling in, getting use to new water, hay, ground, temperature, surroundings, etc.  Grady, the stinkin cute pony and Jake, Carol Darnell's chestnut gelding were cavorting with glee at his arrival

7/25/2019 - Headin to California in a week or so

Transport has been arranged for OTIS to leave Texas and head to TIER on 8/2/2019.  If there is a change, we will update.  We purchased a Big D halter (large for his big head!) and lead rope for his trip home.  It should be arriving shortly at Kathy’s quarantine facility.  A veterinarian checked him this morning and his Health Certificate is ready to go.  

7/24/2019 Update from QT:  Ha!  So this morning we got the fly mask & fly boots put on without a halter.  (The sound of the velcro had been making him jumpy). He saw me coming with the mask & boots and took off.  Then acted all snorty when I got to him so we “free lunged” around the pen for much longer than he wanted.  Multiple requests to stop were denied.  Fly mask mask went on first then I took your friends suggestion and started with the boots on his his right side, his "bad side".  He flinched a couple times but stayed with me. He’s such a hoot.  Then followed me around while I petted my two, filled water troughs and fed the cats.  He’s a hoot.

Kathy had said that he was snorty yesterday morning because it was cool.  I asked her to get a picture or video of it (See below).  He wasn't snorty this morning so she had to encourage him to move.  He didn't go too far away from her though! HA!

7/15/2019 - Got My Dancin Feet!

Farrier Day.  He had some trust issues with shoer. We got three of the four completely done. Fourth almost finished. He took all kinds if time with him. I think he will be fine with time. Rob seemed to think he might have been handled roughly. He kinda acted that way.  Left hind was the problem foot. He did good and I think with a little more time we could have gotten it done.  Otis really wanted to trust him but just couldn’t bring himself to.  Farrier got kicked a couple years ago.  Broke his leg so bad it required fairly extensive surgery to put him back together.  He’s pretty cautious now.

He has rubbed the fly mask off twice but it helps while its on.  The boots definitely helping. Legs look better today.

7/13/2019 - I am Armored!

Thank you to the TIER supporters who have contributed to help me get to TIER!  Because of your caring, I am now armored against those pesky flies!  Lookin Good!

My next great adventure will be on Monday, 7/15/2019.  I have an appointment with the farrier thanks to you!

7/11/2019 - I now have friends!

QT UPDATE:  We had an escape this morning. Well not really an escape but Otis was at one end of the pen ignoring me while I was trying to figure out how to get him better shade at the other end. Next thing I knew he had his head over the fence introducing himself to my gelding and donkey, so I left him. He has more grass, better visibility, better airflow, better shade. I'm not worried but of course will monitor closely.

He is happier and has a huge oak tree to stand under during the day so lots of air movement and great shade.  My donkey isn’t happy but my gelding seems to approve of the new neighbor. Not one single scream and for a guy that was a stallion for 18 years that’s something.

7/6/2019 - Otis has landed at Quarantine!!

UPDATE from owner of Quarantine Facility

ARRIVAL: Pretty well behaved. Loaded and unloaded well.  A bit jittery but let me walk up to him and love on him after I turned him loose. He's looking for a friend. He was bonded to a paint that was in the ship pen with him.

LATER IN THE DAY: He's had a little to drink and has shown only modest interest in hay. Will see what the morning brings. He's chilling in the corner where he can't see anything. He welcomes scratches and tolerates my hugs. I like him a lot. He has shoulder bars like a dun.



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