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#275 Bay QH Gelding. Appx. 17-18 yrs. old. Appx. 15 hands. This is a really well trained horse. He has been roped off of, will run either end and is good in the box. This horse would make a good starter or practice horse for a youth as he is very broke. He is sore in the front, but not all the time.



On Thursday, we had the joy of bringing #275 home - we initially called him Lucky, but later settled on Oliver - Olie for short! We noticed right away that something was not right with his sheath. It looked REALLY bad and there was a constant drip. When he urinated it looked like a shower head. We called the vet - he said as long as he is eating and drinking he would see me today. Olie had alot of love, treats, a bath and we sprayed water up his privates every few hours. It seemed to relieve him and it helped keep it clean (flies, yuck!). By this morning there was a steady drip of blood.
The vet made it out today - Olie has cancer and has probably had it for quite some time. The vet recommended putting him down. He said at a good expense we could probably keep him around for a few months, but it would only get worse. We made the decision to put him down. He has now crossed the rainbow bridge. I hope he is happy and pain free.

I on the other hand am filled with pain. Olie was extremely gentle and loving and I am glad we kept him from dying a more unpleasant death. It's hard to imagine I could have gotten so close in just a few days.

This was my first rescue - don't know if I am ready to do this again any time soon. But, maybe with some time,another horse will come along that is meant for me.



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