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4/20/2013: ITS A GIRL!

Jackie-The Oatman Burro, had a baby girl this morning. Started at about 7:00 am and the darling Olive was born at 7:48. Fast work! Momma & Baby are doing well.

Since Jackie was originally from Oatman, AZ we named this lovely baby girl OLIVE.

Oatman was named in honor of Olive Oatman whose family was killed in 1851 when she was fourteen. After several years with the Mohave she returned to the white world.


4/19/2014 - Olive Parades around Norco!

The day before her BIRTHDAY Olivia paraded her stuff with her pals, Draco, Mouse, Kym and Momma CJ!

Wearing a Designer Easter Bonnet made especially for her!


3/29/2014 - She's a Star!

Jackie's baby Olivia's first parade!
Olivia also going to Eaeth Day Celebration on the Navy base. The base commander requested a BLM horse and Burro.

10/14/2013 - Olive (Olivia) - First Ponying Lesson

From CJ: Olivia's first ponying lesson. Don't think Olivia or Cricket were impressed! Olivia is not quite 6 months old

9/30/2013 - Olive's Public Debut

Olive made her first public debut where she was a big hit with EVERYONE!

She is now a little over 5 months old and is a very smart donkey gal. She has learned that Snowcones are fun and they are GOOD!

Especially if the snowcone is fed to her with a spoon!

6/20/2013 - Happy 2 month Birthday!

On 6/17/2013 Olive was adopted by TIER supporter and good friend CJ! Jackie & Olive both went to live at CJ's until Jackie decides it is time to wean this cute baby girl. Jackie will return to TIER once Olive is weaned.

CJ is experienced in working with burros and wanted to start working with her (haltering, picking up feet, leading, etc.) as soon as possible. We suggested that the transition to a new home might go easier for Olive if Jackie was with her in the beginning and CJ agreed!

The picture above was taken at Olive's new home and it appears that she has settled in.

We have been told that it took no time for Jackie to push the corner of the pen until it was open enough for her and Olive to get out and explore. Fortunately, the area they broke into is securely fenced. Jackie likes to wander and doesn't like being in a pen no matter how big it is!


Jackie introduces Olive to the world outside of her pen.

A little encouragement from Mom

It only took her a few minutes before Olive decided to REALLY test her legs! Jackie stayed close behind.


Olive has already been bouncing around her pen.

She cruised around for a bit before taking a nap.



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