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#113 Gray Arabian Gelding. 8yrs. old. Appx. 15.1 hands. This is an awesome gelding! Currently he has an injury above his left eye which makes him shy of halters/bridles. I think the injury is the only reason he is somewhat headshy. He did stand unhaltered while I washed off the injury, although it was quite tender and swollen. This horse rides very well and would require and Advanced/Intermediate rider. Sound. Papers Available.

Whew! Omar (formerly known as Oh Mii) has a new home! I was contacted by a lovely lady named Lorian who was bound and determined to help this magnificent gelding. In her efforts to find out more about him, she contacted the Cal Poly Kellogg Unit. Lorian was informed that Omar (formerly Oh Mii) was sold three years ago for $3,500.00!! His full sister is Cal Poly's Hunter/Jumper Star! Cal Poly contacted me saying they were willing to come get Omar immediately. They were willing to recondition him through their program and Lorian agreed! So, in a joint effort , Lorian paid Omar's ransom, Cal Poly Kellogg Unit picked him up just hours after finding out about his whereabouts, and he is now at their Equestrian facility where he was foaled 8 yrs. ago! Cal Poly will recondition Omar for awhile and then he will join Lorian where he will live the remainder of his days! I spoke to the director at Cal Poly and was informed that he had been there the day that Omar was born. To find out that he was in a feedlot was quite a shock. I was told that after Omar's reconditioning his worth could easily be put at $5,000!!! But, to Lorian, Omar is priceless! Thank you Lorian. And thanks to Cal Poly.




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