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One of our neighbors had told us about a donkey in the area that was being roped & dragged for hours on end. The neighbor said that the donkey was roped all day long from different horses/riders and dragged. The donkey was also tied to yearling or younger horses to teach them to lead. TIER did not witness the acts but began searching for animal regulations regarding this. I put in a call to one of our AC contacts asking about what the laws are on roping donkeys.

A few days later the owners of the donkeys came by and asked if we wanted a donkey. I asked what was wrong with him & why were they giving him away? I was told "We used him to teach yearlings to lead and he's being kept in the arena. We don't need him anymore and need the space." I was also told they did not rope him and that they had had him for a few months.(Sure) They said he had been previously kept on pasture with cows and that for some reason he didn't eat hay. He likes pellets, but wouldn't eat hay. WHAT?????

I knew this boy needed a safe place to land asap. The next day they brought over this sad SKINNY, donkey with wounds on his legs, bite marks in his coat, dry skin, old rainrot, thrush in hooves, BAD teeth and the tip of his right ear missing.

I talked with the neighbor yesterday. He said that they had seen AC over there a day or so ago. Whoever called them......THANK YOU!

We have christened him PABLO. Welcome to TIER Pablo. We will do our best to help you be the best you can be!


4/16/2013 - Pablo has joined the herd at the Rainbow Bridge

Dear Pablo went down sometime during the night.  At 6:30 AM we found him unwilling to try to stand.  Various vets were called but none could arrive before 8:30 am. 

Our lovely Old Man Donkey who had endured a lifetime of hard use crossed the Rainbow Bridge before the vet arrived.  We were so fortunate to have this boy with us for 2 years and 5 days.  He was a quite soul who loved carrots and all kinds of treats.  He was Annabelle's companion while he was with us and will be greatly missed.

9/5/2012 - Donkey wrestling?

Dr. Don Moore our AWESOME Chiropractor gave Pablo a little "tune up".  Pablo is an aged Donkey that has experienced years of being tied to yearlings to teach them to lead, used for roping, etc.  His old body really benefits from Dr. Moore's talents.  Thank You Dr. Moore!

12/8/2011 - Check out my Winter Coat!

Pablo was doing his normal "Eeyore" impression while modeling his new blanket sent specifically for him by JL.  Thanks JL!  Let me tell you that it is not easy to find a lightweight blanket to fit a Donkey!  JL purchased one very nice blanket which we had to return because it didn't fit.  That company did not have anything bigger and JL searched high and low until she found just the right one!

Pablo now stays snug as a bug in a rug during our recent cold nights.  A few treats later he dropped the "Eeyore" look (he and Annabelle both do the propeller ears thing).

10/30/2011 - Look at those socks!

And, just in time for Halloween...........

9/25/2011 - Donkey Lounge

A hard day of cleaning pens, scrubbing water buckets, grooming, etc. left some of the VolunTIERs in need of some rest at the Donkey Lounge owned and operated by Pabo.

5/23/2011 - Update

5/21/2011 Pablo's feet were trimmed by the farrier.  He wasn't too fond of having his back feet done but patience prevailed and mission accomplished. He is slowly gaining weight and muscle tone.  Shedding like crazy!

He had his teeth floated on Saturday 5/23/2011.  They were in pretty bad shape and he was a very good boy! After having his teeth done he immediately stuck his head in his feeder and didn't come up for air for awhile!  HA!

Later, we turned him out and he headed to the roundpen to rest and watch the horses that were getting their teeth floated too!

5/12/2011 - Pablo Update

It's hard to get a picture of this little guy from the front as he just keeps walking up to you!  Pablo had his feet done yesterday.  He was a good boy until the farrier moved to his hind feet.  He wasn't as bad as some donkeys we have seen, but he sure gave the farrier a workout.  Unfortunately my camera battery was dead at the time.

He is gaining weight nicely.  We are applying Aluspray on the fly strike areas of his legs and it helps quite a bit.  His tummy has filled out and his chest is beginning to fill out too.  His little Burro Butt is filling in, but still has a ways to go.  He is shedding like crazy!

4/28/2011 - Gaining a his Tummy!

Pablo is doing well.  He is gaining weight, mostly in his tummy right now. His rear and chest are still bony, but he's starting to fill in.  In the picture below I left his gate open so he could come out and wander around.  He wasn't sure if it was okay.......until he saw me with a bucket of feed!

After he finished his breakfast of mush he decided Rocket needed help with finishing his breakfast!  You can see how thin his hind end still is.


4/20/2011 - Chiro Visit

Pablo's friend Maddy brought him cut up apples, brushed him and hugged on him in preparation for his upcoming chiropractic visit.  He loved it.  What a sweet, sweet boy!

Dr. Moore's visit wasn't what Pablo was expecting, but I'm sure he will feel better.  Dr. Moore indicated that his neck was out on both sides, poll needed adjusting, shoulders were really bad, front legs/knees/ankles were adjusted.  Back, hips, back legs, ankles and hocks got a workout too.  Not surprising that most of the adjustment needed was his skinny little neck and shoulders. 

Dr. Moore had him move around a bit afterward.  When he was released, he got as far away from Dr. Moore as he could.  Later on, Maddy brought apple flavored treats out and Pablo followed her wherever she went.

4/17/2011 - Vet Visit

Vet was out. It was a busy day as we helped to gather up 4 horses that were loose and running the streets! I've put their information on Facebook in hopes that someone will recognize them and they can be reunited with their owners. Link to FB: FOUND HORSES

Our vet, Dr. Hoyme, really fell in love with Pablo! He was hugging on him, actually went over and picked up a brush to brush him a bit. I was surprised as he doesn't often demonstrate such "overt fondness" (other than for Dixie, HA!). He kept talking to him, brushing, rubbing. Made my heart swell.

Vet estimates Pablo is in his 20's rather than the age the owner stated. No surprise. BUT, it just got me even angrier that someone was subjecting this older donkey boy to such harsh treatment. Grrrr.

Vet also found thickening in Pablo's neck/throat area. Most likely from being roped. He didn't feel that there has been a rupture or breach, but time will tell. At this time having him scoped would be pretty stressful in his current condition and the costs right now are a bit out of our range. Vet just did a hands on examination of the area for now.

There is a lump under his jaw that is most probably thyroid. Vet was surprised as he said that donkeys don't "usually" get this. He said it may rectify itself as Pablo gets healthier. Of course, there were several places in his neck, back, hips, etc. that are stiff and tender. Chiropractor will be out on Wednesday.

He cleaned his ears a bit and I will put some Animax on a soft cloth and clean them a bit more. The farrier was not able to come out as he had 3 foundered mares to help on the day he was scheduled to come out. He will be out sometime this week.

Dr. Hoyme said to continue with the soaked pellets, etc. and that it was okay to feed him alfalfa (he doesn't like the grass hay!) I will try to get some Orchard Hay in and perhaps he will like that better. I have a call into the Equine Dentist, but have not heard back from him. Pablo does have an overbite.

Dr. Hoyme indicated that we should continue rehab/feeding slowly. He also said it was okay to worm him and he got 1/2 a tube of Ivermectine.

Vet said it will be a slow process to bring him back to good weight due to all Pablo has been through, how skinny he really is (that fuzzy coat masks his true condition) and that he will make someone a wonderful friend!


A call has been made to our vet to give him a good going over.  We will worm him once he's put on a bit of weight and also put him on psyllium for a week.

I think his biggest problem is his poor teeth and not being able to chew properly.  Pablo is now VERY interested in eating.  I let him wander while I am mixing up pelleted feed for the elderly and new arrivals.  He feels he should get his pellets first.  He is also eating the alfalfa mixed with Garrison Grass.  Mostly the alfalfa.  Even though I don't like it, we are giving him some alfalfa which he is eating fine.  He is also getting soaked pellets with vitamins, beet bulp and some flax seed. 

Unfortunately Pablo's story is not an isolated one.  We rescued another Donkey years ago from the same type of situation.  Eventually, scar tissue on his throat grew to the point that it caused difficulty eating and finally with his breathing.  Sadly, we helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge.  I am hoping that Pablo doesn't have the same sort of problem.

Farrier will be out today to work on Pablo's feet along with the Chino 4 and others. 

Poor little guy has a pitiful bray.  Sounds more like a honk and I am concerned about damage from being roped and tied to yearlings to teach them to lead/give to pressure.  When the vet can make it out we will hopefully know more.

4/11/2011 - Burro Bathing!

Thanks to VolunTIERS Diana & Mel for coming out to give Pablo a much needed bath with MicroTek Shampoo.  His coat was filled with old rainrot, dry skin, Foxtails from head to toe.  He also has Thrush which was treated.

Oddly, the owners had said that he doesn't like hay.  Wouldn't eat it.  Hmmm.  About 5 minutes after his arrival he found a pile of hay that had fallen out of the cart and was chowing down.  We gave him some soaked pellets to munch on and he didn't have a problem eating them.  His teet are in BAD shape and we will have them taken care of as soon as we can.


Pablo on Arrival
Pablo on Arrival-A
Pablo on Arrival-B

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