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#230 Bay QH mare. Appx. 4 yrs. Old. Appx. 14-2 - 3 hands. Cow bred? Thin. This is a curious and sweet little girl. She is gentle, halters & trailers. Green broke. Would require someone with patience and time to help her be her very best!

UPDATE: This lovely little girl above has found a home! Her new mom, Jennifer, picked her up today and will be sending updates w/pictures soon! Thank you Jennifer for being there for this sweet mare. Her new name is Pagen.



Pagan is AWSOME!! She is just getting fatter and loving life packing kids around.

Thank you for my wonderful horses.......



Pagen is a little ham, she is so pretty. She has huge dapples. I think she is gong to go to a fun show on June 12, I will let you know. You know what is funny she knows she has this new found beauty, she just shows off when people are watching her. She loves attention, she loves having a job to do, she loves to work. On her days off she whinny at anyone and everyone trying to talk them into taking her out of her corral. She has become less and less aggresive over he water, she now will let you put your hand in it (before she would put her ears back and protect it.)


Pagen looks like a different horse, I hadn't gone out to see her in a week (because of my husbands broken leg). Anyway, I talk to the lady on the phone and she told me that all of a sudden Pagen has put the pounds on during the week I didn't see her. These pictures don't do her justice.

She is doing sooooooooo good. She is just the nicest pony (she is 14 hands so that's what everyone at the ranch calls her). They had a show out there over the weekend and I guess she had many compliments. They hacked her in the warm up.



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