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Pearl - #78. Appaloosa Pony Mare. 20 yrs. old. Whoever owned this lovely little pony should be severely and slowly harmed! Her front legs are broken down in the pastern. You absolutely cannot miss the deformity in her little legs, but, feedlot owner was told that kids were riding her anyway! What are people teaching their children??? This mare never deserved what she has received! I am appalled! I do not know if she is in pain or not. The damage is old and she moves around well. The flies are really bothering her little eyes too!



Hi All!!

Got a call from the BIG Guy the other day. You know the guy.....the one that runs things over at the Rainbow Bridge? Well, it seems that some of my friends that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge got together and told the Big Guy about my outstanding talents in weed abatement and pie eating. Apparently, there is a need for my talents at the bridge!! The conversation went something like this:

BG (BIG Guy): Hello, is this the Pie Lady that I've heard so many nice things about?

Pearl: Yes, it is. What do you want? Got any pies? I am quite busy as I run things at True Innocents Equine Rescue and don't have time for a lot of nonsense!

BG: I understand Ms. Pearl, but some of your friends here at the Rainbow Bridge have been telling me of your great heart, your love for the visitors at TIER, your talents in Weed Abatement, Greeting, Morale Management, Yelling at the back door for pies, spending time with the horses that aren't feeling well, patrolling the area, etc. etc.

Pearl: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Those are SOME of my talents. What can I help you with? I have a very hectic schedule managing things around here and I don't need to be wasting time yakking to someone I can't see. I know my eyes are bad, but this is a little weird talking to someone who "isn't there", if ya know what I mean. I will admit that as soon as you contacted me though a feeling of unending love and warmth surrounded me! Why, it is so wonderful that I am almost (not quite) speechless with the overwhelming feeling of goodness!!! How do you do that?? I can take a few minutes out of my schedule to learn to do that if you will teach me!! I would love to share that with my human and horse friends!

BG: Well, Ms. Pearl, you already know how to do that in an earthly way. As your friend Blair says........"Pearl makes you smile when you need it, and even when you don't". You touch the lives and hearts of all who know you and leave a lasting impression of love. But, Pie Lady, that's not why I have contacted you. You see, Ms. Pearl, we here at the Rainbow Bridge are in need of your skills in weed abatement and ministering to those souls who will be coming our way. We are in need of an Angel Ambassador that can speak to our new friends as they approach the path to the bridge.

Those gentle souls who are coming to us are sometimes in pain. They may be suffering physically or emotionally or their job on earth may have been completed. Young, not so young, and old horses come to this place of love and wholeness. Sometimes leaving the things they know and love on earth is difficult as they do not know what the next step in the journey is. It can be a bit unsettling for them. It is hard for them to grasp that their time on earth has come to a close and that once they cross the Rainbow Bridge, they will be whole again. We need an Angel Ambassador to help these friends to understand that once they cross the Bridge there will be no more suffering. We hope to make their passing easier by showing them that they will be surrounded by a love that heals all! We'd like them to feel that love, taste the sweetness of the springs that run through the grass filled pastures. We wish them to see the sunlight dancing on the flowers, the morning dew on the leaves of the trees, smell the richness of the dirt, listen to the birds singing, watch as everyone frolics with joy ...casting shadows of dancing horses while the sun sets! We'd like our friends to experience a bit of this as their time comes in order that their passing from their world to ours is a bit easier.

Pearl: Boy! You sure do go on and on don't ya? Do you know that Gail person? She does the same thing! Constantly talking to us. Yammering about this and that. Asking us how we are today, etc. etc. Sometimes I just go off and visit with one my friends just so I can get some peace!

Wait a minute here! Are you saying you want me to come work for you? Don't you realize who I AM? I am Pearl the Pie Lady!! I have an important job right here! I greet all the visitors that come to TIER. Quite vocally, I might add. I talk with my horse friends to help them through their troubles, or we just visit together to gossip about the things we have experienced. With my weakened eyes I slowly patrol the area each and every night to make sure everyone is okay. I shuffle to the back door of the house and holler to make sure that there is a supply of pies on hand. Why....I even share some of my pies with the dogs as they are my friends too! I keep the residents in line by hollering at them. I supervise everyone and teach them about effective weed abatement. I provide a shoulder for that Gail person to cry on and a neck for kids to hug. When one of our friends leaves to go to a new home, I wish them well and congratulate them on finding a forever home!! Through the night I stand on my crippled legs next to one of my friends that may not be feeling well. I make sure that none of my breakfast or dinner is wasted, nor that of my neighbors (especially Prince....since he tosses some of his hay outside his pen so I can share a meal with him and keep him company). My services are VERY much needed at TIER!

BG:    Pearl, your talents and devotion to TIER is to be commended!  It is for those very reasons that I have contacted you about the possibility of you joining us here at the bridge. 

          According to my records, your life on earth was not always the easiest, yet you gave your all.  Sadly, your efforts did not keep you from ending up in a feedlot in 1999.  It was in July of 1999 that a rescue person saw you in that feedlot, took your picture and let people know of your plight.  Good people came together and rescued you from going to slaughter.  You arrived at TIER on July 20, 1999.  Shortly thereafter, in gratitude, you began your compassionate campaign to help the horses and people of TIER.  That is quite a long time Ms. Pearl.  Over time your eyesight has begun to dim and your poor legs have become more painful.  I believe that these factors are making your job a TIER a bit harder?  When you do come to the Bridge, whether it is now or later, you will be whole again.  You will be able to see for miles and miles!  Your legs will no longer be painful.  They will straighten and you will run and play as you used to when you were a little one.  Ms. Pearl, the decision is strictly up to you.  Your job, should you decide to accept it, will be to continue your good works here at the Bridge and help the horses who are on their way.  We could use your help.

Pearl:  Sheesh!!  You sure do have a way of yammering at folks!!  I really have to think about this because I am such an important part of TIER!!  It has been a bit damp and foggy in the mornings around here.  When it is like this, my legs hurt very bad.  That Gail person has been rubbing liniment in my legs and giving me pain medication, but that only works for awhile.  And.....the cold/rainy season isn,t even here yet!  I can only imagine how painful my legs will be then!!  I really haven't felt much like eating lately as it hurts to stand and I have been lying down alot.  I know that Gail person is really worried about me because I haven&rsquot been talking much either.  She's been helping me get back up for the past couple days, but I am getting tired and just don't seem to have the energy to try to get up.

BG:    Ms. Pearl, the decision is strictly up to you. 

Pearl:  I have to really think about this!!  What about my friends here?  Will they be okay without me?  Who will take my place?

BG:    Ms. Pearl, your friends will do fine and, my dear friend, NOBODY could ever take your place!!

Pearl:  Boy!  This sure is a long conversation!!  I'm just so unsure!  If I do decide to come work for you, won't that break that Gail person's heart?  I know how much she loves me and how much I love her.  And all my friends that I have met!!  Those folks that have continued to be there for me, sending me pies in the mail even!!  All those kids that I won't be able to mutter at.  All my horse friends!!! 

BG:    Ms. Pearl, of course your friends will miss you!  How could they not?  And as for breaking that Gail person's heart........yes, it would be one of the most difficult things she has gone through.  But, Ms. Pearl, think of all the joy, the hope, the smiles, the laughter you have given her and others.  The memories of your antics will fill a house!!  Those memories of your gift to all those people and horses are the foundation of TIER.  Watching a helpless, hopeless horse such as yourself blossom into a wonderfully kind and loving being.  It is because of you and others like you that TIER has the hope to help others.

Pearl:  Gosh!  I just don't know.  I am so very tired. 

BG:    Ms. Pearl, the decision is strictly up to you. 

Pearl:  Hey, BIG Guy.............

             PIE LADY HERE!!  GOT ANY PIES?????????

TIER:  Our most precious Pearl was laid to rest on January 18, 2004.  It is by far the hardest release we have experienced.  She is by far the greatest gift we have received.  Thank you Pearl.

 Gail:  Pearl's passing has been one of the most difficult times I've experienced.  She has touched the hearts of so many.  My heart aches when I think of her.  When I walk among the TIER residents, I find myself in tears as I listen for her welcoming neigh.  I automatically scan the property to see who she is visiting with......and she is not there.  But......Pearl is definately in my heart and for that, I am grateful. Thank you for the Grace, the Dignity, the Respect and the smiles.  I miss you so much!!!!!!!!



Pearl got her teeth done by the dentist! She was pretty disgusted with the whole thing and I was numb from holding her up. The dentist's head rest was made for horses......not for those that are challenged by height like Pearl! HA! The dentist will need to make another trip as he didn't want to put her through a whole lot more the first time. I'm sure little miss sunshine Pearl is looking forward to his visit (not!). I did ask if she could have Pies. He looked at me kind of strange and said "Well, it won't hurt her if you're not feeding her a whole box of them." I simply told him she doesn't eat the whole box at once! HA! I did buy her 12 pies today, so she is set for 12 days.....uh...11 now.


Pearl got her teeth done by the dentist! She was pretty disgusted with the whole thing and I was numb from holding her up. The dentist's head rest was made for horses......not for those that are challenged by height like Pearl! HA! The dentist will need to make another trip as he didn't want to put her through a whole lot more the first time. I'm sure little miss sunshine Pearl is looking forward to his visit (not!). I did ask if she could have Pies. He looked at me kind of strange and said "Well, it won't hurt her if you're not feeding her a whole box of them." I simply told him she doesn't eat the whole box at once! HA! I did buy her 12 pies today, so she is set for 12 days.....uh...11 now.



7/20/01 - A day in the life of Pearl

A boring day.

What's a gal to do?

After mom gave me a COUPLE of her Dinner Mints, she went into that barn up there. I'll just go up and see if she will give me some PIES!

Knock, Knock! PIE LADY here!

Expo: Would ya look at the size of those feet!
Clarence: Is she a robber? She has a mask on!
Pearl: Go get your mother! I'm here for my pies.

Mabel: Dummy! The door opens out!
Expo: She won't hurt us. She just wants some Fruit Pies!
Pearl: Smart dog? You are a dog aren't you? Go get your mother smart dog and tell her the Pie Lady is here.
Pearl: You'd think she has to bake the durn pies! I know she has them in that cupboard thing.
Mutter, mutter, mutter.
Pearl: And she gives me only two Pies!
Max: Whatcha got there Pearly?

Pearl: Back off Max! These are my PIE crumbs!


TIER would like to thank Valinna for her generous sponsorship of Pearl. Pearl is sponsored through the month of June!

5/14/2001 - Pearl has some very talented admirers!

A talented sculptor held an essay contest on Valentine's Day of this year. She was giving one of her hand-painted model horses to the winner. I wrote an "essay" about the one and only Pearl and won! You can see my essay and prize at this URL:

The horse she sculpted is slightly larger than a quarter!

With HUGS to Pearl,

Keri and the Flock

This is Keri Krause's winning essay:

Pearl, an Appaloosa pony, was sold to a California feedlot in 1999. She was old and unridable. If no one came to her rescue, she could have been purchased by a killer buyer and shipped to a slaughterhouse. Her future didn't look too promising, but...

I loved her faded spots she carried the blood of her spotted ancestors.
I loved her crooked little legs she gave children their first pony rides.
I loved that she was old she lived long enough to know a better life.
I loved her fly-eaten eyes she saw well enough to knock the lid off a food bin when no one was watching.
I loved her attitude she flirted with geldings and greeted visitors at the gates.

I loved being able to buy Pearl even though she would never be mine her legs couldn't withstand the long trip to Illinois, so I donated her to Gail of True Innocents Equine Rescue (TIER).

I love dreaming that someday I will visit TIER and be greeted by a little crooked-legged, spotted old mare known as Pearl.

Pearl's Professional Weed Abatement
As some of you may know, my name is Pearl. I am the head of the Professional Weed Abatement Department at TIER. (Grace is an understudy).
Professional Weed Abatement is not an easy task, nor should this be done using trainees. You will note in the following messages that not only am I a highly trained, highly skilled, highly professional weed abatetment specialist, I also bring my own equipment.

First, let's find some weeds that need abating! (Not hard in this territory!)

It is essential to find just the right speciman for my demonstration of my ability and skill!
(Note: Jake (Big Handsome Gray Guy in background) is looking on in awe! Jake is an apprentice weed abatement guy. He has a long way to go to reach my status......but he is working hard!
Being the matriarch out here is a tuff job. I must take a minute out to instruct the young ones on things they have no knowledge of!
"Ok. Are you listenting Haven (left) and Kiwi (right)? This is a ball. B-A-L-L.

(Sheesh, the things you have to teach kids!)

Okay observers! Here we go.....a juicy speciman for my further instruction on weed abatement by a professional. Note the protective gear. These are special goggles that block UV light and keep out pesky varmints like flies and debris. They are quite helpful in my chosen profession and only true professionals acquire them.
(Pearl's eyes were damaged by years of neglect. The lower lids were literally eaten away by flies/wasps and she had a chronic eye infection which has caused some damage to her vision. She is wearing a Guardian Mask. An ocular ointment is used daily on her eyes to help them keep lubricated)
Note my stance and form as I concentrate on abating this weed! This particular method of working is done only by those equines that are 1)Professional Weed Abatement Technicians, and 2)Equines that have the required conformation.
(As you can see, Pearl's pasterns are almost on the ground on her front legs. When I first saw her at the feedlot, I was told two children were seen riding her at the same time! What are we teaching our children!?)

Well, a wonderful lady named Keri paid her ransom. We were hoping that another lady was going to be able to take this little lady.  Unfortunately, she cannot. So, we are now looking for a special home for a special lady with special needs. Are there any special people out there willing to adopt this poor girl? We just do not have a place to put her right now. There will be a small adoption fee that will go back into the rescue fund so that we can try to help another horse in need.

Her name is Pearl. The awesome lady who provided her Ransom gave me a list of names to choose from and I picked Pearl. She is a Pearl just like Keri who has not only gone the extra mile to help Pearl get out of a bad situation, but has been a generous supporter to TIER for many, many months! A wonderful lady named Jennifer, who also rescued a TB Mare named Cara from this very same feedlot, is going to adopt Pearl.  Pearl's best friend will be Jennifer's son who his going to learn to brush, and lead and feed, and, and,... Thanks ladies! Pearl will come to our house with Pilgrim tomorrow!

One of our volunteers has been so kind as to offer the use of a pipe corrall. Hopefully, we will be able to find a way to get it soon. We do not own a vehicle that can tow, nor a trailer to haul the pen on. If anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated as these two new visitors to our home need to have a place to call their own. For the time being, we will put them in the round pen. Well, I am sure the other horses won't mind. They won't have to do any work for awhile!  HA!

Remember the little Appaloosa Pony mare with the horribly crooked front legs? That's Pearl! She is just the best! She is so vocal! We let her have the run of the place when we are cleaning pens, etc. When it is time to go back to her pen, she actually whines! All the way back to her pen she complains! It is hysterical. When you come up to her in her pen, she neighs hello. Everytime! Even if you were there 5 minutes ago! She is a pistol. Her feet have been trimmed and her eyes have been doctored. She wears a fly mask all the time to protect those precious eyes that see everything! What a hoot she is! And to think people treated this loving, mouthly little girl so badly! She actually stomps those crooked little legs of hers if you ignore her! She is slowly putting on weight and is finally shedding out the yucky, unhealthy hair. She could also eat her way through 10 miles of hay if we let her!



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