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8:45 AM (6/22/2015), I received a call from a gentleman about a donkey that had been dropped off on his property the evening before. The donkey is starved, losing its hair and has sores on the body and legs. He did not see who abandoned the Donkey. He had contacted Animal Control and was directed to call TIER.

This gentleman lives in a very rural area and his property is regularly visited by coyotes. He was terribly worried about the Donkey last evening and stayed with it over night. He parked his lawn chair near the donkey and had his shotgun nearby to deter the coyotes who were gathering near the fence line. He said the Donkey trembled when the coyotes started calling and ranging near it.

Toward morning the donkey laid down and now cannot get up. He sat with this donkey all night, covered it with a blanket, spooning water into its mouth and trying to feed it. The donkey was not interested in hay unless it was soaked and not very much of that. He was able to feed it 2 apples.


6/24/2015 - They named her Phelony

They named the Donkey Phelony because it was a crime what was done TO him/her and it was morally wrong what was Not done FOR him/her!

When the vet arrived today, this lovely donkey was struggling.  The Donkey was lateral, heart rate was 100 (The normal heart rate for an adult donkey is 44 beats/min), had a temperature, gums were quite pale and it could not stand.

The vet estimated Phelony to be around 20 yrs. old.  How many years, months, days, hours, minutes was this Donkey treated with indifference before she it  discarded at a strangers property?  By chance his/her life journey ended at a place where he/she was absolutely loved and cared for during his/her final day of life.

To the people who tried to help this Donkey he/she was an absolute gift.  He/She tried so hard, but the long term neglect to his/herbody was irreparable. This Donkey tried.  I think it tried it's whole life.  At the end he/she was surrounded by people who actually cared, were deeply moved by his/her plight and wanted to make him/her better.  It was not to be, the harm/neglect had gone on too long. 

Phelony was laid to rest today.  At the end of this Donkey's journey, he/whe was loved and wanted.


I asked the person who contacted us to call his vet and see what needs to be done for this poor little Donk.  I spoke with the vet who will get back to me after he has examined the donk.  Keeping our fingers crossed that it can be saved/helped. 

IF the donkey can be saved and is able to be transported to TIER in Perris, CA we will need someone to haul. Any help will be greatly appreciate.  THANK YOU to Bob & and the vet for being such caring people.


The veterinarian just called with an update on the Donkey. The Donkey tried to get up but couldn't. He gave her IV fluids and Dexamethasone. The Donkey is eating soaked hay and only allowed a small portion several times a day. He said the Donkey seems "bright".

Since the Donkey is unable to stand it cannot be transported.  The vet said that the person who contacted us had run out and purchased a screen type cover to keep her out of the sun. What a great guy!

The contact has all bases covered. He will roll her onto a blanket, move her to his arena, and he has purchased an air mattress so that he can sleep with her! WOW!

The vet thinks it is okay to wait on the possibility of a sling. He is monitoring the Donkey's care.

If the Donkey is unable to stand in the next couple of days the outcome will be grim. It is hoped that the Dex and IV fluids will help, his/her ability to recover will rise and he/she will be standing soon. Bill to date is: 414.00.



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