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Pilgrim II
#90. Sorrell QH type gelding. Star. Enlarged left hock that doesn't seem to bother him. He is quite personable. 15 - 15.1 hands. Appx. 14 - 16 yrs. This horse was at the summer camps and ridden by children. He is a very nice horse.


10/30/2011 - Meta's Memorial for Pilgrim's Grave

Pilgrim was buried on Meta's property close to the barn.  She rescued him from a feedlot and loved him for 11 years.  She not only saved him from a horrible fate, but gave him the Final Gift when it was his time to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  She has memorialized his final resting place with the loving words inscribed on his grave marker.


Thank you for all you do...I never would have had the privilege of knowing Pilgrim if it had not been for you. They all are special but he was extra special.

I miss his nicker each time I go out to feed or to clean stalls. My vet loved him too.  He was such a gentle old horse who seemed to know when you were trying to help him.


4/6/2011 - Dear Pilgrim Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

It is with a sad heart that I write this. Dear, sweet Pilgrim crossed Rainbow Bridge this morning.  Last Friday the vet came to recheck him and the tumor had grown back so large and so quickly. There was nothing else he could do for the old guy.  This morning when I went out to feed early, he still nickered at me and took the bit of apple from my hand.
Thank you for your part you played in bringing us together.  I had him for 11 years and he enriched my life so much. I learned a lot from this old horse. Growing old is a lot about attitude and he had such a wonderful attitude as well as determination about life.
A friend is coming to bury him this afternoon close to the barn.
3/4/2011 - Update
Hi, Gail,

Wanted to give you an update on Pilgrim. The vet came again today to check out his genital warts since they seemed to be bothering him. After being tranquilized Pilgrim was in La- La land. The vet removed some warts but saw a growth that concerned him. It was very black in color when the warts are flesh colored. He removed it and we should get the results back next week. Pilgrim came through the procedure well. He is an amazing horse at 36. He ate all his dinner and headed for the hay. 
I have my fingers crossed that this lab results will be good news. Will let you know what they find.
11/26/2010 - 11 yrs. Safe & Happy 36th Birthday!
A note from Pilgrim's Mom:  Wanted to share, it was eleven years this past Tuesday that our Pilgrim was delivered to our door step. We decided that should be his birthday so he turned 36 this past Tuesday (November 23rd) 

The vet came on Wednesday (24th) to remove the genital warts that keep coming back and bothering him. This has been the longest time since he first had them that we have gone without having to have them removed.(9 months).The vet has cut them off in the past, but this time he injected them with a vaccine that is suppose to boost the immune system to attack them. Keep your fingers crossed that it works for this wonderful old guy. Am always so concerned when he has to have any procedure especially with the tranquilizer. This old fellow did not miss a beat. He has eaten his entire meals and is always there nickering when  I come with the feed buckets or hay.  He is a little slower in moving, but can get down and up fairly well.

We are truly blessed that we have gotten to enjoy his horse. Thank you,. Gail, for all you do and all the ones you save.

Just shot these today. The old fellow has shed out (much better than last year). He is actually slick in his summer coat. He is doing well after his surgery and loves his turn out.


The vet just left from checking Pilgrim. He is healing nicely and everything looks good. We will check him again in two to three weeks. The old guy does not like fly spray but he lets me rub Wipe on his underbelly and even holds up a hind leg for me to get all the way. He is so funny trying to stand on three legs. He is real sensitive to flies so I try to wipe him down every day.

He is eating everything I give him. He gets three coffee cans in the AM and PM. It is difficult to keep weight on him but he is hanging in there. I also give him prozyme to help him digest his food. Have you ever used it? I give it to my older dogs and found out they make it for horses too. It has done wonders for Pilgrim.

Hope all is good with you. It does my heart good to see this old guy doing so well.


Just wanted to give you an  update on Pilgrim. The growth has returned on his penis and the vet thinks this time instead of cutting it off, he will freeze it.  Noticed it yesterday and the vet came quickly. The size of the growth is about the size of a quarter and we have the boy on antibiotics since it appeared to be getting infected. We have had so much rain that we have decided to wait until a clear day which will be the first of next week. Unfortunately we will have to put him on the ground since he is so sensitive about that area. Please keep us in your thoughts....I will let you know how he does. It should be a simple thing but at his age (34) one never knows but we will hope for the best.


Pilgrim II just turned 34 and is doing well. He is the boss of my other two horses and is a love.


Wanted to let you know our Pilgrim11 is still doing well. He will be 32 this Thanksgiving and it has been seven years since you helped us rescue him. He continues to thrive in our warm South Carolina climate. We have bought a place in Florida with a barn and several acres and plan on taking Pilgrim and the other two (Rascal and Quincy) down this winter during our cold months. Pilgrim loves to have his tummy scratched and will follow me around the pasture like a dog.


Wanted to give you an update on this special horse. He continues to thrive. I bought a quarter horse mare to ride. She is a rather large mare and after she was introduced to Pilgrim and Rascal, it was clear that Pilgrim was going to be boss. Again, he is not aggressive, but in his gentle way, with his ears back he has this mare back off. And she is quite fond of her groceries.

We had over a foot of snow in the last two days. Most unusual for this southern state. I don't know if Pilgrim has ever seen snow, but he did not let it bother him. Smart guy stayed inside the stall most of the time. I took some pictures during the blizzard of 2000 and if they turn out, will share with you.

I can't wait until spring and Pilgrim sheds out. I know how beautiful he is going to be. Right now he has a great winter coat and looks like a range horse. He continues to be real talkative...nickers every time he sees me in the yard, especially at feeding time. He is eating our fescue hay quite well now. The only thing I have found he doesn't like is when I worm him. I know the taste is not desirable and I really don't blame him. However, it must be done.

Will continue to keep you posted on Pilgrim's progress. He is certainly a jewel.   Meta


Had to wish you a happy Thanksgiving and tell you Pilgrim is doing great. He is such a gentle horse. Lets me do anything even treat his thrush without a problem. We have kept him and our gelding, Rascal, apart until today. They have been able to nose each other over the stall door or fence, but that is all. Today when we put them together there was no biting, kicking or any hurtful activity. Pilgrim put his ears back when Rascal got too close, and Rascal, the weenie that he is, just said OK you are the boss. It is almost 9 PM here, and we just checked on them. All is fine. When it is dark and I can't see Pilgrim, I can always find him because of his low nicker. He is a very talkative guy. Nickers when he sees me, with or with out food. Always comes and meets me when I go in the pasture. His appetite is good. He seems no worst the wear from the five day trip. I was a little concerned when I learned he had not been out of the trailer the entire trip.  Expected him to be stiff. He wasn't . He does crack and pop when he moves. Started him on MSM yesterday. Will ask the vet about giving him Yucca too. He doesn't like our hay very much. We feed fescue. Hope he will learn to like it. He is getting Equine Senior and Alfala pellets. Wormed him today. He now is sporting a new black halter with matching lead. He looks great.  He loves to be brushed. Tail is tangle free and almost touches the ground. He got his extra carrots from my neighbor tonight. She took pictures when he was unloaded. I do hope they turn out. I was so overcome with emotion, had the camera in my hand, but forgot to use it. Dumb me.

I have been hand grazing him on grass for a few minutes each day. Wasn't sure how much grass he had been getting at your place. His color is perfect. He is really a beautiful old guy. It will be nice if I can ride him at a walk around our trails, but if not, he is definitely a keeper. My husband is in love with him too. He says we did great in getting him.


PILGRIM II IS HERE SAFE AND SOUND! The hauler called last night to say he would deliver him this AM between 7 and 8 . Needless to say, no one in this house slept much last night. My husband said I was worse than a child at Christmas. I set the alarm, silly me, gave up before 6 and got up. Pilgrim seems to be fine. He is so quiet, docile, and gentle, with such kind eyes. We let him stretch his legs he rolled twice. He's been brushed twice already. He's a smart guy, figured out real quickly which pocket the carrots were in. He is where he can nose our gelding that he will eventually share lodgings with. I don't think it will take many days for them to be old friends. (Keep your fingers crossed.)

Have the vet lined up for Tuesday morning. Wanted Pilgrim to get settled in before shots, teeth checked, etc.. He does like his groceries. Thank you again for the chance to share our love with this special horse. We took pictures. Do not have a scanner, so will send them the snail mail when we get them developed. 


This lucky, lucky guy is now named Pilgrim II. He was saved by a lovely lady named Meta who has a heart as big as all outdoors! She saw this beautiful horse on our webpage and knew he deserved better than what he was getting. Pilgrim II is now at TIER awaiting the final word on the vet check done today (10/23/99) to see if he is sound for trails. The farrier came out and it seems that Pilgrim II has a very bad case of thrush. We are treating this with Kopertox. This is one of the most gentle horses I have seen. He is loving, personable, gets along well with others and nickers everytime you walk into his pen with feed! HA!  He doesn't stop nickering until the food has been placed in his feeder.  A wonderful horse that has certainly paid his dues!!

My husband and I after much discussion and thought, have decided to bring Pilgrim here even though he is not sound. That is the only way I can be sure this guy has the love and attention he so deserves for the rest of his life. I would so hate for him to not be given the human touch and maybe end up back on the feedlot again. There are so few places for a horse like him to be useful and unfortunately, to most people, being useful is the key to keeping a horse. Me, I just fall in love with them and keep them no matter what. I can't wait to see him and give him a big welcome hug. Meta



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