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7/12/2014 - Hip # 851 at the monthly Mike's Livestock Auction. 5 yr.old long haired mini donkey.

TIER facilitated the purchase of Priscilla for one of our supporters familiar with donkeys and well known by TIER. She is now in a safe, responsible, caring home. Forgotten Horses Rescue was at the auction and assisted in the "hands on" purchase for us.

Rescues networking together for the Horses/Donkeys!


7/16/2014 - Priscilla gets a visit from the vet.

At the auction on Saturday, it was said that little Priscilla was probably 1 1/2 yr.s old.  NOT!  She had an appointment with Dr. Yu to get an evaluation, shots and have any needs she may have addressed.

Dr. Yu estimated this little shaggy girl to be about 5 yrs. old.  She is thin and her coat is severely matted.  Her new Mom, Margie, has slowly been working on removing the matted hair and trimming it up where needed.  Which of course includes lots of hugs and soft words...the language of the heart!

Dr. Yu also noticed slight neurological issues with Priscilla's hind legs.  This will be addressed further as he puts on weight and becomes healthier.  She is scheduled to have her tiny hooves trimmed later this month.

She does not like anything around her face and really dislikes having a halter put on.  Margie will help her become more accustomed to a halter in the coming days.  At first, Priscilla was very reserved, but as the love and care keep coming her way she has warmed up to her new Mom and even greets her at feeding time.  She has the best Mom (Margie) ever and will soon be able to join the other Donks for socialization and play time.  Woo Hoo!



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