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TIER received a call from the owner of this lovely QH mare saying that they were relocating quickly and could not take the mare with them. As time was of the essence, TIER agreed to take her in.

Her name is Ruby, but we are calling her RUBY TOO as TIER previously had a Ruby who was adopted out.

This mare seems to have been in a pretty bad wreck at sometime in the past. Looks like she got caught up in some wire at some point as there is what appears to be an old wire cut on her left rear foot just above the coronary band. There is significant scarring on the left front hoof also. Whatever injury she had to that hoof compromised the coronary band and hoof growth, leaving a groove in her hoof. The suspensory ligament has been damaged. These are old injuries.

She also has a lump of hardened scar tissue between her front legs/chest area that we were told had abcessed sometime this past year and was being treated. It is not an open wound.

This is a very sweet, kind mare in her early to mid teens and we are delighted to say...RUBY TOO, Welcome to TIER!


7/20/2018 - Shoes Be Gone!

Ruby Too is now barefoot! We had shoes on her fronts and have been wrapping her left front ankle with a no bow bandage since November last year. We then switched to Professional Choice SMB boots on both fronts. Her ankle has straightened/come up as much as it is going to, but the good news is that it has pretty much fused. YAY!!

2/22/2018 - Her Very Own Fuzzy Wuzzy!

Ruby Too and Charlie seem to be the kind of horses that get along well with other horses.  Since Charlie needs to move around a bit more, it was decided that we would put him in with her. Now, Ruby Too has her very own fuzzy wuzzy for those cold winter days/nights.

11/7/2017 - A Little Relief

LOVE our farrier!!  I called him to tell him we had a new arrival that really needed his help due to very overgrown hooves plus past injuries that compromised her feet & her overall comfort.

He is scheduled to come out later this week, but when he heard about Ruby II's discomfort, he came over in about 2 hours.  He was with a client that lives over 25 miles away and yet he came.

Ruby II is in good weight, but her feet really need some attention.  Her right front with the old injuries (suspensory & ringbone) call for support from shoes on both front feet.  She did have an old abcess on the left front that had not completely resolved.  Farrier put some iodine on it and we will continue to put it on until the area has cleared up.

(Ruby TOO's feet when she arrived at TIER yesterday)

(Ruby TOO's feet after trim)

She did have shoes on previously, but her feet were seriously overgrown.  The long feet were causing her discomfort.  She is a pretty unflappable/enduring girl that takes whatever is handed to her in stride. Because of our supporters we were able to help her on the road to feeling and walking better.

Her feet, legs & body will be a bit sore for the next few days until she adjusts to the new angles of her feet.  She was give 2 Bute (for pain/inflammation) after her manicure and will contine with 1 Bute for the next day or so.



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