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3/26/2018 TIER received information about a young horse at the shelter that needed a soft place to land. She (now named RUE) was showing agressive behavior, pinning her ears, kicking, charging and was considered unsafe for anyone that did not have extremely good horsemanship skills.

She was found a few weeks ago running with full tack on. Fresh saddle sores, a wire bosal, fresh sores on her back and numerous scars covering her body.. She is scared and is doing the only thing shes learned so far, to defend herself.

TIER was willing to bring her in, but we knew we did not have the funding or resources to afford a compassionate and knowledgeable trainer for her long term. Our existing funds (thanks to our donors) are utilized for the care of the current TIER residents (skyrocketing hay prices and pelleted feed prices, senior feed, farrier, dental, chiropractic care, supplements, are monthly costs) while trying to setting aside funds for emergencies. So, we did the next best thing and reached out to several reputable rescues that we felt could give this girl the chance she so richly deserves.


3/26/2018 - A Life Changed

Although she was at a shelter, most shelters aren’t non kill and at some point, especially for high risk animals like this mare, the possibility was there that she could be euthanized for behavioral issues.  This little girl is only 2-3 years old and has already experienced very rough handling.  No wonder she was scared/angry/resentful and defensive!

2 of the several rescues we contacted about this mare replied.  One was full and was not in a position to take any more horses in at this time.  The second, A Little Rescue (ALR), replied quickly.  Even though the main contact was out of town, they arranged for their trainer to visit the shelter and evaluate RUE to see if they might be able to help her. 

After traveling 2 hours one way, the trainer from ALR spent some time with RUE and quickly made the decision to give this mare a chance to become the best she can be!  Woo!  Hoo!  Thank you ALR for giving her more of a chance than she has had in her short life!

A BIG THANK YOU to the person who initially contacted TIER about Rue's plight.  You have made a difference.

From ALR:  We really think with time and love, she can heal and be given the chance she deserves.  We love you already Rue!!!



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