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Rich'n Bountiful
This is Rich'n Bountiful! Whoa! What a transformation! This lovely mare came to the feedlots, way, way underfed and proceeded to get strangles. As bad a shape as she was in, she managed to make it through the strangles just so she could go home to Texas to be with her loving mom Kim. The first picture is of R&B AFTER she had the strangles and was waiting for a truck to take her away. The next pictures of R&B after 1 MONTH of proper care, feed, grooming, vetting, farrier and love. 1 month and it looks like a completely different horse! And yet, this is the same horse that was sent to one of the feedlots because her previous owners didn't want her. Thrown away! Just goes to prove that one person's trash, is another person's treasure!



February 19th is our 10yr anniversary which marks the day Rich'n arrived in Texas. Rich'n turned 21 on 2/5/09 and Feb 5th '99 is also the day I contacted T.I.E.R. about Rich'n. So this is Rich'n month)

I also rescued a 5yr grey TB mare, Giselle, and have attached some pics of both my girls. Rich'n and Giselle are best girlfriends now. I've included their "first meeting" pic. Giselle has gained a lot of weight since...ha. The other pic is cute of Rich'n. Giselle had her mind on something going on in a distant pasture.

Rich'n is my heart, my best friend, and am so grateful for the hook-up.

I'm looking forward to many more years with both my girls.


Well it's been 3 years (2/19/99) today that Rich'n arrived safely in Texas from the feedlot. Time goes by so quickly, however, those days seem light years away.

Rich'n is doing great! She is quite the Pasture Princess and a fine riding horse too. She's come a long way as she pretty much had not been ridden since on the track at 3 which left an 8 year span of no riding (can you say bronc). She's Miss Trail Blazer now! Rich'n is always so interested in seeing everyone and everything out on the trails.

I've attached a couple of pics that are fairly recent. I'll send some good riding pics soon.

Hope all is going well for you and the horses. Thanks again for making the love connection. She's my beautiful girl and I love her dearly.


Rich'n Bountiful's Pedigree

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