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Black Saddlebred w/Snip. Foaled 7/15/95

. Sire Sultan's Happy Go Lucky
. . Sultan's Happy Day
. . . Supreme Sultan
Rocket To Me
. Dam Elegant Sky
. . CH Sky Watch
. . . Flightime

Shelly has been a loving mom to 3 other horses from the feedlots. Vintage Moonshine, Lucky and Bunny! This boy will be leaving on Tuesday to make the trip HOME. Yup! HOME!

Thank you Shelly for seeing what I saw in these boys. They had fallen through the cracks and were headed to a very uncertain future! Not any more! Their future will be bright and shiny!



Rocket is still with his family that originally adopted him they live about an hour from me. I last visited him a couple of years ago and keep in contact with his family and they regularly work with a trainer/friend of mine. After Amanda's dad saw how much fun ground work was he decided he wouldn't mind having a horse of his own...not to ride, just to love on. Well of course that lasted a couple of months. He rides regularly now and they are a 2 horse family :)


Lucky- LOVE HIM! still my best friend in the world....

Rocket - Rocket and Amanda have developed that truly special relationship.  She thinks he understands all her words and can talk to her....He runs to greet her in the pasture and in my opinion is one lucky horse!


Yes, they are awesome.. Everyone is crazy about Rocket. Its that black color that gets them. The vet came out this morning Julie and Karen worked with them for an hour before he came. They both said they were very bright and will be a cinch to train. The vet was doing their teeth. He did rocket first, pulled some wolf teeth and floated. Then he did Lucky. No wolf teeth but, needed a float. Then he stepped back and started checking out Lucky.

His eye brows went up and Julie asked him what was up. He said, "Julie, you taken a good look at this guy yet?" Julie started laughing (I got a little nervous) Julie said, " Nice Huh." He just nodded his head. It seems we have ourselves one hell of a nice horse. Apparently Rocket is a little peg legged and might not have the nicest gate in the world but, should make a very nice riding horse. Lucky however has excellent conformation and will be one awesome horse for anything. I have someone interested in leasing rocket already. It is a girl at Julius so I will get to keep him and he will stay at her place, get ridden and paid for. Quite a deal!

Oh yes, as for loading.. piece of cake. Rocket walked right in and lucky followed. We had a 4 horse slant. They were real spooky coming out of the stalls but, did every thing they were asked to. They didn't stop jogging around once we unloaded them. We put them in the round pen over night until they settled down. Today they were great. Lucky is still stand-off-ish but, warmed up enough to hug all over him. Julie said Rocket is a fighter and if under enough pressure will probably kick so she did a lot of work with his hind end today. She learned this watching him with the dog. He would have never done well with aggressive training and would have likely been ruined for life if someone would have tried.

The boys are in a big corral together and seem quite content. They LOVE food. They will be fat in no time. Now for what I know you want to here.. Do I love them? you bet! are they beautiful? Goodness YES. I feel so lucky to have them in my life right now and will promise them wonderful lives forever.



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