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#264 Bay Arabian Stallion. Appx. 14?. hands. Appx. 9-10 yrs. old. No papers. Leads fairly well and listens. Untrained has been a backyard horse with the other arabians that were recently on this list. This stallion is thin and very small. After gelding and training, he would make a nice pony sized horse. He is sweet and curious.



Romeo is now a very talented riding horse. He listens to everything and is very eager to please, unless you want to go riding at dinner time. :)

All sweaty after playing tag


Romeo got a new blanket. :)


Romeo & Juliet

Juliet is Romeo's buddy. He bosses her around, but if anything scares him, he runs behind her and hides... They eat out of the same food bowl together. When that one is finished, they move on to the next one together. They're rarely more than 10' away from each other in the pasture. She has taught him that cornstalks are tasty, but he's still convinced that I'm trying to poison him with those nasty apples...


He's such an angel. I've worked with "trained" horses who had been worked with all their lives who aren't as well behaved as he is.
I walked him around the barn area a few times - he was a little spooky the first time, but not bad.
Then I walked him down to the round pen, put him in and turned him loose.
He just stared at me.
I jogged around the outside of the round pen to try to let him know he was free to frolic.
He just stared at me.
I walked back to the barn - as soon as I was out of sight, he started running around, bucking, and otherwise having a good time.
He played for about 5 minutes then looked at me like 'ok, I'm done'.
I left him out for a while hoping he'd graze a little - I don't think he did.
He just stood there waiting for me to come get him.

I just brought him back in - I was going out every 5 minutes to check on him and it was impeding dinner. :)

He's happily munching on grain and hay.

He has no idea what an apple is, what corn is, or what corn stalks are for. (I'll work on him. :) )
He eats grass from my hand, but doesn't seem interested in harvesting it for himself.



His new name is Cesar and his new mom's name is Valerie! Yee Haw!
Valerie has worked very hard to make sure that Cesar (known at the teaser barn as Romeo because he talks to the mares alot!) and she would be able to get together. We knew they would be sending Cesar/Romeo and #263 down to the feedlot as soon as breeding season was over and their "services" as teasers were no longer needed. The pens aren't the best place for a stallion.... especially when they've been used as a teaser and the pens are full of mares! Now, Cesar/Romeo will not be going to those pens..........but going home!

Thank you Valerie for your patience and continued focus on getting this boy home!



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