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TIER rescued 4 PMU mares while on the 2001 PMU rescue trek to Canada.

Silhouette - TB Mare - 14-15 years old - may be pregnant - she was on the PMU line for 10 years! She is available for adoption. This lovely lady has a home!



It's a BOY!


I want to thank those of you who replied to my message re the Premarin mares who had current pregnancies confirmed. I did reply individually to each of you yesterday morning, but don't know where the messages I sent went. They never showed up here on the board!!!
The short version of what I had to say is that the vet is happy with both feed and pasture. Because of the creek and pond, believe I'll finish enclosing the orchard as the due dates approach. Will keep the mares in there away from the water hazards unless I'm home during the day. That will still give them close to 100X200' with shelter and water tank in the enclosure. A friend here suggested I split the area into two spaces. Think that will be necessary? These mares certainly know one another although they may foal as much as 3 months apart.

Wish I could go to the class at Davis but have to work. Will buy the suggested books. Am already nervous about safe deliveries even with these experienced mares and hope the books don't scare me more. Ugh, all those things that can go wrong and with uncertain due dates. sigh. Well, I live my life with the probability that things work out and I can only prepare for the unexpected to a degree.

Thanks so much for the information and support. Will keep you posted. Nice to know some of you are so nearby. smile Gayle

Just an update on the Premarin mares from Canada via Tier to me. They've settled in nicely. So far aren't affectionate the way other horses I've had have been. Since they are out in pasture it isn't the best time of year with this rainy weather for bonding though and I'm hoping as the days get longer and I have more daylight time after work and etc.

I'm feeling some pressure to establish a stronger relationship of trust as the vet tells me both are pregnant. Silhouette, the black TB, is 6-8 mos. Scarlet not as far along, perhaps 5-6. All those of you who said you'd help if either one was pregnant - I'm going to take you up on it. Information please, especially about handling the foals.

I was worried about the property, but the vet says its fine. Pond and creek aren't a problem. When a friend's two mares foaled here the little ones did just fine. But this time I'm the anxious auntie.

My immediate concern is fencing and how much room to let them roam. The mares now are on about half an acre across the creek. Is it better to confine them more after the foals arrive? Last time Linda didn't want that so they had the whole three acres.

Life is too funny. The reason I wanted the mares was because I figured they'd done their time. Each was on the line for ten years (and the vet says maybe ten foals!) I thought they deserved a rest and that part is true. I was reluctant to get a Premarin foal - adorable as they all are - ooh how I'd love that dun or the little paint or... but I don't have any experience in training. So the mares seemed the best way for me. Anyway, now it seems I will have two Premarin babies. When the time comes, I'll post pictures. Hopefully, someone will be interested in "rescuing" these little guys and me.

Just a quick update on those beautiful mares of mine. Ms Silhouette is far more regal and aloof. I think she lets Scarlet do the talking because she considers it beneath her diginty. She has been eating lots - they are two hungry girls - and is getting a bit of a tummy as well. (hmmm...)

They both have nice ground manners. Lead easily. Halter easily. Give me their feet on request. Mostly I've been leaving them pretty much alone and they've settled in nicely. Its a time crunch for me for just a bit yet. As long as I keep the food coming I think they're happy. I'm wishing I had more they'd see past the hay to me...but that will come soon, I hope.

Thats about it from here. Just wanted to update you. Still haven't gotten the pictures developed - will finish the roll in the next few days.

Sure appreciate what you're doing for the horses. Thanks again, Gayle



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