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TIER was contacted by Riverside County Department of Animals Services on 3/21/2016 asking if we could take in any of the horses seized 3/4/2016 in Nuevo, CA. Animal Services Sgt. Lesley Huennekens viewed the horses on 3/3/2016 determining the conditions justified seeking a warrant. One horse was euthanized on 3/3/2016. In addition to the poor condition of the animals, the grounds were badly maintained and there was a lack of food. The horses were eating their own manure.

On 3/23/2016 TIER went to RCDAS Jurupa Valley facility and selected 2 of the seized horses to bring to TIER. The decision was very difficult as all the horses from the seizure were in bad condition. TIER took in the 2 most in need of help. Welcome home IRIS!


10/6/2016 - Working out the kinks

Iris is one BIG girl!  17 hands tall and one of the kindest mares around (with people).  She's a bit bossy with her friend Maisie though.

Now that Iris' weight is up and her hoof abcesses resolved, she needs to get some exercise to help her work out some of the kinks.  She is being lightly worked 3 to 4 times a week thanks to Stephanie.  Iris does need to see the chiropractor and we will schedule him to come out when funds allow.

She is such a gorgeous/sweet girl!

7/20/2016 - Relief at last! Thank You Dr. Don!

Thanks to Equine Chiropractor Dr. Don Moore and our wonderful farrier Val Dean, Iris (the TB mare that was part of the 24 horses taken in from Hemet by Riverside County AC) Iris (registered name Slewvior) received a much needed adjustment. Her jaw was out of alignment. She needed attention to her poll, fetlocks, hocks, stifles and back. Her injured right eye has cleared up as well as it is going to and her vison is a bit compromisd. The awful bleeding abcesses in her feet are healing and she is wearing shoes on the front. Her lower lip was always droopy because of the misalingment of her jaw. We waited until she gained weight to be adjusted.
Since I was rearended in March (my truck was totaled!) I have had difficulty with my hands/thumbs and it is hard/painful to hold horses if they pull. Thank you Val Dean for helping usual!

7/3/2016 - Update-Turnout Time

Iris & Maisie have been here almost 3 1/2 months.  They are doing well and slowly gaining weight and muscle.  Iris has had a hard time with the heat and usually stays in her covered stall during the hottest part of the day.  Both of them sweat considerably and get hosed off to remove the salty layer of sweat.  Iris, because she is black, ends up looking kind of ash colored.

The girls were turned out in the arena area so they could be together, move around more and not be stuck in their pens.  They have become healthy enough to turn out so that their muscles will get more use and build up a bit.  Iris drinks a lot of water, while Maisie drinks 'normally'.  These girls have a strong bond and stick very close to each other.  Maisie seems to know that the vision in Iris' right eye is not good and tends to stay near that side. 

We have increased the amount of soaked pellets they get daily and have started adding 4-way grain.  They are each getting 6-7 large flakes of hay a day (WOW!). 

4/26/2016 - The Toothfairy came

Dr. Johnson & his assistant Crystal came out to help Iris & Maisie with their dental issues. 

Although Iris (16 yrs. old) is younger than Maisie (22 yrs. old), her mouth structure and teeth were not in as good of shape as Maisie's.  Iris did have an ulceration at the very back on the lower left hand side.  They both needed the services that Dr. Johnson provides to be able to chew more comfortably, and grind/process their food into a form which can be digested easier.  We should see a significant increase in healthy weight gain in the coming months.

While Iris was drowsing, Dr. Johnson examined her eye injury.  He felt that there was some limited vision, swelling and glaucoma.  He gave us eye drops/ointments that we will be administering twice a day for the next week or longer. 

Exam & Treatment Invoices below for further detail. Cost for Iris' dental was 365.00 

3/26/2016 - Vet Check & Tooth Fairy

Our wonderful vet, Dr. Silverman, came out to evaulate Iris & Maisie.  Iris' overall health was "okay" for the condition she is in.  Underweight, but heart was good, bowel sounds good, etc.

Her teeth were floated by Dr. Silverman so that she can process her food better.  She does have an injury to her right eye. 

She cannot see clearly with that eye, in fact when I was giving her Soaked Hay Pellets w/Senior Feed she was so excited about the food that she bonked my head with the right side of her head because she didn't see me clearly.  I saw stars! Dr. Silverman prescribed an eye ointment that we hope will clear up her vision some.  We apply the ointment twice a day.

3/25/2016 - Foot Fairy Saves the Day!

Poor Iris!  The day after she arrived at TIER she was limping BAD!  We picked out her hoof and found an abcess.  Since the farrier was coming the next day we didn't open it and gave her some pain medication.

Our farrier went to work on her first thing.  The abcess site was old...indicating that she'd had an abcess on and off over time.  There was activity at the old site that meant a new abcess was in the works.  The site was opened up to drain, her grossly overgrown hooves were trimmed and also the frog area which had rolled over on her feet.  She must have been very uncomfortable for a very long time.

Medication was applied to the abcessed foot, cotton padding, Bright Pink vet wrap and Red duct tape.  She will get pain medication as needed.  BUT...she was walking much better the next day.

3/23/2016 - IRIS arrives!

Thanks to Stephanie MacGregor who transported our new arrivals home. We had planned to take only one mare, but we ended up getting two of the girls that really needed a soft place to land. It was so very difficult to choose which ones would come to TIER as the 7 remaining horses at Riverside AC need homes! Thanks to AC staff (Lesley-for contacting us), Nancy & Amy for their assistance thi morning at the shelter.

Introducing...IRIS, 16 yr. old Thoroughbred mare. She loaded on the trailer with no problem. She traveled well and was excited about their new surroundings.

Our Farrier will be here Friday to help this girl with her poor feet. She has an abcess and is limping.  Our Vet will be out Saturday to give her a Health Check. Her right eye is cloudy blue from sort of trauma.  For now, she is eating well, drinking and getting used to her new surroundings.

Stephanie gave each mare a light brushing to get the mud and yuck off. But, we didn't want to brush too much hair out because they still need their coats (even though they are yucky) to stay warm.

Thank you to the donors who have stepped up to help us help these two lovely girls. We did get two mares, so expenses have risen. If you are able to assist the ladies, we would certainly appreciate it!



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